There's a ton of endless arcade action games on the App Store, but few have the sense of style and speed that Solipskier [$0.99] does. Ported from its humble flash beginnings by creator Mikengreg to the iPhone in 2010, it's a psychedelic and frantic skiing game that has you making the mountain that your avatar blazes down. A great run isn't just about speed; it also has a lot to do with your ability to pull off sick tricks as well as guide your guy into various gates.

In our original review, we talked a lot about this game's originality. What we couldn't discuss was its staying power, which has been amazing. Solipskier has managed to have a home on all our devices throughout the years. That says a lot.

If you haven't seen this game yet, give our Rewind video a look. You can grab it now for 99 cents on both iPhone or iPad, if you're interested.

  • Brian

    Can't recommend this game enough. Actually tweeted at Jared, Eli and Brad a couple days ago saying this article was a must!

  • Christoph Stiemert

    next rewind: tiny wings, please 🙂

    • MidianGTX

      Man, if there is one game I've heard way too much about it's Tiny Wings... at least Angry Birds keeps providing content.

      • Christoph Stiemert

        tell me how a one-person hobby game developer could manage to release content upgrades at the rate and size angry birds does. And what's wrong with creating an app that is almost universally acclaimed on the iOS devices without becoming a giant sellout, throwing out crappy/redundant updates or remakes all the time, which the developer, Mr Illiger, surely could have easily done?

  • SmackDatButt

    So basically this is like the iOS counterpart of PC's 'Line Rider' (you're awesome if you know what Line Rider is)

    • Christoph Stiemert

      all these two have in common are the line-drawing mechanic (and even that just to some degree) and winter theme. apart from that - two totally different games

  • blackbear219

    Brad Nicholson, making being terrible at video games hilarious and awesome since 2012.

    • agentblank

      Haha, that highscore made me laugh. But not in a mean way, don't take it offensively.

  • Brian

    was this article written before or after my tweet to you to write it?

    Love that you did it though, one of best games on the iDevice, and hopefully this will allow the devs to support it more.

  • classicrockme

    You are supposed to hit the gates while in the air to gain extra points and momentum. It shows you how far away the gates are, you just gotta try to fling him at them.

    • classicrockme

      Great game by the way. Gasketball as well.

  • fuzzbinn

    Any word on an iPhone 5 update for this guy? Dying to play this with some extra screen room.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      No kidding, me too! This was one of my favorite games back on my 3Gs before switching to the bigger iPhone 5 screen. I hate it when it happens... no update.

  • mudd

    I got this game as a freebie for writing a podcast review, and I must say it has become my most played game on my phone. Such a blast to play.

  • Jazzpha

    I'd love to see a rewind for The Blocks Cometh. Both because it's awesome and hilariously frustrating, but also because it might-- just might-- get Halfbot to step their game up and update it for the widescreen.

  • coolmixer

    I downloaded this game after watching this entertaining video in this blog. Funny and easy games are seriously mind relaxing. Just few hours before I was playing Cool Mixer on my iPad.Enjoyed it also a lot.

  • GertjeD

    Another rewind tip: Galcon.

  • Jacob Gehman

    Don't know how I missed this the first time around. Looks like a must-download.

  • Tatiana

    Keep the rewinds coming!

  • rich_952000

    Just coming back to the iPhone after a three year departure and this game is still one of the best pick up and play titles on the AppStore.