If you're into traditional card games, you should throw GRL Games's Rocket Patrol a look. Influenced, in part, by an ancient garage sale find, it's a retro-infused sci-fi turn-based strategy game that pits users against each other in a battle to grab enough "light year" cards to cross the finish line. Of course, players can also toss "delay" cards at each other, slowing each others ships or straight-up breaking components.

Creator Graham Devine came by and showed off the game to us today. In the video, he walks us through the basics of the play, as well as teases its future as a platform. It's pretty cool.

Rocket Patrol is due out in the next few weeks for the iPad as a free download.

  • Boobi

    This looks very interesting, nice find Brad!

  • Baracus

    Yeah looks great to me!

  • JCat_NY

    Liking this one already!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brad.tritone Brad Tritone

    So, basically the card game "Mille Bornes" - IN SPAAAAAACE!! Which is not a bad thing... I play MB on my desktop PC every day of the year, so having it on my iPad will be fun as well!

    • LeeDot

      I was thinking the same thing though most of my memories are of playing the physical card game with my grandmother years ago. Great game though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.bohanna Peter Bohanna

    So its only for ipad? not iphone/ipod ?

  • http://mooseyard.com/Jens Jens Alfke

    Wait, this is Graeme Devine? The same guy who created The 7th Guest and Quake 3 Arena?

    I've played "Touring" the card game Graeme says inspired this — it's older than "Mille Bornes" and according to the Wikipedia page is considered to be an inspiration for it. I didn't think it was a very interesting game, though. I don't know how much a space-opera theme is going to help...