Freebie Alert: ‘Little Things Forever’ – An Object Hunting Game

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I spy with my little eye… something that looks like a pretty good deal, actually. The App Store’s featuring a new Free App of the Week, and it’s none other than the soothing hidden object game Little Things Forever ($0.99). Get set to rake your eyeballs across gorgeous art depicting owls, domino tiles, and more.

Until around this same time next week, Little Things Forever – which is usually priced at $2.99 – will be dropped to the low, low price of zero. We get that hidden object games may not appeal to everyone, but as we found in our four-star review, this is one of those rare titles that even skeptics will likely find appealing. There’s just something irresistible about combing through donuts, platypuses, and lollipops , y’know?

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    Editor's Choice & App of the Week! From the co-creator of Crossy Road. Unique and beautiful, seek and find game for ever…
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