A little over a year ago, Madfinger Games released a gorgeous, cover-based 3rd-person shooter called Shadowgun [$4.99] to the App Store. As I mentioned, it was a visually stunning game, and looked like it could be the iOS equivelant of Microsoft's Gears of War. However, the gameplay wasn't quite up to snuff, with repetitive design and a lackluster enemy AI, things we noted in our review.

To be fair Shadowgun did improve with updates following its release, and though it never did seem to fully fulfill its potential it did attract a pretty dedicated following of fans. In addition, almost immediately after launch, Madfinger started teasing the possibilities of online multiplayer coming to the game, though there was no specific timeline for it to actually materialize.

Then things went a bit quiet on the Shadowgun multiplayer front for a while, but today Madfinger has announced that Shadowgun: Deadzone, a separate standalone version of Shadowgun with online multiplayer, is finally finished and will be launching next week. Here's a new trailer.

Shadowgun: Deadzone will feature several different classes to play as, 6 multiplayer maps, and 2 game types: Deathmatch and Zone Control. It will be free to download and play with an IAP system, and I'm definitely curious to see how that is implemented. My instincts tell me it will probably be along the lines of Dead Trigger [Free], Madfinger's (also gorgeous) freemium zombie shooter.

We're definitely interested to check it out, and we'll have more on Shadowgun: Deadzone when it launches next week. Until then hit up our forums for some discussion on the game.

  • willoc

    Can't wait for this!!!!


    Meh. Tbh I had my fill of Madfinger freemiums with Dead Trigger.

  • frdv

    Shadowgun is a great game (good looking and good controllers).

  • Firetruck94

    Will this run on iPod 4g?

  • just0

    Sweeeet!! I liked this game when it originally came out. Multiplayer will be fun!!

  • NPeart

    If theres gyro aiming, I might try it.

  • Maple_Corn

    I wish they'd add a horde mode like co-op zombies with objectives :/

  • Akiratech

    I agree with the post above they might well go all in on the "gears" premise

  • dariusjr98

    I was super excited, but as soon as I saw "free to play," I knew this game would be IAP hungry. What a huge disappointment...I don't plan on getting it anymore.

  • wingz

    Crash attack!!!

  • athbarooh


  • Johnny101

    I don't have a problem paying a few dollars of IAP for a Madfinger game. Their games are of high quality and to support a dev that puts out the nicest graphics on iOS is fine with me.

    Dead trigger was an example of freemium done right with IAP not being a hindrance on gameplay. If they follow that format with Shadowgun Deadzone then it will work.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CTYGR5S62MC5LSJLJ3IATQ5RKE darwin

    WTF this should be free like dead trigger and the items can be paid in cash..

    • wildperson

      Yeah...did you even watch the trailer?

  • BigBoner11

    I never paid for any purchases on Dead Trigger. I used Tapjoy to get all the gold I wanted.

  • wim

    Wer is the game??

    • david ngo

      I think it's coming out tonight hopefully

  • Respeto12

    Wers the game