Neat: one of those massive, game-changing kind of updates is coming to Pixel People [Free] at some point during this week, if plans stick. A total of 55 new jobs and nine new genes are being added, allowing you to discover and create a bunch of new pixel people. More than a dozen new missions and a solid dozen animals are being added, too.

Around 40 missions are coming as well, giving users a solid goal to shoot for as they build, clone more dudes, and then build some more. From what we understand, a good bit of these missions will lean on your animals, which by the way, are being re-tooled for ease of play. Starting with this update, you'll be able to adopt an animal whenever if you've got the coin to spare and you'll be able to keep track of them all through their respective cards.

Interestingly, some balance tweaks and core play changes are coming along, too. Build times will "reduced," coin exchange and rewards will now scale, and the gene pool is getting a face lift (in addition to some other, smaller stuff and "bug fixes).

Pixel People is a pretty rad game, so consider giving it a look. We've got some hot screens above of some of the new stuff you'll be seeing pretty shortly, if you've got your finger on the update trigger.

  • Paulos G

    This is splendid news. Been looking for a reason to get back to Utopia!

  • Jay G

    This is good news, I just stopped playing this last week because I didn't have anything left to do besides collecting hearts to get animals. Looks like I need to get some land expansion going and some Shiny Towers built!

  • nonstickron

    Too bad it doesn't have icloud support, since I deleted it.

  • themostunclean

    Of course this would have to posted 2 days after I deleted the game.

    I finished everything the first week the game came out, finished all the valentines content the day it was released. I was so cracked out on this game but when I ran out of stuff to do it just got tedious and boring.

    Too bad they got rid of iCloud support but it's not like i actually paid for most of the Utopium i used. Plus I'm actually looking forward to starting from the ground up with the new mission structure.

    • Xaintrix

      Any tips for those who dabbled in the game regarding what housing to build?

      • themostunclean

        Well at first you don't have much of a choice. You are required construct whatever buildings your various citizens are employed at when you splice them. When you get to the point where you can start constructing duplicate buildings, pay attention to earning rate of each when fully staffed. It's usually proportional to the number of people working in the building, but not always.

        Having a number of trees can be useful since they spit out random coins up to $10,000 and sometimes Utopium. They do take up precious land but with the U they generate you can buy land by donating to the church (8U per land).

        Lastly, always investigate your new buildings. A lot of them have useful upgrades but they need to be activated/bought. Check your achievements regularly at the police station and the museum as they will often reward you with U.

      • Joel Pan

        I'm confused as to the economic viability of acquiring land via donations (8u per tile) versus using the law firm to expand (4u per tile in batches of 10). Unless you direly need that small amount of land immediately, why wouldn't you just save up the utopium and use 40u to expand?

      • SpeciousPresent

        We designed the Church Land Donations with several things in mind:
        1) Cheating in the game penalizes Land. The Donation is the LEAST painful way of recovering from the penalty.
        2) Getting Land from the Church does not gain a Level. Gaining Levels affect a number of things in the game and it sometimes is more advantageous to get that one land without gaining a Level.

  • the9quad

    Let me know when they have an update that adds an actual game. But please don't let the fact that there isn't want prevent you from giving it 5 stars. U should be embarrassed

    • Illuminerdy

      Present a definition of game? I am pretty sure this qualifies as a game under most definitions.

      • REkzkaRZ

        I don't see this as a game. I see this as an 'achievement acquisition / shop' mechanic wrapped inside what looks like a cool 8-bit environment. But I didn't feel there was actually a game here.
        Sorry to those of you who feel this is a great game.

    • shadax


    • ImJPaul

      This is the douchiest thing I've ever heard. Shame on you. This game rocks and is free.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Where's the game? I don't see any game here... But glad it was free so I could discover that w/o paying.

    • Boobi

      This is a fantastic game, hands down worthy of 5 stars.

  • isblackhawk

    This sounds awesome! I've been trying to break 1 billion gold. Looks like that will have to wait

  • echo_pdx

    Little Inferno has ruined me for this type of game forever.

    Not that I mind. This is one of the better treadmills out there, but it is still just that.

  • ifanthomas

    Is it bad to say that i completed this game.... Looking forward for the update though.

    • Evolution888

      I've completed all the jobs as well so im looking forward to this update.

  • the9quad

    I think pocket tactics summed up the gameplay as essentially a digital advent calendar on timers leading you down a predetermined slideshow. And only in the padded nerfgun world of ios criticism would this game get 5 stars. 5 stars for pixel people? Yup, because you click on timers and it has pretty pictures, no depth, freemium crapola gets 5 stars and this is why we can't have nice things on ios. Heck they gave 5 stars to another game this week after spending half the review saying the controls were atrocious, 5 stars because they fancy themselves purveyors of culture and the game was art! Nevermind that it fails as a game give it 5 stars! And they wonder why their reviews are a laughing stock.

    • Boobi

      TouchArcade is the best site and their reviews are just that, it is the reason I enjoy the site and you do as well since you keep posting. The game may not be to your liking but thats another story.

    • SpeciousPresent

      I actually would love to one day engage with one of you guys to figure out the criteria/definition for a "game" being discussed here. Most of us at LambdaMu are hardcore gamers one way or another. I personally come from a long history of RTS gaming (Homeworld/Total Annihilation are my all time favorites), but I've acquired a taste for very well done freemium games like Tiny Tower/Pocket Planes.

      I'd really just like to find out the reason for the antagonism towards the genre. I mean, if the reaction is due to the fact that there are a hell lot of badly made Appointment Games and there are numerous examples of exploitative design, I can understand that. We personally recognize this particular problem with the genre and are trying our best to inject some innovation, fun and responsibility into it. I'm sure many other studios are trying to do the same.

      I think that the accusation that this is not a "game" is not an entirely fair one. I just don't understand fundamentally what are the conditions that are being used to distinguish between the two.If you do think there is something fundamentally "wrong" with this genre, I'd very much like to hear it. I'm guessing it won't be easy to explain. I'd much rather discuss this over drinks someday with you guys. On that note: GDC!!!

      • Jay G

        Haters gonna hate. You will never understand that moron.

  • Mischief61

    Good news. I played the game for about a week after the game was released, but stopped because everything was so expensive and took forever to build things that the show was unplayable.

  • Bernd Kilga

    Are they still spamming users with push notifications if you didn't play for while?

    • Jay G

      You do know you can disable that in the phone settings, right?

      • Bernd Kilga

        I still want the normal game notifications, but I don't want the reminders that I didn't play for a while.

  • Boobi

    Looking forward to this. Always want to expand, and now I may even manage to get all the pets.

  • Violet_apple

    Great! My last building is finished tomorrow and I was just thinking to myself that I hoped they'd update soon...

  • REkzkaRZ

    The reason I installed, fiddled with, and deleted, was b/c I didn't find the 'game' here that everyone is talking about. I found a timer-counter clicky environment where I didn't enjoy doing anything. I liked the concept of matching to create clones w/different careers, and the art & music were neat, but the actual game mechanic IMO was lacking.
    No reason to spam me for saying I didn't think there was *ANY* game inside this shop / gain achievements (ie animal figurines) app. It's a free country & we're all allowed to have opinions.
    (The idea that this is a 5 star game, and Dungeon Raid is not a 5 star game -- that's a stunner. Anyway....)

  • Jan Rameken

    While it really was appointment gaming, it entertained me for a few weeks. I still have it installed, and technically completed the game, but dont know if Im up for 55 more jobs, as Clash of Clans currently is meeting all my appointment gaming needs. For what its worth, Pixel People is well done and decent fun, though initially the progression curve was way too steep, particularly in regards to land expansion costs.

  • Charlie

    Excellent news, this is one of my favs, although I must admit it gets a bit tedious getting all building up to level 5 without paying.

  • drewbacca

    So when did "this week" change to for the latest update? I'm ready for new stuff because just collecting cash is getting old. Most of the businesses run out too quickly and I'm saving my Utopium for more valuable acquisitions than making the Sushi Hut collect 4 cps for 8 minutes instead of 4 minutes. The upgrades should also be able to help businesses earn more cps. Also, I sure hope this one adds the ability to move clones between housing to make it more efficient land wise.

    I realize I'm kind of late with these ideas (for this update, at least) but I'm sure the developers who have been good about viewing feedback have already heard these.

    I'm enjoying the game though. Keep up the good work.

  • Jose C. Cabezas

    The mission/animal system from the latest update seemed like fun, but linking most of the new genes to these missions can be really frustrating and has unbalanced the game:

    -Animals are still random. Spending 4 millions at the Animal Shelter and getting 89.000 coins in exchange more than half of the times IS VERY FRUSTRATING.

    -There are 76 different animals, and not all of them appear as often as the rest. I need 2 different animals to get 2 of the new genes. I can't progress any further until I get these (buying out the missions for 100 Utopium each is not feasible; it takes over a month to get 100 Utopium via free Utopium; buying it via in-apps is absurd, as 100 Utopium is at least $4 and this would only allow you to get ONE of the new genes).

    What I mean is that Pixel People has become a lottery game now, and a very slow and frustrating one.
    I'm at level 21 and I've bought Utopium a few times, because it was worth it at the moment. But now I find the only way of progressing is paying for Utopium big time or playing a lottery in which I pay 4 million coins for the chance of getting a random animal, but I end up winning 89.000 coins most of the times.

    Please, make this game BALANCED again. This is not fun.