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TA Plays: ‘Arc Squadron’ – A Gorgeous, Starfox-inspired Space Shooter

Fans of Starfox or just very pretty space shooters are in for a treat as Brad and I sit down with Arc Squadron, the new release from Psyonix. Unfortunately, there is no annoying frog incessantly whining or a bunny rabbit yelling at you to “do a barrel roll!" Oh wait, did I say unfortunately? I meant fortunately.

While the surface similarities are there with a game like Starfox, Arc Squadron is very much its own thing, and it’s also very good based on my time with it. You can do barrel rolls, and the control scheme is a very clever and intuitive touch-based one that gives you a very hands-on feel with your ship, and also allows you to make quick reactions to the bullets or general space debris that might will definitely end up in your path.

Arc Squadron looks absolutely fantastic, and more importantly it’s a lot of fun. Plus it appears to have a whole lot of content to play through. It should be hitting with tonight releases, so be sure to check it out when it finally barrel rolls into the App Store.