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GDC 2013: ‘iMech Online’ is Looking Great, Launching Next Month

At WWDC in June of last year, we took a look at how Mobula Games was set to reboot the iMech franchise on iOS with a brand new version called iMech Online. It was in a pretty early state back then, but still a ton of fun. We met up with Mobula again here at GDC to look at a near-final build of iMech Online, and it’s come a very long way since WWDC. Check out this video where we get in on some 4-player fragging with the developers.

iMech Online is looking sharp and is definitely a ton of fun. Mobula has build a pretty reasonable free-to-play model around the game too, and they told me they spent a ton of time tweaking and balancing everything to ensure that there’s no way it will be a “pay to win" type game. I’m excited to get my hands on the final build which Mobula is aiming to launch next month.