So, get this: another Games Workshop-licensed Warhammer 40,000 title is coming down the pipes. This morning, Roadhouse Interactive revealed that it's creating a side-scrolling action game for phones and tablets set in the grim 40K universe. In the game, you'll be controlling a Space Marine "on his journey" to destroy an "endless" hordes of Orks. Sounds like a runner, but that's just our speculation.

In case you haven't been keeping score at home, this is the fourth recently announced Warhammer mobile title. Slitherine is working on a turn-based game set in the universe, Full Control is working on Space Hulk, and Rodeo Games is working on a strategy game set in the fantasy Warhammer universe. The App Store is going to be Warhammer heaven pretty soon, if this keeps up.

More intel on Roadhouse's game will be dished out "in the coming months." We'll be keeping our eyes on this, for sure.

[That image, by the way, is art from Relic Entertainment's awesome third-person shooter Space Marine. Not Roadhouse's game.]

  • OneBagTravel

    I'd much rather have a Hex strat game in the vein of Memoir 44 set in the 40k Universe.

    • avwave

      Or something like WH40K Squad Command on the PSP. That game had promise

      • NeonGreenKermit

        Squad Commander was - is still - a fantastic strategy. Such a shame it hasn't been ported onto any other platform (I'm ignoring the inferior DS version).

  • Zdgames

    Holly shizzle idk if my iPhone can handle all the warhammer epicness, damn and I had thought I broke my childhood addiction...

  • JJE McManus

    This is not good news whether they are competent developers or not. Having "official" Warhammer in the hands of so many houses means its inevitable that shovelware is on the way. Is there any need for a Warhammer temple run? Does anyone doubt we could see one as soon as next month?

  • BJorn_LuLszic

    I've been always asking EA (on Apple App review) to port WH40k on iOS, and I guess this is not bad. I'm excited!

    • ianlogsdon

      Unlikely, GW is likely to use Sega, as they have a licensing deal for WFB and Sega bought Relic from the ashes of THQ, Relic was their preferred developer, working on both DoW games and Space Marine.

  • ianlogsdon

    You left out Zattikka, which is developing a 40k based free to play game centered on titans. No other details yet.

  • Kobymarc

    Please Pathway to Glory