Heads up: the fourth episode of Telltale Games' awesome Walking Dead [Free] series is now out and available on the App Store. Just like the rest of the episodes, it's a $4.99 in-app purchase accessible via the "Episodes" menu. If you bought the season pass, it's free.

Episode 4, or as it's called, Around Every Corner, takes place in Savannah. The group is looking for boats, and as usual, things go wrong. Like, really wrong. The teaser trailer we've got embedded below shows off some pretty action-y segments and a few scenes of Lee growing into his protector role, as he and Clementine bond.

We haven't played it yet, but word is that this episode is one of the weaker ones since it only really builds material up for the final release in the series. We'll be reviving our mega-review of the overall game shortly, so stay tuned.

  • Marek Sedlar

    One of the weaker ones? its actually best one!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mmatzat Michael Matzat


  • CrispyCreamed

    Every episode has been superb! Looking forward to wrapping this season up and eagerly looking forward to season 2.

    • CrispyCreamed

      Also hoping for wide screen support soon

  • kozz84

    Just out of curiosity, how is the performance on the ipad? I'm playing on mac, so I don't know about this version.

    As for this episode maybe it's the weakest one, but only when you take into account how high the bar has been rised by the previous ones. Still it's a very good episode with great memorable moments.

    If they don't screw up the ending, The Walking Dead as a whole is a serious game of the year contender.

    • Terwilke

      The ipad 3 is very good for this game and i switched from playing on my iphone 4... I recommend ipad 2 and up for this game

    • http://www.facebook.com/mmatzat Michael Matzat

      My iPad 2 dos just fine. What i don´t like about the iOS Version compared to the  Desctop Version is that they ad a silly frame during the cutscenes.

  • http://twitter.com/warm_concrete Octopus Erectus

    Wow, didn’t see that coming. I’m playing on my PC and someday I wanted to do an experiment and let my girlfriend to play on my iPhone... She turned out to be jealous of me completing episodes on PC and she’s waiting for them to come mobile.
    I like 4th episode most of all at the moment. I agree it is somehow crumpled.


    Well, so long Angry Birds, you ain't got nothing on this game.

  • 3cordguy

    So did this get released before its Xbox counterpart?

    • viti

      No, episode 4 was release for XBLA and PSN last month

  • ducksFANjason

    I'm still not seeing it on my ipad. Episode 4 still says "Coming soon". Anyone else having that issue?

    • ducksFANjason

      It's working for me now

  • monsieurfreeze

    No episode 4 yet here in France

  • monsieurfreeze

    Downloading now thx pal

  • chapel07

    wooot! can't wait to download and play this on my ipad! that trailer is great, who is that duded at the end??? 😀

  • paulkolin86

    Who said it was the weakest episode? It's the best episode so far! I've just finished it and am gonna replay it now using other choices 😉 Btw. Telltale make it quick with this episode, did't they? 😉 hope we'll not have to wait long for the last one.

  • SourceFox

    naaah, I think the 2nd one was the best and this is my second favorite episode. But nothing weak about. c'mon, what is more brilliant than human-flesh-eating-non-zombie-humans in the middle of a god damn zombie apocalypse? I mean, FFS 😀 who could have seen that coming ;D