This is a pretty big deal: Rovio, creators of the Angry Birds franchise and future world dominator, has just dropped the price of one of their games to free for the first time ever. Even cooler is that it's for both the iPhone and iPad versions. The game in question is Angry Birds Rio [Free / Free (HD)], a tie-in with the 2011 movie called Rio and one of the very few movie tie-in video games that doesn't absolutely suck.

Angry Birds Rio brought more of the same bird-flinging action that we all are quite familiar with by now, but also threw a couple of new very welcome twists into the formula. First and foremost are the boss fights, which were a first for the Angry Birds series and have you squaring off against the main antagonists from the Rio movie. The game also utilized more advanced graphics and recently was updated with tons of new power-ups and support for the widescreen of the iPhone 5.

You can read our original review if you're stuck on the fence for whatever reason about downloading a free game, but chances are you're familiar with the whole Angry Birds formula and the Rio edition is more of that with enough twists to set it apart from its many other variants. And I mean hey, it's free, just download the dang thing would ya?

  • Thorz


  • nandreetta

    Angry Birds Seasons was free in July 2012. Unless you meant it is the first time Rio in particular is free.

    Either way, thanks for being ever-vigilant for the sake of our penniless pockets.

  • rafark

    I think I will pass...

    • Adam Betts

      Just download and delete it. It'll remain in your purchase list forever for you to redownload anytime for free (perhaps your children of future will want to try it).

      Personally I'm a bit burnt out on Angry Bird franchise. I enjoyed first couple titles but now I just need a change.

  • mrktrx

    Come on this is the Apple free app of the week
    🙁 i didnt ever like angry birds.

    • Tranceaholic

      That must explain why it's downloading so slowly for me because Apple's servers must be swamped from everybody else (who didn't have this game yet) jumping on this offer.

  • yepi

    i like this games, it is one of my favorite games

  • MrMuggz

    I really enjoy Angry Birds. I was burnt out on them for a bit but Angry Birds Star Wars turned out to be a lot of fun. However, Rio is the one Angry Birds game that I hate. The physics are different than the rest of the games and it's the first game to introduce the incremental stars at the end which drives me nuts. The original Angry Birds would give you an immediate star rating at the end of the level but in Rio as the score increases the stars increase. I hate waiting to see if I get 2 or 3 stars and end up skipping that screen and going to the next level regardless of star score.

  • Yepi Friv

    It is my childhood game. It is very cool game

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    I like play games Angry Birds.

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  • Friv

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