Over the last couple of weeks, we've spent a fascinatingly long time bumbling around the world of QuestLord [Free], looking for sick quests and even sicker items and equipment. If this isn't your first rodeo in a first-person RPG, this is going to be a hard one to get your head around. QuestLord leaves a lot of discovery up to you, and it basically lets you do whatever and go wherever. It's free-form, which is a great point of design, but also one that might be too much for some folks.

If you're having trouble, we've got your back. Recently, we talked to creator Eric Kinkead about some secrets, basics and strategy of QuestLord. He had a lot to share, and we think we've got an awesome package of tips below for newcomers.

Here we go:

Expect to get lost

Feeling underprepared or overwhelmed are common things in QuestLord. Embrace it. Kinkead says the key to orienting yourself is talking to the folks you stumble across. If you do you'll learn more about the world and pick up valuable quests along the way.

The map

The map is your friend, as we've learned. Green check marks appear where quests were given, while yellow chalice appears where the quest has a completion goal. "The player will need to keep track of these themselves; no spoon-feeding in QuestLord," Kinkead teases.

Use every weapon, invest in the best

A good sword is a good sword. It doesn't matter what class you are; every weapon can be equipped. As for how to find a great one, Kinkhead says there are a couple hidden "very well" in the world. You can also just buy awesome stuff in shops, which you can find by the note on doors. Humans start with more cash, so keep that in mind.

The three stats: Bravery

Bravery directly increases your attack. "This is best to get a boost on the damage that you deal to your enemies," Kinkead tells us. You can't get high damages without it.

The three stats: Cunning

Cunning bumps up your defense and increases your chance of evasion. Have an Elf that is a little mushy? Crank up the cunning.

The three stats: Knowledge

As you could imagine, this modifies the amount of MP you've got. The catch is that you have to find spells. Kinkead says spells are spread throughout the Shattered Realm.

Dwarves are good for rookies

Humans might begin with more dough, but dwarves start in a better area. "I like the Dwarf because his starter area is a little out of the way to go clean up when you are one of the other races," Kinkead says. Humans have a little backtracking, as well as a pretty hardcore necromancer to contend with.

Shield Bashing 101

If you're a dwarf, the shield bash is a pretty slick move. When you use it, it advances you one square, which negates waiting for an enemy to move up to you and hit you first. The catch, Kinkead explains, is that your shield can get overpowered and knocked down. Watch out for that.


If you want to go old-school wizard, be prepared to do some looking around. Bookshelves and NPCs give you clues on where spells can be found. You can only learn it if you have a spell book equipped, though.

Scaling and you

Here's an interesting fact: QuestLord scales enemies outside of your area. "The game is balanced so that if it is not your starter area, the monsters generated are tougher. It will not take long for players to get the feel of where the central hub is located."

Ingesting is good, Viewing is, too

You can heal with food. Potions, on the other hand, operate a little differently; they restore health based on a percentage. Kinkead advises to always view the item in your inventory first so you can see how much healing you'll get.

Healing Rings

"Another important thing a player will find along the way are the Healing Rings. Wearing a ring will give the player automatic points (Life, Magic or Both) after a certain amount of moves. Standing Guard forces your turn to end, and will force the enemies to move (or they might stand guard).

"This will also eventually cause the ring to grant the player whatever power that it increases. However, if you abuse Standing Guard it will instead trigger 'Aggravate Enemies' making them faster and tougher. So with a Healing Ring it is best to put it on, and go about business as usual.

Rings can be found scattered about as treasure early on after the starter levels. Or purchased when the player has traveled out of the first main area."

Quick Game

If you're just looking to try the game, check out Quick Game. It gives you a character with a ton of combat spells with no hassle on your end whatsoever.

QuestLord is a surprisingly huge game with a lot of secrets and things to discover. With a little help from a guide or a friend, it's super easy to get lost in the world -- in a good way. If you haven't seen the game yet, check it out. Also, if you've got any other tips for people, drop them in the comments.

  • Cheeseball

    QuestLord's been sucking up my iPod Touch's battery life. Very in-depth dungeon crawler.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.kinkead Eric Kinkead

      Thank you!!

  • ParkSeungGi

    This game reminds me of the first Elder Scrolls Arena for pc

  • Dominic Duchesne

    Highly recommended game!

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.kinkead Eric Kinkead


  • ThisIsAUsername

    Tip: Get the game.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.kinkead Eric Kinkead

      great tip! 😀 TY

  • GamerGuy

    Cool game! Don't forget to drop an item at the base of the statues to be able to continue at that point.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.kinkead Eric Kinkead

      Thank you! Yes, a food item!

  • http://profiles.google.com/superspandy James Kochalka

    I'm pretty far into the game, and I need to buy a good shield and I know I saw one somewhere once but now I just keep going around in circles unable to find it. The only shield I've been able to find is a really wimpy one (I think in the human starting village?)

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.kinkead Eric Kinkead

      Hey! Go to the dwarf starter level Hammerstone! get an iron shield

  • Meph Isto

    Looks very good, and I will consider the purchase. It makes me want to play "The Quest" more though... Years of dev and community support made it what it is now. Learning curve of rpg gaming classics such as the Nethack variant "Slashem" and "The Quest" are overlooked because of the steep learning curve. The depth however is comparable to those seeking IOS games that are Diablo II like and whatnot. Well, these new retro throwbacks go back to the the roots of the genre. "Rogue" is a grandpappy of the rpg genre... Just some friendly advice but check out the titles like "Slashem" and "The Quest".

    • dmpunks

      Where are the rest of The Quest expansions? All I can find is The Quest Gold which only includes the first few expansions. Searching the Appstore yields unhelpful results. Can't wait for Quest Lord 2 btw.

      • MrSpud

        They're there, but I can't seem to find them unless I type the full title, the search engine sucks! Also they are iPhone only, no iPad.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.kinkead Eric Kinkead

      Thanks! QL is in its infancy, so I too hope to have years of dev and community support to make it an even better game! And thank you for your enthusiasm!

  • Lumlca

    I have a question: How do you get the spell book? In my human game, I found the teleport spell, but I not have the spell book for it. I've looked nearly everywhere!

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.kinkead Eric Kinkead

      Elf Starter World. Play as an elf and its in your starter level. Or play as a human, make it to the elf starter world, grab spell book, then return to the human dungeon to read that spell. You really have to work to use magic as a human. 😀 But the boost in exp (Bandits farming) will be worth it.


    • curtisrshideler

      Yeah, I put in a bit of time as a human just to get the spellbook. And it is not only worth the journey, its been a blast getting there.

  • Nycteris

    Really enjoying the game. I started as an Elf & have had a lot of fun. It's true that you should listen to everyone & read everything!
    Right now I am not sure where to find cash... The mosquitoes hit hard and I need heals!

  • mark meyer

    I found 3 of the blue shards. Any help finding the other would be great. Thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003637463517 Cory Edwards

    Outstanding game. Makes me wish my Kindle could play the old Ultima Underworld titles. Thanks for making what I think is the best game of it's kind on the Android platform.

  • Burn Bruno Baril

    I've been searching for sometime a good RPG on my phone. This one was the answer to all prayer! A good dungeon crawler, lots of item, rpg element, and open world. ALL HAIL VALKIN!!!

  • jq mur

    The blue pieces of orb that I assume are needed for the quad chamber, how many of those are there? I found 3 and if my assumptions are correct there's probably 4?

    • jq mur

      Never mind, I didn't explore 1 area yet.

  • Jeff

    HI eric I have had your game quest lord for about a full year not BTW great game I love it but I just decided to go at it again and I'm really stuck now and I was wondering if I could get some help...? I recently got to the quadchamber and I have a feeling I need the blue shards but Idk and I have Ben walking around do the quadchamber now for aboutique 10 min with out any recollection on what to do...mind helping a fellow gamer out?...thank you