I spy with my little eye… something that looks like a pretty good deal, actually. The App Store’s featuring a new Free App of the Week, and it’s none other than the soothing hidden object game Little Things Forever [$0.99]. Get set to rake your eyeballs across gorgeous art depicting owls, domino tiles, and more.

Until around this same time next week, Little Things Forever – which is usually priced at $2.99 – will be dropped to the low, low price of zero. We get that hidden object games may not appeal to everyone, but as we found in our four-star review, this is one of those rare titles that even skeptics will likely find appealing. There’s just something irresistible about combing through donuts, platypuses, and lollipops , y’know?

  • Wizard_Mike

    Nice! Just last night I was at the apple store with my daughter (6 yo) and we were playing this game on the new iPad. I hadn't ever heard of it before. She really liked it and kept asking if we could download it when we got home. I told her I would think about it (which she has learned is code for "if you behave well", lol).

    Anyways, talk about great timing for this to go free! Saves me a couple of bones. 🙂

  • MrSHakerEsq

    Here we go again, another person cashing in at the expense of developers. Is it really that hard to throw the make of apps a few cents? Instead of gloating over the saving of a couple of nickels I'd appreciate posters showing their appreciation by purchasing another of the developers apps as way of thanks.

    Personally I'd rather TA exercised some restraint over this issue by NOT posting 'Freebie Alerts', as it simply diverts buyers and their monies away from purchased apps and, ultimately, hard pressed developers.

    • Hobbsicle

      Developers want people to download their games when they're free. That's why they go free.

    • one.sixty.four

      the devs wouldn't make their game free unless the wanted it to be. no one makes devs put their games up for free. note to TA: keep the freebie alerts coming!

    • DanielDavisCO

      As a consumer I wholeheartedly support the freebie alerts. I regularly PURCHASE apps ( and pass on others) based on the great reviews and reporting here on Touch Arcade. I have also purchased paid apps from developers based on a freebie app that was reported here. This is the market working as intended. If a dev wants to put new eyeballs on their catalog, one or two day freebies are a great way to do it, plus I still have the $ to spend on paid apps that also interest me. Write an app that I would happily pay for, and I'll happily pay for it...

    • abodi

      I'd appreciate if mrshakeresq appreciated that developers appreciate people that download their apps when free. Often it's because it get the apps exposure and into the charts.

    • monoclespectacle

      At this point, troll post is troll.

      Considering Apple is the one sponsoring this particular freebie, I'm pretty sure the dev is cool with it.

    • Wizard_Mike

      Yup, I cashed in at the developer's expense. I'm such a horrible person for downloading a free app. Clearly the developers weren't wanting anyone to actually download the app while they have it set for free. When I saw that an app I was thinking about getting was free, I should have been like "No, I'll just wait for a few days for the price to go back up," because that's probably why the devs set it to free for now.

      And who says I won't make any purchases from this dev? I'll likely buy a sequel to this one now. I haven't checked out the developer's other apps yet, but I always do when I find an app I like. I purchase things all the time, actually, and it's not uncommon for me to buy IAP I don't really even care to have, simply to support the devs of a good app. But hey, I downloaded this one for free, so I guess I'm just some kind of jerk. ;P

    • http://twitter.com/KlickTock Matthew Hall

      Just noticed this conversation. Of course I'm OK with people downloading the game for free. I don't have any way at present of monetizing all the new players so, at the moment it's a "gift" to everyone. BUT, that said, the reason that I set this game free was to increase exposure. If you've downloaded a game for free, that you've enjoyed, the best thing you can do for us it to tell your friends all about it. Tweet about it, facebook it, gift it to someone. If every person who downloaded Little Things Forever got one more friend to play/buy it, I'd be a very happy camper 🙂