Fans of Starfox or just very pretty space shooters are in for a treat as Brad and I sit down with Arc Squadron, the new release from Psyonix. Unfortunately, there is no annoying frog incessantly whining or a bunny rabbit yelling at you to "do a barrel roll!" Oh wait, did I say unfortunately? I meant fortunately.

While the surface similarities are there with a game like Starfox, Arc Squadron is very much its own thing, and it's also very good based on my time with it. You can do barrel rolls, and the control scheme is a very clever and intuitive touch-based one that gives you a very hands-on feel with your ship, and also allows you to make quick reactions to the bullets or general space debris that might will definitely end up in your path.

Arc Squadron looks absolutely fantastic, and more importantly it's a lot of fun. Plus it appears to have a whole lot of content to play through. It should be hitting with tonight releases, so be sure to check it out when it finally barrel rolls into the App Store.

  • Karzay

    I'm sold. I want this!

  • Decaf Table

    I'm really digging this game. I generally shy away from space adventures because of complex and confusing angles while flying. This game simplifies all that with a solid camera and intuitive controls.

  • Nicholas Yu

    My condolences on watching the Wing Commander movie. I actually spent money on a date to see it in the theater, so I guess that's one step worse. I think Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, and, of course, Falco added a lot of extra character to the Star Fox games, especially before voiceovers, when Slippy's voice was just, "blip blip blop blip blup." Even without wingmates like that, though, I am very much looking forward to this game.

  • Professionalbum

    Great video and I'm sold also; just a question for you Jared. Did your fingers get in the way of the action since its swipe based(I hope that's the right way to say that)?

    • PsyonixCorey

      I'm not sure our tutorial made it clear enough, but you don't have to actually touch the plane to play - you can swipe any part of the screen with the same effect on the ship's movement.  I tend to use the area below the ship as my "swipe zone" to flick the plane around and avoid obscuring anything.

      You can also crank the sensitivity and use your thumb in the corner, more like a traditional virtual joystick control scheme, but you'll still need to tap enemies to fire secondary weapons.

      • nomster

        Can you choose manual fire - so it doesn't automatically fire when guide gets over a target?

        I like to feel I'm the one choosing to shoot down enemies - not just doing the steering.

      • PsyonixCorey

        No, the game is built and balanced around autofire, and taps trigger secondary weapons like homing missiles.  I get what you're saying, it just didn't make sense for our design or controls.

      • François

        Thanks for pointing this out. I would not have bought this otherwise, as I would have waited for an eventual "okay, we hear you, here's an update with a virtual thumb pad" update to kick. Looks like now I can get in on US launch 🙂

  • angel841


  • Metal Jesus Rocks

    Looks super-fun!

  • presto77

    Reminds me of the gummi ship missions in kingdom hearts which SqE should get on and make an iOS game for. As long as the initial cost isn't too much I'm all for this! Looks like a lot of fun.

    • ducksFANjason

      I'd be down with a Kingdom Hearts gummi ship game! Though, to be honest, I'd more prefer to see Chain of Memories on iOS (I'm probably in the minority as one of the few who loved that game). Aahhhh... I miss the GBA sometimes

  • MidianGTX

    I knew without watching that you wouldn't -actually- be able to do a barrel roll.

    • Brian Collins

      Huh?  Jared barrel rolls in the endless level and there's another gameplay trailer that shows the ship barrel rolling...

  • DwayneW

    This is great because, I loved the living hell out of Star Battalion, but there is no HD version which I would have purchased in a heart beat, but that game is long in the tooth now and we have this. Speaking of which, isn't it time for a Star Battalion 2? 3D vehicle games (can and in most cases "do") look great on iOS. Looking forward to more Arc Squadron, I'm picking this up, it's like Christmas around here in iPhone land, seriously.

  • Cartílago Jlch

    I kind of like the game, what I can't stand is the reviewers, they are annoying as hell.