This is incredible. Blizzard Entertainment's big game reveal at PAX East is Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, a free-to-play collectible card game that's coming to PC, Mac, and eventually iPad. Let this one sink in for a moment: Blizzard, the studio behind some of the biggest and greatest PC titles ever, is going to put a game on iPad. Wild!

Set in the World of Warcraft universe, each Hearthstone deck will revolve around heroes of nine of the MMO's classes. At least 300 cards will be available at launch, and you'll be able to earn or buy packs. Also, you'll be able to put together your own decks and be able to "disenchant" duplicates and craft better, presumably original cards from them.

The competitive side of the game will feature one-on-one fights via Battle.Net, which, if you didn't know, is the service Blizzard uses for its PC games. We're not sure what the iPad version will use -- details are still coming out from the event.

Chances are we'll have a lot more on this one as the day goes on. Hearthstone is due out at some point this year. The iPad version will follow the PC and Mac release. A playable build is apparently available on the PAX East show floor, so we'll probably have more on this for you later.

UPDATE: Hey, you can register for the beta right now.

  • skeblik

    No iPhone? Wtf blizzard!!

  • Tom Tjarks

    I wonder how much in common this has with the (now) Cryptozoic produced Wow TCG?

  • bestkevin

    Looks good. Hopefully it does come out for ipad πŸ™‚

  • Praymettin

    "Greatest PC titles"? According to what? Maybe "Greatest Money Syphoning Titles" or "Greatest Commercials Than the Real Thing" titles.

    I put my name on it; that this "Heartstone" will be a money leeching machine, loaded with micro( yeah guess again) transactions on PC and Mac, IAP on Ipad. There will be new cards every month, every batch is stronger than the other.

    After Warcraft 3, nobody should expect good things from them; only time and money leeching things. And yes including WoW and the global catastrophe Diablo 3. Everything they create is an insult to the gamer community.

    So don't be allured by their fancy colors or artwork; Run Away! Or you can find out that you are even charged for using the name "Heartsone" in a sentence.

    Sorry for this negative reply, but it had to be said for the people unaware about what Blizzard is.

    • Spuzzy

      Blizz can go to hell

    • Wizard_Mike

      Yeah, you may not like WoW, Diablo 3, or Starcraft 2, but that doesn't change the fact that the Warcraft RTS games, Diablo 1 and 2, and Starcraft really are among some of the "greatest PC titles ever."

      I'm not a Starcraft fan, so I have no clue how Starcraft 2 is doing. I will agree that Diablo 3 failed to hit the mark it should have, but I haven't played it since the first month or so it was out, so it may have had some improvements since then. It most definitely was no Diablo 2, but I think they tried their best to update the systems for the current mood of gamers these days, even though I don't agree with the choices and directions they went in. WoW is still really the best "EQ-like" MMO out there right now, though. I don't play it anymore, but after trying so many MMOs, I can still say it has the highest level of polish and content compared to all of the others. But don't take my word for it. Just look how many people still play that horrid Order & Chaos MMO and claim it's the best one on iOS. Why? Because it's the closest thing to WoW on iOS. So yeah, WoW, whether you personally like it or not, is so good that it's even making crappy clones successful.

      • tahzblade

        Order and chaos sucks you buy the game for $7.50 then to get all the good weapons and good armour pets mounts you have to use runestones and there are no ways to get runestones but real money ... If it was a free game that whole runestone thing could be acceptable but its a paid app thats sucks you into using IAP to the max

      • Wizard_Mike

        Yeah, I said O&C was horrid, so I agree with you. Not really sure what your point is, though.

      • tahzblade

        My point is
        Order and chaos = $7.50 -awesome weapons , armours , mounts , pets , scrolls and more = RuneStone = REAL MONEY $$$$$$ ( its a pay to win game ) So my point is even though you pay $7.50 for the game its STILL a pay
        to win game

    • swarmster

      Sorry you don't like Blizzard's games, dude?

      Although your post does come off as a little tone-deaf, since I'm not sure any of Blizzard's games have ever had DLC or micro-transactions? Oh, maybe they have a few aesthetic mounts in WoW (which were often released to benefit charities, if I remember right)? But you're right, those downloadable horses totally wipe out all the quality of their previous decades of games, the fact that they've held the genre-defining MMO for almost ten years, and the fact that Diablo 3 has had about another game's worth of updates and free content additions since its release. To say nothing of their army of some of the most thematically consistent artists in the industry (a.k.a. "fancy colors or artwork")?

    • mclifford82

      Why can't you spell Hearthstone correctly? You're even using quotes while being wrong.

    • bluspacecow

      U mad bro ?

  • Wizard_Mike

    Hmm... I'm both pleased and displeased with this news. Pleased that Blizzard is finally moving into the mobile gaming market (those WoW related apps don't really count), yet displeased that they went with a card game. I love Magic, but I have yet to experience another card game that I've found compelling.

    I'll give this a try, of course, with the approach of hoping for the best, but expecting very little.

    The big part of this news is that Blizzard is finally investing in the mobile gaming market, though, so I'm pretty excited about that. Hopefully this means there is more to come. Diablo 2 iPad version, please? lol. Maybe a new Lost Vikings game? Perhaps even a mobile MMO of some kind?

    • abodi

      Check out "Android:Netrunner" brilliant cardgame. Not a available in digital format as yet.

  • UnSurreal

    Wow card games are coming out like crazy on iOS.

    • JCat_NY

      Card games are the new endless runner! Actually if that were true I'd count that as a positive.

  • Wizard_Mike

    It just now occurred to me that Gameloft actually beat Blizzard to the punch on this, which is kind of funny. Blizz makes MMO, Gameloft makes a clone, Gmaeloft makes a CCG game based on their clone, then Blizz announces a CCG based on their MMO.

    Gameloft seems to have cloned this so fast it actually got released before the thing they were cloning was even announced to the public! Inside information, perhaps, and rush to hit the market first? Or, dare I say it, was it the other way around? Did Cloneloft get cloned? lol.

  • swarmster

    Interesting. Not huge into these card games, but Blizzard's strong suits include artwork and UI which I think are very important in the genre. Square's Guardian Cross was kind of fun and pretty, but actually playing it was a mess.

  • bestkevin

    Not really into these kind of card game for mobile but it's Blizzard n Warcraft related. It's the only reason I will get it.

  • bestkevin

    I meant it's a card game based on warcraft, not related to warcraft

  • Hiraether

    Gameloft > Blizzard.. I think we're witnessing the first signs of decline if they don't get their act together. WoW was ok, now it's the #1 mmorpg for kids and RMT. Will the story ever break that Blizzard lied to share holders by falsifying their population numbers? This gamer hopes so.

  • diaskeaus

    People have spent thousands of dollars on the WoW CCG already. I am hoping this doesn't discredit all of that.

    • abodi

      Thousands is insane. I like fantasyflightgames' LCG model much better then the typical CCG model.

      No rare hunting, much much cheaper and everyone exists on a level playing field.

  • Praymettin

    I did say "after Warcraft 3". I have nothing to say about Diablo 1, 2, Warcraft 1,2,3, Starcraft or Blackthorne or the amazing Lost vikings. Infact I was a old, hardcore fan of Blizzard before WoW came out. And I didn't even say the later games are bad, apart from D3. I am not an enemy of Blizzard; just a fan yearning for their return to grace.

    And yeah you are right, WoW don't have much of a micro-transaction; it has very macro monthly payments and a very shameless customer support, in case of hacked accounts. And no it happened to a close friend, not me.

    As for the missing letter, I can only say you are absolutely right; I can't say I did it on purpose of not to be charged a second time for using the name πŸ™‚

    I accept that the comment was a bit too harsh albeit true. Wait and you'll see it when the game arrives.