On this week's bonus episode of The TouchArcade Show, Eli and I chat with Overhaul Games president Trent Oster about Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. This is more of a follow-up kind of interview, as it explores the new stuff that has been added to the game since we last talked with Oster.

At the top, Oster tells us about Enhanced Edition's new UI and usability features. He also talks specifically about how the iPad version of the game feels and what it was like to get Baldur's Gate's original code working on a new-fangled tablet computer. Later, we dive into a chat about cross-game saves and what's coming next from Overhaul after it releases Enhanced Edition this November 28 on PC and, maybe, iPad.


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Just a heads up: the iPad version of Enhanced Edition is currently in submission, and it has been for a couple of days. We'll definitely let you know when it hits the App Store, so stay tuned. Also, enjoy the interview. It was a blast.

  • http://twitter.com/patrickneef Patrick Neef

    As far as his Tweet said earlier today, they had to resubmit it because of a game stopping bug last minute. So no Nov 28 release, but hopefully next week.

  • d3misoz

    typical of Apple. release dates are never to be believed the first time. i didnt expect it to be released on time anyway, to be honest.

    • Nick

      Did you not read the above post? They had to resubmit. So we will never know if it could have been released tonight. No matter, it sucks. But this time it's not apples fault. And I do wish their review process was shorter, but I'd prefer a mediocre review process versus the garbage that is the Google Play store.

  • osvd

    Meh. jet set radio!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Cacace/577628518 Gary Cacace

    Very cool interview. I picked up some good tidbits of info. In particular, I didn't know that Overhaul rebuilt BG1 using the BG2 engine! That's really encouraging, and perhaps it won't take them quite so long to get BG2 done (and I did hear him say that BG2 would be a "sometime next year" game). Looking forward to this hitting the App Store.

    Also, to the guys whining about the App Store release timing: Overhaul did report a major show stopper bug that caused them to pull the game, fix it and resubmit it. In the interview, Oster said they only submitted the patch last night. Lord knows that if Overhaul released BG1 with a critical bug, they'd be taken to task and given 1 star reviews! Personally, I think I have enough games to tide me over while I wait for the release! 🙂

  • swarmster

    Really looking forward to this.

    Probably playing this one on my Mac to start with. Pretty disappointed, though, that it sounds like I won't be joining my PC friends on release day. This is one game I don't want to always have to be rebooting for.

  • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

    I'm a dev and I'll say the Apple approval process can be a huge pain. Not only do they approve your apps but they have to approve you as a developer in the first place--a process that can be long and frustrating to say the least. But that being said while things could certainly use improvement without SOME approval process the Apple store would be chaos. It would be even worse than Google Play seeing as more iOS devices are so much more popular and more used than Droid. You think iOS users are cheap now, just imagine how bad it would be if 99% of the apps on iTunes were straight up viruses, malware, or just plain unbootable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Smith/100003406751826 Jon Smith

    So it's the 28th and the Baldur's Gate site still only has the PC version pre-order or something called pre-load. So it sounds like the PC version didn't make the deadline any better than the iOS version. I will by the game for iPad when available but this isn't a good omen for the developer.

    I wish these companies would slow down and breathe some times rather than set unreasonable arbitrary deadlines then to make the deadline push out a faulty product.

    • visualplayer

      Huh? Company is doing exactly that-delaying to create a quality product. It'd be nice not to go through delays but I'm glad they're making this an uber experience.

  • visualplayer

    I'd love if you guys could caption your shows. lots of deaf gamers out there.