King Cashing 2 [$1.99] has a lot going for it, you might have heard. In brief, it's one of those sequels that basically doubles down on what its predecessor did so well while layering a few notable, though kinda minor, iterative tweaks on top. This time around, you've got a bunch of new characters to work with, a much more refined leveling system, and new items and weapons to use to kill dudes. What more could you want as a fan?

If you've been out of the loop, the hook of King Cashing franchise is its pairing of RPG and slot machine mechanics. In battle, you spin a three-reel slot machine to beat up bad dudes. Whatever variables, including misses, land in the center, is what will happen. As you play, though, you discover that you can sorta bypass the randomization by just leveling up and making your guys so strong that it doesn't matter.

Anyway, we've got some video of the game in action below. Definitely bang that link -- this game has more going on that you'd think:

  • Ben Beebe

    Your video is private. I cannot watch. :[

  • Ben Beebe

    Your video is private. I cannot watch. :[

  • korkidog

    I really enjoyed the first game in this series plus, no IAP!! Bonus!!!

  • Eric

    You went to chuck e cheese, a place filled with kids, with a horrible cold? HAHAHA Awesome.

  • emgeejay

    Bang that link? "Bang" it?

  • DuendeArkano

    3 bucks... Expensive, expensive, expensive...

    • Amenbrother

      Serious? For a no IAP game and awesome dev you think thats expensive?

      • REkzkaRZ

        Did you buy your iPhone/iPod/iPad, or is it your parents?!?!? C'mon! $3 is expensive compared to ...? A cup of coffee?

      • Benegesserit

        Getting tired of the old cup of coffee garbage. Quit comparing apples to oranges.

  • ojtitus

    Yeah, I love the improved gameplay style and graphics. My leading game of year candidate this year.

  • Tim Cant

    Three fingers?

  • Bool Zero

    Bang that link... Naughty, naughty! Well I banged it! I banged it good!

  • cofunguy

    Sadly the "bad" side of this app is that there is only 3 episodes. Way too short!!

    • Steve Ztowy Bolduc

      We are working right now to bring you the next 3 volumes as soon as possible! And, maybe there'll more after that...

      • Nicholas Yu

        Great to hear! I just finished collecting all the special weapons, so I'm looking forward to additional content. I loved the first game, and this raised the bar even higher.

        Also, official line: Is it "King Ca-shing" (ka-ching) or King Cash-ing"?

      • multimage

        I could never agree with the creators of SQL and GIF on how it should be pronounced. But now it seems I must do the same for King Cashing haha. So here it goes: Here we call it King Cash-ing. But I certainly don't get mad at people calling it Ca-ching. Whatever rolls best for you!

      • Nicholas Yu

        Thanks! Now I feel vindicated as that's what I was calling it.

  • themostunclean

    I don't remember the first King Cashing but I did play Tower of Fortune which is pretty much exactly the same except in pixel style. Now realizing it was also a complete rip-off : )

  • Jacob Gehman

    Watching this totally convinced me to buy the first one, since I'd never given that a spin. While I'm enjoying, seeing the differences in Cashing 2 has me wanting to hurry and finish this already so I can check it out.

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    Does this one have a Survival mode as well?

  • Boopero

    Both King Cashing games and Tower of Fortune were preceded by Battle Slots RPG on PC. That game is basically a clone of Puzzle Quest except with a configurable slot machine for battles instead of a Match 3 game. I own them all. That said, King Cashing 2 is a blast. By far the most fun of the four games.