A game about throwing snowballs is Uppercut Games next big thing following the release of its phenomenal cover-based third-person shooter Epoch, and the festive title is now available on the App Store.

SnowJinks [$0.99], as it's called, is a surreal kind of follow-up that iterates on the work that went into making Epoch's cover-based mechanics fun. In the game, you play as either Jack or Jill in an "endless snowball war" against neighborhood bullies. You tap to release a snowball and swipe to duck, roll, and otherwise dodge snowball attacks. From the trailer we get a sense that SnowJinks shares Epoch's feel; you'll constantly be moving while in cover as opposed to just waiting, giving the action a flow that few shooters have.

We'll give you a little more on this in the near future, so stay tuned.

  • http://twitter.com/mguniverse Danny Perski

    I always find it strange when studios behind these big incredible titles like EPOCH. decide to turn towards children games. But I hope they find success anyways.

    • Rothgarr

      The game itself looks like it plays very much like Epoch. I'm guessing most of the hard work is all done as a part of creating Epoch so they re-skinned it to make a kid-friendly game with a low development cost... pretty smart actually as a way to capitalize on their development investment.

      • swarmster

        Yeah, definitely looks like a pretty straight Christmas re-skin (judging from the trailer and its snow lasers, lol) but that means it should play fairly well if you're into that.

    • DrlRage

      Huh? Epoch wasn't a big incredible title (Have you played it?)... Plus it's supposed to be a fun/cute looking game. It looks like the same gameplay as Epoch with Kids and Snow instead of Robots and Guns. I don't know why you make it sound like SnowJinks is a dumbed down childrens game. I think it has a chance to be more successful than Epoch based on theme, timing, experience and it's price point.

    • 1Fcm

      A cartoony art style with bright colors doesn't automatically mean its a children's game. If that were the case, then games like Mario, Sonic, and Ratchet would never have an adult audience. I don't really see this as Uppercut turning towards children's games... its just a fun game that might appeal to gamers during the holiday season. I have played it and I thought it was actually a nice break from the typical bro-shooters that seem to permeate the App Store. I bet if you tried it, you would actually enjoy it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Lang/546797695 Steve Lang

    I love that they re-purposed EPOCH for a snowball game!!

  • mrTofu

    I like these guys. I'm in!

  • Chichiminpin

    Played the game. Definitely like Epoch. It doesn't have any story to it though. Not sure if it has an ending. Every time you die you start off at the beginning. It's still a lot of fun though as a time waster.