Apple has a "little more" to show members of the media as invites for an event scheduled for the 23rd are being blasted off to relevant members of the press. It's widely expected that Apple will be revealing a smaller-screened iPad that the internet largely has dubbed the "iPad Mini." Additionally, rumors have been circulating that we might see a slightly revised version of the iPad that swaps the dock port for the new Lightning port found on the iPhone 5. On the non-iOS front, there are strong signals we'll also be seeing updated iMacs, Mac Minis, and a 13" Retina Display MacBook Pro, although it remains to be seen if these will be featured at the keynote or just stealthily be pushed to Apple's web site.

Oddly enough, actual leaks of parts for the iPad Mini have been few and far between compared to the iPhone 5 which we practically knew everything about before the keynote even started. About the strongest thing we have to go off right now is some leaked part numbers which reveal potentially 24 variations of new products from Apple.

Either way, we'll know next week!

  • ImJPaul

    If this doesn't bring infinity blade dungeons I will be severely pissed.

  • JPhilipp

    I had the first Galaxy Tab which was somewhere between iPhone and iPad, size wise, but I rarely found a reason to take it -- too big for the pocket, and irrelevant if I brought a bag (because then the iPad would fit). We'll see where this one fits in everyday usage! Perhaps if Apple gives us moving color e-ink, we can use it to replace our bookshelf 🙂

  • Kevin Edward Stuckey

    I think "little" refers to the little products coming out: the little iPad mini, the little Mac mini and the little (or smaller) 13" Macbook Pro with Retina. 🙂

    • mudd

      If that's the case, I hope there will be a group of mini foo fighters performing a very short set.

    • Apache7X

      Hopefully the 13' Retina MBP has something more than integrated graphics...

  • Noam Rathaus

    An iPad mini, oh wow didn't see that coming! evil grin 

  • B30

    Hopefully they'll announce a new iMac. It's about time, Apple!!!

  • Danny Perskinstein

    I hope they only announce 13" retina MacBook Pros, if only to spite the media.

  • mindseyes

    I think the newer iPad mini will be a lot better for gaming. I have the iPad 2 now and ya the screen is amazing bung so big but it's also a little too big for some games. Like when your using the iPad to turn on a driving game it's a little bulky. I think a new smaller iPad with more memory will be easier to travel with and it will be bigger then my iPhone 5 so the gaming looks best. The iPad is great how it is if you watch TV or your cable thought it but for gaming smaller and easier to control be awesome.

    • ImJPaul

      It's most likely gonna be a budget tablet. So chances are it will be a downgrade from your iPad 2.

  • nselect

    iTunes 11 seems forgotten! I wonder if they'll release it at this event.

  • DA_iv

    It'll be interesting to find out in what way the dimensions of the proposed iPad Mini had changed that prompted one case maker to halt production. The rumours are that it's a shrunken iPad 2, but could they have taken a leaf out of the iPhone 5's book and made it widescreen?

  • WeMeet

    An a6 chip for all the gamers plz
    Modern Combat 3 will knock ur socks off!

    • themostunclean

      Most rumors report an A5 or lower. It's going to have less power than an iPad 2 so it definitely will not be a step up for gaming. It's being designed to compete with "budget tabs" so anyone with a real iPad will probably be best off avoiding this and anyone without should just save up an extra $99 and get an iPad 2.

  • dubsp

    If apple comes out with iPad mini, this 3rd gen iPad I have will be the last purchase I make with apple. It's just too much, you don't have to saturate every market. Steve jobs said in a news article that he wouldn't make a mini, if Tim Cook goes against his wishes then I can't respect or purchase anything more from the company. Let some other companies get a share of the market that is tablets.