Earlier this September, we chatted with David L. Hoyt his then upcoming iPad game, Word Winder. He shared a lot about the project and, in the process, we got a taste of what's to come. Now, we can see first-hand. Word Winder for iPad is now out on the App Store as a free download with IAP puzzle collection offerings.

As you'll see in the trailer we've included in this post, Word Winder has several modes of play, including a couple of pass-and-play modes. For the most part, the game appears to be heavily informed by Hoyt's work in the newspaper space. Finder, for example, is a Crossword meets Word Clue game. Another mode, Frenzy, involves finding words on a standard grid, except with a timer counting down in the background.

We're told that an iPhone version of the game is in the pipe and should be available in a couple of weeks, in case you're curious.

Anyway, it's neat to see the game in action, especially after our talk about how tablets are now informing Hoyt's work as a designer. You can still give that podcast a listen if you'd like. It was a cool conversation that explored the struggles of newspapers, as well as Hoyt's passion as an artist.

  • Scape3d

    iPad only game? Don't care then.

    • Jamie Churchman

      Hey, maybe we'll all chip in and get you one. Because we care about you.

      Also, every time I skim read an article and see the words 'so and so informs blahs design' I quickly scroll back to the top to check its written by Brad. And I'm never ever disappointed.

      • rpgmind

        You squeezed two jokes in there, nice work.

      • Jamie Churchman

        I just couldn't let either of them rest

  • Professionalbum

    Great title for any word puzzler fan. And the IAP are reasonable if you want to have a variety of certain games. And it's FREE!