Well, we gave it a spin this afternoon and now we know for sure. Sonic Dash is a behind-the-back endless runner, similar to, say, Temple Run or one of the other billions of its derivatives out there. It feels pretty same-y as a whole, but it does have a couple neat spots of original-ish design. The one that sticks out the most for us is the risk versus reward coin mechanic, which is borrowed from Sonic games of old. In brief, if you hit an enemy in Dash, you lose whatever rings you picked up. But at certain points in runs, you can opt to "bank" your rings. If you choose not to, you'll play a mini-game and increase the standing amount you've got. Get hit, though, and it's all gone.

If you'd like to see the game in action -- and you should because the production values are out of this world -- go ahead and check out our TA Plays below. We go over more than just the running part; we also dive into the persistent upgrade system, as well as play around with the IAP.

Dash will be available tonight at $1.99.

  • http://twitter.com/klouud Timothy Polumbo

    Are there levels and bosses? Or is it just the same thing over and over? If its set up more like a traditional sonic game but with an "endless runner" mechanic, I'm in. But if it functions like jetpack joyride, I'm out.

    • http://profiles.google.com/bryanrrollins Bryan Rollins

      yeah, running bosses are one of the best things about the new sonic games and could definitely have set this apart or at least broken up what seems to be samey gameplay

    • istako

      Im 99% sure it wont include bosses, it doesnt even have levels. The only chance is to add them in the future as random encounters after set amounts of high score points. But SEGA probably wont even consider it.

      • Karzay

        The landscape does change the further you get.

  • http://www.onebagtravel.com/ OneBagTravel

    Surprisingly it looks good and I hate those 3rd person endless runner clones out there. Does the game speed up at all cuz sonic seems fairly slow for being a super sonic hedgehog.

    still would rather have a sonic game that's similar to rayman jungle run

    • Retero

      Isn't it true that there was a sonic game on this generation of console that was only a runner? Just saying that it came before temple run.

      • Jerutix

        You know, you're right. I had some Wii Sonic game that was a behind the back auto-runner. Maybe Sonic and the Secret Rings? Not a great game, but definitely waaaay before Temple Run.

        Looked it up - that is the right title. It came out Feb 20, 2007 in North America.

      • MidianGTX

        That's the one. It was fairly bad, as were many Sonic games around that time.

      • istako

        That game was an auto runner?!?

      • MrAlbum

        Yup. You moved forward automatically. No button press required. You could stop for a short time, but you could not go backwards.

      • Alex Chien

        You can go backwards, you need to tilt the remote towards yourself. They force you to learn that in the tutorial! XD

        It's really awkward though.

      • Karzay

        Thanks for that fact. I was thinking Temple Run couldn't have been the first third person auto run game, but I was expecting to find it as a mini game. I remember an auto run first person shooter in arcades in the late 90's. there's still a good chance a game like this existed before December 2006.

  • Fep52

    I'm disappointed it's not a side-scroller.

    • DannyTheElite


    • operaguy2112

      Ditto. I would be excited for a Rayman Jungle Run treatment of Sonic but I don't need another temple run clone.

  • shine330

    Seriously do not understand why they did not make this a side runner. It looks cool and all but come on SEGA.

    • MidianGTX

      Because at Sonic's speed you'd be dead in seconds! If it wasn't for memorisation the Genesis classics would have been impossible too.

    • istako

      Nah its cool like this, the graphics look awesome. It just needs panorama view for us iPaders.

    • Greyskull

      Sega probably just paid some game development company to whip them out a game they could cash in on, like that Sonic endless jumper game from some months back. I'm pretty sure no "real" Sega employees had a hand in making this.

      • Karzay

        The recent Sonic Jump is a port of an older mobile version of the game from 2006, which actually predates Doodle Jump, the game Sega has been accused of cloning.

      • Zeldaniac

        ...which was a clone of PapiJump.

    • http://profiles.google.com/bryanrrollins Bryan Rollins

      There's like 6 sonic sidescrollers in the store alredy

  • Dustin Leiblein

    They recently introduced Amy....13 years ago. Recently.

    • GubbyMan

      They actually introduced her 20 years ago in Sonic CD (1993).

      • Dustin Leiblein

        I never got to play that game, guess I'll check it out. I was introduced to Sonic for the 1st time in 2000 when I got a Dreamcast for my birthday and Sonic Adventure. So I like this 3D play style since that's what I'm used to.

      • MrAlbum

        The port is pretty awesome, although the PC version is godlike IMHO.

  • charlenelam

    This looks neat. I might stay awake to wait for it! Gawd, what's up with my life. Does remind me of a runner version Sonic adventure. I loved my Dreamcast, sigh.

  • GiHubb

    I like how Eli sounds really bored when he describes the game, like he's done this a zillion times before... Which he has.

    • Scott Cameron

      LIterally half the posts on TA the last couple of weeks have been endless runners. How can they not be bored stiff at this point?

      I know I am.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deric.pujo Deric Pujo

    They should have added like chaos emerald running minigames into this. I don't know if anybody remembers the half pipe bonus levels that played very similar to Sonic Dash but if you got enough rings, you would get the chaos emerald. I believe it was in Sonic 3D Blast for sega saturn.

    • MidianGTX

      Sonic 2 originally.

      • http://www.facebook.com/deric.pujo Deric Pujo

        that too, but the Special stage in sonic 3d blast used 3d models which I liked more.

  • honkskillet

    It's depressing watching you guys play this derivative garbage. I'd rather you spent your time playing more towelfight 2 or something original.

    • MidianGTX

      That's what I keep saying about Halo/GTA/CoD/Forza/Mass Effect/Uncharted/Bioshock/Final Fantasy/Portal/Borderlands/Assassin's Creed. Derivative junk!

      • Zeldaniac

        Idk how much of that was sarcasm, but Portal is in no way derivative.

        I fully agree with the OP, endless runners need to be covered less. We don't need more than one article per Temple Run, plz & thx.

      • dekon

        Bad example!
        Those games are not made every week like these endless runners are.

      • MidianGTX

        He didn't say anything about frequency, the subject was "derivative gaming".

      • honkskillet

        You are being a little obtuse.

      • MidianGTX

        To a fault? Your comment wasn't helpful in the first place, I hardly ruined it. This game is actually pretty decent for an endless runner, and I'm someone who typically can't stand endless runners. The article was enlightening and useful.

  • istako

    Blieve me if you will, but I dreamed of this game about a month ago. Exaclty the same, the only difference being that It also featured Shadow, but maybe in the future. Still, this looks awesome for what it is, im getting my hands on it as soon as possible. And if they release Shadow I will know that I can forsee the future.

    • Jacob Gehman

      Please dream of some games that would actually be awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paddy-Grant-Sullivan/733511665 Paddy Grant Sullivan

    It looks nice and everything (and it's probably better than half of the full Sonic titles in the last 10 years) but SEGA really know how to ruin a game with IAPs, so it's hard to be optimistic about this.

  • Boobi

    As far as gameplay I don't see anything new here or am I missing something? i know its a runner, but time surfer brought something new to the concept, this is just Sonic running.

    • http://profiles.google.com/bryanrrollins Bryan Rollins

      It really is a play it and see type of deal. Like MidianGTX said, it's genuinely more fun than a lot of other runners like this for some reason.

  • operaguy2112

    Best Sonic game in the AppStore? How is this better than Sonic CD or Sega Sonic Allstars? Definitely won't be picking this one up.

  • Thawkk

    The only thing keeping me from buying this is how it looks like there's no limit to how many revives you can use in a run, so you could pay for a high score.

    • MidianGTX

      That's definitely true, but I can say with complete honesty, this is probably the first endless runner that I enjoy playing for the gameplay. The leaderboards don't matter, the IAP doesn't matter, the grind doesn't matter... the game is just fun. I much the same way the console Sonic games are fun. You run forward avoiding obstacles and destroying enemies, it's dead simple, but polished to the point where it doesn't feel like another cheap mobile game.

      • MidianGTX

        In* Damn typos, TA needs to add an edit function into the app.

  • Illuminerdy

    Huh, can't see the video in the TA app or Safari.

  • johnnyv

    Its not a temple run clone. Sonic unleashed had a lot of moments likes this app. Saying it is a clone makes u come off as ignorant.

  • bluestarr5

    Are Brad and Eli in New Zealand

  • link6616

    Sigh, just looked up requirements... No iPad 1 support (which is unsurprising) but still...

  • http://twitter.com/Wolfcoyote_J James M Wallace

    It looks interesting. but Sonic CD for iOS is enough for me.

  • alex00100

    That recently introduced Amy???? She is like one of the main characters after Eggman, knuckles and tails. She was introduced in Sonic CD, a game released after the first sonic but before sonic 2. She was even a playable character in sonic adventure, a mayor sonic game for dreamcast. Shame. Are you a gaming website or not?

  • Drewskii

    I have this and it's awesome but it needs Shadow, Metal Sonic, and Rouge. Maybe even Super Sonic. Plus they need abilities.

    Tails dash can be flying for a bit
    Knuckles can glide

  • Apple4Ever

    I Love Sonic The Hedgehog & I have all the iPhone Video Games & I used to Play Sonic The Hedgehog in The 90's Years on Sega Geneses when I was a Kid, Now I Play Sonic The Hedgehog on My Apple iPhone 5 64GB 🙂