Late last year you might remember the tale of woe behind Battle Dungeon, a slick asynchronous multiplayer strategy game from Hunted Cow Studios. In a nutshell, the developers claimed that the number of players filling up their servers with apparently pirated copies of the game far outweighed the number of legitimate paying users, and due to that they were unable to keep up with hosting said servers.

Battle Dungeon's biggest focus was online multiplayer, but it did have a single player component where you could play against a fancy AI competitor. Unfortunately, the AI itself was hosted online, so essentially the game required some sort of online connection in order to play it in any capacity. Due to this, when Hunted Cow decided it wasn't feasible to keep servers online and took them down, it completely crippled Battle Dungeon game for both multiplayer and single player. The developers did their best to assist with refunds for paying customers, but the bigger tragedy was that a promising mobile game was shuttered due to piracy.

However, Hunted Cow was looking into the possibility of bringing Battle Dungeon back in some form, and according to a post in our forums it looks like that's going to happen. Details are light at the moment, but the official word from Hunted Cow regarding the new Battle Dungeon is "At the moment we can tell you that the new version of the game will feature a single player campaign (no multiplayer), brand new enemies and we've also removed Gems (and the IAPs to buy Gems)."

It sounds like more details will be revealed in the very near future, and Hunted Cow urges interested gamers to follow Battle Dungeon's Facebook page or to sign up for their newsletter to get the latest information on the re-release. We'll post any new information as we get it as well, and further discussion can be found in the game's forum thread.

I'm happy to see Battle Dungeon return, but the online multiplayer component was a huge part of the original release, so I'm curious to see how well the game pans out as a single player only experience.

  • Greyskull

    They've already shown me it's too risky to gamble my money on one of their products.

    • bobehm

      No shit. I never did get my 5 bucks back.

      • Tof Eklund

        Interesting, because I did, and no, I did not drop the fact that I'm a reviewer (my legal name isn't "Tof"). I found Apple obstinate, but Hunted Cow very helpful. I just had to bug Apple several times.

  • MrAlbum

    And thus, Fluttershy went "yay".


  • Themagicjesus

    Bah, any company who says "piracy" is the cause of them screwing over players is a garbage company

    • Adams Immersive

      Piracy can sometimes add server costs, however. And server costs CAN become impossible to pay in some cases, if the income just isn't there. So I wouldn't go as far as "any company."

    • joaquin_ondamoon

      If you've read the dev's response, they said that after the pirated copy was posted, they saw a flood of players on their servers, which far exceeded the amount of customers who paid for the game. So in this case I'd say yeah, piracy did have a direct effect on the company. And it seems they've been fairly active about getting customers a refund. I'd cut them some slack.

      • grindmysmile

        I get that not pulling out if your game is actively losing money is just not an option, but I do wonder at a company that deals in a digital marketplace being unprepared for piracy. It's pervasive at this point.

    • _Jc_

      Just because you have a jailbroken iPod Touch loaded with stolen games doesn't make it OK.

  • Thorz

    Curious: How do other developers deal with this?

  • gmattergames

    I would suspect there is more to this than has been shared. No matter why, the fact is, they did not fully understand the market, the liabilities and the level of exposure requiring your app to be online introduces.. In the end, there business model was not viable, whatever the reason. It's just unfortunate their customers and brand were hurt.