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Firaxis Announces And Launches ‘Haunted Hollow’

Civilization proper creator Firaxis is getting in on the whole App Store thing. 2K and the studio have revealed Haunted Hollow, a free-to-play “strategy" game that has users managing a haunted mansion and spawning monsters that’ll scare off townsfolk. From what we gather, users will collectively vie for territory, as well as be able to battle each other.

If you’re a “Canadian," you can grab the title right now on the region’s App Store. If you’re not, you’ll have to wait for the game to release later this Spring. We’ve got a couple of images of the game, if you’d like to see what’s up:

This isn’t exactly the game we were hoping Firaxis would make for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone, but it’s possible that it’s more than what it seems. We’ll see.

Canadian App Store Link