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‘The 7th Guest 3’ is In Development and Coming to iOS

Trilobyte co-founder Charlie McHenry had a chat over with our pals at Polygon today and revealed something which has made everyone our top-secret TouchArcade command center chat squeal with glee: The 7th Guest is on its way to becoming a trilogy, and better yet, it’ll be making its way to iOS along with making an appearance on Android as well as the Mac and PC.

Unsurprisingly, the game is going to be in full real-time 3D instead of the pre-rendered stuff of days of yore. Players will return to Stauf’s mansion for similar spooky puzzles and atmosphere and the game is even being developed in part by some of the original team members. If all goes as planned, The 7th Guest 3 will be completed inside of the next 12 to 18 months.

Oh, and, while unrelated to The 7th Guest 3, you should know that The 7th Guest soundtrack is available on Spotify. I’m listening to it right now to commemorate this news.

[via Polygon]