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TA Plays: ‘Sonic Dash’ – Another Behind-the-Back Endless Runner

Well, we gave it a spin this afternoon and now we know for sure. Sonic Dash is a behind-the-back endless runner, similar to, say, Temple Run or one of the other billions of its derivatives out there. It feels pretty same-y as a whole, but it does have a couple neat spots of original-ish design. The one that sticks out the most for us is the risk versus reward coin mechanic, which is borrowed from Sonic games of old. In brief, if you hit an enemy in Dash, you lose whatever rings you picked up. But at certain points in runs, you can opt to “bank" your rings. If you choose not to, you’ll play a mini-game and increase the standing amount you’ve got. Get hit, though, and it’s all gone.

If you’d like to see the game in action — and you should because the production values are out of this world — go ahead and check out our TA Plays below. We go over more than just the running part; we also dive into the persistent upgrade system, as well as play around with the IAP.

Dash will be available tonight at $1.99.