Breach Entertainment's Shardlands [Free] now has a free version on the App Store. And get this: this version includes three levels that aren't in the full game. So, even if you've been up, down, sideways, and otherwise all over the original release, there's a reason to try the free one anyway. Kind of a weird strategy, right?

Shardlands, if you didn't know, is billed as an atmospheric puzzle game and that feels pretty true to what's going on. In the game, play as a person who wakes up in some sort of magical cave and is tasked by a talking spirit with collecting shards that, for some reason, have the power to transport you to other caves. Shards can also give you magical powers, like say, telekinesis, which comes in handy whenever you need to construct makeshift bridges out of platforms. Give it a look:

  • Psiufoxx

    Whoa. Yes, please. How is it that this gorgeous lite version is only 44 megs, and the full game only 120 some odd?

    • Aarni Gratseff

      We wanted to crank the lite version under 50 megs and we achieved that by compressing the sound effects and UI graphics a bit more than in the full game. Also, the full game has more music and 3D assets.

      • Contest Chris

        What does the lite version do exactly?

      • Aarni Gratseff

        It lets you explore and solve puzzles in 3 levels, which should give you a hint of what to expect of the full game.

      • Hans P. Köter

        Thanks for the new levels- great game, folks. Almost played through the full game, so new content is really welcome.

  • Jay

    This video review was funny. The game seems really chillin' though. I love the atmosphere.

  • Friv

    video review was funny