This week on the TouchArcade Show, we are joined by Special Guest Joseph Leray because Eli's European hotel Wi-Fi isn't, uh, so great. But don't worry: we manage to bring the pain without our favorite president-in-chief of a web site on the Internet. At the top, we discuss the THQ auction and what it means for the industry. Later, we dive into some of the latest and greatest iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch games including notables like Wave Trip, Traal, and Might & Magic.

In the second segment, we discuss some of this week's biggest news and get to some more user comments, questions, and feedback. Jared also reveals that he's been a naughty boy on Amazon, if you're into that sort of thing.

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And now for your show notes:


Traal - [Free] [TA Plays]
Wave Trip - [$0.99]
Wide Sky - [Free]
Might & Magic Clash of Heroes - [$4.99]


A Dedicated Mii-verse App Is Apparently In The Works
Atari Files Chapter 11, Assets To Be Sold
People Like ‘Temple Run 2’

This week's episode of The TouchArcade Show is sponsored by iPhoGame's Space Settlers .

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  • Sloany

    Left you a review on the English App Store. I also have a us account so ill post there as well eventually... Unless they're the same reviews, not sure.

    Anyway you should read it.

    Keep up the goodwork guys!!!

  • krispydp

    I hate to be that guy, but I posted a review a few weeks back on the Canadian App Store. Should I be posting it on the US one? Thanks for the show, I always enjoy it.

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    Yeah, I also wrote a 5 star review, noting my username, but did not get anything. Happy to give it either way, I love the podcast, but if you're still giving them out, then I'd be happy to take one!

  • Rufus Sufur

    Same here, left a review but haven't heard anything yet...

  • pinpoint007

    Same here. Haven't heard anything back yet. I reviewed the podcast last summer too when they were also giving out codes, but didn't get anything then either. Anyway, I still like the show!

  • Metal Jesus Rocks

    I liked the energy of this episode. The new dude fit in really well!

  • Friv

    I'll think about it.