In early January, Pixelbite Games released Repulze [$0.99], a futuristic style racer that – visually at least – evoked feelings of the classic Wipeout series. However, it played quite differently than Sony's beloved racers and rather than being a full-blown racing title Repulze was more akin to a time-trial arcade game. It was a simplified but very well done experience, one that we enjoyed a lot in our review, but for some racing game fans it didn't quite feel like enough.

That was part of Pixelbite's plan though, as the initial release of Repulze was just "Phase 1" and more content would be rolled out via updates based on player feedback and response to the game. That plan was set in motion today with the release of the Phase 2 update to Repulze. It adds 7 new tracks set in a new industrial wasteland environment, as well as new meta-challenge for each level to complete while you play.

In addition, there are now golden Toolkits spread around each track which can be collected and used to buy upgrades for your hovercraft. The first of these upgrades is called a Power Ripper and, when triggered with a boost, will let you rip through any craft that might be in your way or blast through the new barriers that block certain parts of the track that may lead to shortcuts or hidden items. There's also a new magnetic field track element that can boost you in the air and help you reach new areas of a track if you're rocking the proper polarity when you drive through it.

This update also adds the ability to save and replay ghosts of your lap times, a new bonnet camera view (basically a first-person bumper camera), and a fantastic new slide control option in addition to the normal tap and tilt options that are available. If you were not sure if there was enough to Repulze before to satisfy you, then maybe the new Phase 2 content will push you over the edge. A third Phase called Backlash is being teased as well, and has something to do with rockets, so even more Repulze goodness should be coming our way in the future.

  • musclemanshawty


    • Deaconclgi

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  • Mister Bump

    Still no racing then? As in, against actual opponents.

    • Furtin

      Well said, mate.

    • Cheeseball

      Time trial? Autocross?

  • derkoi

    Not ever racing game needs opponents to race against. Quit whining about it.

  • borgqueenx

    now actual opponents and a campain if possible./...

  • rurmel

    I love it. The speed, the challenges. Sure there no opponents as of now, but the game has what every game needs, and that's fun. Brilliant game.

    I've experienced some issues however, for some reason I'm the highest level but m toolkit remains at 20 max even though it was supposedly increase. So I can't upgrade the better vehicles. Is it a bug?

    • rurmel

      Oh no worries its fixed, again, one of the best racers on ios!

  • dekon

    go kill yourself derkoi

    • derkoi

      Stfu clown

      • dekon

        Learn English you fool.
        You wrote: "Not ever racing game needs opponents to race against". Are you f*cking serious? Stop talking gibberish and go back to mommy kiddo.

  • brybry

    Wow... English is your main focus? I think you're in the wrong forum.

  • diaskeaus

    Well, it's really only a racing game in the sense there is a car and a track. For the most part, though, it is a game focused on keeping a small icon in-between the lines, while jumping from color to color with the added resource management of speed boosts.

    There is very little turning, no opponents, and a time trial thst requires near perfect execution, which kind of strips any traditional racing away. Plus the DDR gimick is kind of wacky.

    But it is a fine game in its own right and kind of breaks genre convention. They had to call it a racer, because otherwise it would be called a RPuzzDDO, which few would buy because that's too weird.

  • objectiveC

    Is it optimized for the retina display? Reckless racing for some reason was not optimized and I'm worried that this will also not

  • Friv

    I love it!