Check Out this Guy Playing ‘Fruit Ninja’ on a Sheet of Water Vapor

Last week was the CES in Las Vegas, and this might be the coolest thing that I’ve seen surface at this year’s long-running electronics show. It’s from a Russian company named Displair, and it’s a device that creates a wall of water vapor vertically into the air. A projector attached to a mobile device then projects images onto the mist wall from behind, and using its built-in camera it’s capable of tracking your gestures and translating them to the mist just as if it was a touchscreen. Naturally, the best way to demonstrate this is with a game of Fruit Ninja ($1.99), just like in this video from Huffington Post.

It’s not just limited to fruit slicing though, and in theory anything you can do on a touchscreen device would translate to the mist wall. It’s incredibly cool, but one big drawback is that a single unit will run about $10,000, and Displair is focusing on businesses who might want to use their interesting mist machine for catchy public displays and advertising. Consumer-grade misters are expected somewhere in the next 5 years. Christmas 2018 is going to be awesome. You can check out more on the Displair over at its website.

[Huffington Post via Halfbrick]