‘Riven: The Sequel to Myst’ for iPad Hits the App Store

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Fans of the Myst series should clear their plans for this weekend as Riven: The Sequel to Myst ($3.99) for iPad just hit the App Store. We posted recent details from Cyan on this enhanced version last month. Also, in the event that this is also news to you, Myst ($4.99) has been available on the iPhone for quite a while as well as realMyst ($6.99) for the iPad which abandons the slideshow nature of the game in exchange for a real fluid 3D world.

Forum user Candykiller dug up this really awesome “Making Of" video which I hadn’t seen before of Riven, and really, this serves as a fabulous introduction into the game even if the video quality is a little low. Check it out if you’re into what went into developing these classic games-

Riven is a huge game, clocking in at over 1GB for the iPhone and 2GB for the iPad once fully installed, so if you’ve got a smaller device you might need to clear some room.

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