Last week was the CES in Las Vegas, and this might be the coolest thing that I've seen surface at this year's long-running electronics show. It's from a Russian company named Displair, and it's a device that creates a wall of water vapor vertically into the air. A projector attached to a mobile device then projects images onto the mist wall from behind, and using its built-in camera it's capable of tracking your gestures and translating them to the mist just as if it was a touchscreen. Naturally, the best way to demonstrate this is with a game of Fruit Ninja [$1.99], just like in this video from Huffington Post.

It's not just limited to fruit slicing though, and in theory anything you can do on a touchscreen device would translate to the mist wall. It's incredibly cool, but one big drawback is that a single unit will run about $10,000, and Displair is focusing on businesses who might want to use their interesting mist machine for catchy public displays and advertising. Consumer-grade misters are expected somewhere in the next 5 years. Christmas 2018 is going to be awesome. You can check out more on the Displair over at its website.

[Huffington Post via Halfbrick]

  • Crunchewy

    Cool, but seems pretty laggy.

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    that will bring to life the good ol' futuristic holograms from the 80's! maybe an immersive interactive 3D room in 2020??

    • ImJPaul

      And in turn, hackers will turn it into the hot ass female holograms from Eraser that will do all your cooking and cleaning and "other stuff" without all the nagging.

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      add a whole room full of water vapor and a kinect, and you can have a truly interactive kinect action AND take a shower at the same time!!

  • Platyrrhine

    Let's make bets on how long it takes this to appear in Brookstone stores.

  • Matt Curtis

    This is awesome, but damn it's SO very first world. "Oh, I have a an amazing device in my pocket capable of playing amazing games, but you know what? I need it on a wall of fucking mist. awwww yiiissss"

  • ImJPaul

    I'm with everyone here. Seems really cool. Also seems laggy and I can think of about a million more practical ways to spend $10,000. If I was a millionaire and I just wanted to show off how I can game on vapors then why not? Unfortunately, I'm an average American 20-something and this is nothing more then something cool that I'll never have. How would you play a dual stick shooter? Or something more complex? Eh?

  • Fich

    Will wait for retina mist.

  • marshall2013

    In Disneyland Paris, they are using the same technology for their show "Disney Dreams" unless you can not interact with the display. What would be awesome is to project a interactive keyboard on a table or a wall!

  • Jeff432

    Cool but why would anyone buy this?