Double Fine Productions have announced a new project today called Dropchord, which is set to hit desktop computers and iOS devices later this year. Not many details have been divulged about Dropchord other than it's a "music-driven score challenge game" with "a focus on music and visual effects." What's interesting is that on desktop the game is being developed specifically for the Leap Motion Controller.

What is the Leap? Well it's demonstrated pretty well in the video on their home page, but essentially it's a tiny device which allows motion controls similar to the Xbox 360 Kinect, but on your computer monitor. In fact, key members from the team behind Kinect Party, Double Fine's critically acclaimed party game for the Kinect, are working on Dropchord. Here are the first screens from the upcoming title.

While the motion detection stuff sounds cool, I'm more curious how well things will translate to iOS touchscreen devices, and what exactly it is you do in Dropchord. However, I'm all for trippy new rhythm games and I'm always interested in anything Double Fine is doing. Their Double Fine Adventure game should still be coming to iOS someday, and their debut iOS title Middle Manager of Justice [Free] was packed with personality, even if it was just another timer-based free-to-play game.

Hopefully we'll get more details soon, but if you're going to be at SXSW this weekend then search out the "Leap Motion Experience" event to see Dropchord in action, and they'll be showing it off later this month at PAX East as well.

  • nini

    I'm still itching to see The Cave ported to iOS somehow.

    • homosaur

      I'd rather get Kentucky Route Zero, holy crap that game....

  • Greyskull

    I'll be on this one. Finally, a new experimental music game to look forward to.

  • cuw

    Leap looks neat, but Microsoft will cripple it since they are adding true kinect integration into windows very soon. It sucks too because the kinect is decent but could be so much more if it could track more points than it currently can, although a kinect 2 might fix that.