One minute spent with God of Blades [Free] and it's clear that it isn't the most mechanically complex or the tightest side-scrolling hack-and-slash out there. Its biggest problem is its scenario design, which is ignorant of how floaty the core combat feels. Boss fights in particular are too technical and desire a level of mastery impossible to summon given how your guy kinda glides and bounces through the battlefield.

But what God of Blades lacks in functional mechanical sizzle, it makes up for threefold with amazing art and sound direction. The tortured, veiny world the art conjures and the surreal music it uses to bolster its paranoid sci-fi vibe are both riveting aspects that suck you into a surreal universe and refuse to let go.

In short, God of Blades is one of those style over substance games in which the creative elements manage to trump everything else. Its ability to consistently deliver the exotic and bizarre pays off; its curiosities are the engaging thing here, the mechanics are an oddly secondary kind of thing.

And it all begins with a shot of the cosmos. Strange, synthesized sounds burp out of the speaker as you're alerted to the fact that a "Black Wind" has returned. Worlds are being thrust into void, the "Great Doom" is upon the universe. You, a carrion king who was once a great Hero, are tasked with annihilating this evil.

Boiling down the action, God of Blades is a 2D fighter with an auto-run mechanic. The auto running is nice because it leaves you to focus on the micro-managing of the upswings, the downswings, the spinning slashes, and the parries that compose the swipe-based swordplay component.

Presumably, the combat was intended to deliver on a rock, paper, scissors style of brawling. Enemies rush you from right to left, telegraphing swings that you should be able to counter by picking the opposite swing. In the first couple of chapters, enemies tend to be merely freakish fodder, easily cleaved through with one or two swings.

This is actually where the fighting feels the best. In these initial stages it's a game more about spacing instead of raw, technical skill. If you set up attacks as dudes rush into the picture, you'll slice through them cleanly and continue to run without a hitch.

It's in these moments that the combat feels almost rhythm-like. You're swiping out a song of woe in perfect time with a combat beat, your swings the notes and death the verse. But later the combat starts trying to be too technical, and it stumbles for it. It introduces enemies that require specific parries and swings, which would be fine if the combat felt tight. But the Nameless King swings his sword sullenly. He also bounces off enemies' gigantic hit boxes, knocking him backwards and out of range. Never sure if you'll connect, you swing wildly. So will the opponent.

It's at this point that you'll start realizing that God of Blades is missing frames of needed animation to pull off moves precisely as it seems to want you to. And that's not to mention that the King glides as opposed to "runs." He has a floaty kind of feel that doesn't cooperate with the game's increasingly rigid combat structure.

What helps mitigate these moments of frustration is an endless mode, which sort of gives you the ability to really nail down how you need to approach each new foe. Also, a sword upgrade doesn't hurt. As you play in the campaign, you'll unlock faster, heavier, shorter, and longer swords. Each seems to be poison to a specific enemy type.

But here's the thing: even when the game isn't clicking, the theme, story, and visuals more than make up for it.

God of Blades tells a pulpy story made tonally interesting thanks to meaty word choices that jive with an overall haunting vibe. Pall, devouring, succor, howling -- these are the words that creator White Whale Games chooses to use to describe the universe, and it works well.

Exotic and progressive are a couple we'll use to describe the dreamscapes, which look a little something like 1970s fantasy book cover art come to life. The monsters are horrifically realized, often engorged with the bizarre musculature you'd see in Conan books. The wicked worlds you'll run across are disheveled things rife with signs of delusional punishments and life that keep you looking around and playing. And the color scheme used is grippingly unusual, sparkling with shades of greens and purples that you straight-up never see in video games.

Joining these delightfully wretched dreamscapes is a soundtrack that draws from 1970s synth-pop. Specifically, the audio captures that paranoid and dark sci-fi feel that Tubeway Army managed to capture so well with the album Replicas. This is an intensely cool creative choice that works well.

Combined, you get an interesting universe that pulls quite a bit of the load. This thing is packed with the strange and freakish, all held together tonally by sharp writing and delightfully odd sounds. You can't help but want to look around the next corner, even if it contains another enemy that may have you fumbling.

So, yeah, looking strictly at its mechanical core, God of Blades isn't always that kind of satisfying hack-and-slash that it wants to be. But it doesn't matter. The universe is too strong. The distinctive sights and sounds are worth the effort.

TouchArcade Rating

  • Dorfdad

    I don't see how this game could be a 5/5 at all. Im not saying it's bad. However it's repetitive as hell. You guys are getting way to easy on these developers. This is a 3.5 maybe 4 but no way a 5/5 for me.. Ill respect your opinion but lets save 5/5 for truly unique and wonderful gaming experiences.

    • drkhrse

      completely agree. not really sure how it can be a 5 star game if their are as many issues with the controls as the writer suggests.

    • Eli Hodapp

      "lets save 5/5 for truly unique and wonderful gaming experiences."

      Congratulations, you just described God of Blades!

      • Dorfdad

        Lets just agree to disagree than. I have and played the game and while it was fun initially it gets way to repetitive and the controls are wonky for a 5/5. Sure looks good and nice animations but for $3.00 I would wait for some patches..

      • Klas Segeljakt

        Artwork deserves 5/5, gameplay - not so much.

      • Klas Segeljakt

        scores are totally arbitrary though

      • TheShahnameh

        You lost me at the words "auto-runner". Ugh.

    • Schuyler

      I've never understood complaints about such subtle shades of review "scoring" because I don't think I've ever met two people who like any one piece of art or media property exactly the same amount as each other. Perhaps it is a 3.5 or a 4 for you, but you are one person; Brad Nicholson is another. I'm sure there are games that you would give a 5 and he would give a 3.5 or a 4.

      • Karzay

        Good point. Brad seems to like auto-run, hack-and-slash games, and doesn't seem to mind repetitive gameplay in a genre he enjoys. Readers should adjust their expectations based on what they know about the reviewer.

        I tend to agree more with Nissa's opinion on games. I wonder how hard would it be to get a star rating from other writers on staff at the bottom of a review? Even if they don't write anything about the game.

        That's actually the main reason I read the comments, is to see a difference in opinion. Although, I don't have time to familiarize myself with every random person who comments.

      • drkhrse

        I like those types of games too, but reading through his review I definitely did not get the feeling that it was going to end up getting 5 stars. That was the confusing part of it all.

      • defred34

        Any chance something we don't about about is going on? The review tone doesn't tally with a 5/5 for sure. Nor does the game in any way.

      • kendahlj

        I'd agree...he sure had a lot of criticisms for a five star game.

      • BadBotGames

        It's pretty cool that TA readers support the reviewers this much. It seems like reviewers enjoy the production values and art & cool levels that add depth & make the repetitive gameplay enjoyable. Just my 2 cents

      • Tof Eklund

        Hi Karzay. Speaking as a reviewer, I agonize a LOT over how many stars to give a game, and I don't want to have to try to do so for games I haven't spent serious time with. Having multiple reviewers give their ratings is a cool idea, but I don't think it's reasonably possible.

      • Nicholas Yu

        This is the most thoughtful comment I have seen in this thread. As with movies, I look for a reviewer whose tastes jive with mine.

  • ImJPaul

    Can't wait to go home and play this all day before the Ravens game.

    • McCREE's called the Browns game. Duh. 😉

      • ImJPaul

        We call it "Brown Beatdown" here in Baltimore since that's what happens every time. Also, I don't think the games controls are all that bad. Just got to become familiar with them.

  • monsieurfreeze

    My iPhone 5's screen is not happy with this short screen ... I hope they will fix it up soon

    • Jo Lammert

      It will be fixed *very* soon! 

    • Jacob Reese

      Yes, I'm waiting to buy once updated for the a 4" screen. Don't see why games even launch without 4" screen optimization post release of the iphone 5. 

      • Garrett Granger

         It's been *one* week. I don't see why gamers even post ridiculously short-sighted comments that don't take into account the cash flow requirements of businesses post release of critical thinking.

  • exosyn

    Let me repetivly press one button, brilliant! now lets give it a great review for the artwork. If i wanted to look at good artwork i would go to a art gallery or browse devient art, if i want enjoyable gameplay i will play something other than this game. 35 at best.

    • Schuyler

       Yes, it's true- Diablo II did get some amazingly favorable reviews.

      • exosyn

        Really comparing this to diablo 2? best joke ive heard today.

    • defred34

      Hell yeah. That's one inherant flaw in TA's review rating system - they give a game how much they 'feel' like giving. Bah. Do a breakdown - gameplay, graphics, sound, controls etc.

      • Schuyler

         "That's one inherant flaw in TA's review rating system - they give a game how much they 'feel' like giving."

        That's a flaw?!

      • awp69

        It seems most iOS sites are this way in terms of just giving one overall score. While I don't always agree with IGN's reviews either, I do like that they break down things. Seems like this would easily get a 5/5 on "presentation", but based on what is said in the review, I'd expect a gameplay score would be lower.

        But I take every review for what they're worth, one man's opinion and definately worth considering in a purchase, but don't rely solely on it.

    • soldat7

      Like Rayman Jungle Run

  • bradnicholson


    • exosyn

      Lol, yes,but i really dont understand your love for this game.

  • defred34

    Well, I sure as hell can say this game doesn't deserve 5 stars. It is good, but no where near great. As nice as it looks, it is repetitive. I zombie-d through two worlds without any challenge whatsoever. With some fine-tuning, it could get a 4, maybe 4.5 but for now it is a strong 3.5 for me. You can read my impressions on the forum thread.

  • rco

    Wait, I'm confused -- is this a five star game, or is it a game with serious control problems? I appreciate that different reviewers will value different things in a game, but you can't spend a bunch of time in your review bashing a really important aspect of the game, the conclude by saying "5 stars, it's perfect!" That's just inconsistent.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Can you link to where we've ever qualified our review ratings with some sort of metric where we mention that a game that has five stars can't have any flaws?

      • exosyn

        Eli why do you feel the need to defend this game and the 55 review so hard?this game is not by any means, were you guys paid off by the developerer or have all the gameplaying and reviews got to you? This is by no means a 5 star game sand it shows by all of the touch arcade fans rating it
        Lower, when one of of a dozen think its bad its not the 11 that are wrong its the 1. You guys are usually spot on but defending a game that is obviously not 5 stars is putting a very sour taste in my ability to take your reviews seriously.

      • Tony Arechiga

        this game was made by 3 people. 🙂
        They dont have the funds to be paying off people.

      • Eli Hodapp

        I've literally posted two comments (three counting this one), neither of which are defending anything other than reason and common sense. If you can't comprehend the fact that reviews are subjective pieces of opinion-based editorial, I can't take your comments seriously.

        It works both ways. 🙂

      • nintendude794

        A somewhat silly example, but say you write an in-depth restaurant review for Yelp! or Google Maps. You could explain why you love it and why readers might or might not. But 5 stars is a shorthand for YOU SIMPLY MUST EAT HERE BEFORE YOU DIE. And 4 is merely Great or Highly Recommended. Such a massive leap between two adjacent ratings which I understand is dumb (What's the difference between an 8.8 and a 9.1, IGN?), but has always been a glaring problem with games media (and games media READERS, with attention spans too short for actually reading, or so it is everywhere implied).

      • Jared Nelson

        It's super weird that you have nothing better to do than leave a bunch of comments on a two year old review.

      • nintendude794

        oMyGosh, iKnowRight?!

      • nintendude794

        In hopes that either of you might deign a sincerious and thoughtful response!

      • nintendude794

        I loved listening until Brad (I think?) left and it got boring, and depressing. Speaking of nothing better to do. *continues listening anyway*

      • nintendude794

        OH, and weirder still how eager you were to retort! ;P

      • Sean Yuan



      • nintendude794

        In our industry, it is widely understood that 'perfect' review 'scores' are reserved only for the most transcendent or perfectly realized gaming experiences. God Of Blades is not one such experience.

  • GSJ1977

    TA star scores are just all over the place. Fortunately the written reviews do tell me what I need to know. In this case, not to buy.

    What is slightly annoying about TA's random star generator is that, if you want to find great games that you missed in the past, searching the "Top Reviews" section of the TA app is completely pointless.

    • rpgmind

      Lol 'random star generator'

  • exosyn

    Are you really trying to imply that your (subjective,opinion based editorial reviews) arent open to critisism from others? and you were defending reason and common sence? you were paraphrasing small amounts of text from others (subjective, opinion based fan reviews) to continue to back the claim of it being a 5 star game when obviosly everyone other than touch arcade employes think otherwise. I agree it does work both ways, you expect us to take your opinion for what it is, then when we have one for ourselves it is quickly discredited. The only reason i think this is an issue is because as a top reviewer of mobile gaming you have power and sway to influence others with your opinions more heavily, and should have a bit more of a bottomline in that aspect. At the end of it all if you like the game than you like the game but there should be some sort of standard other than ( i like auto runners,it has wonky controls, but i can over look that cause i like auto runners). You will no doubtably have some snazy editorial responce to this and thats fine im done, but you cant expect your reviews to be the end all to be all since they are infact ( subjective, opinion based reviews) . Derp

    • Eli Hodapp

      "to continue to back the claim of it being a 5 star game when obviosly everyone other than touch arcade employes think otherwise."

      148 Apps, 4.5/5 -
      Edge Magazine, 8/10 -
      Gamezebo, 4.5/5 -
      AppSpy, 5/5 -
      TouchArcade, 5/5 -

      Metacritic hasn't indexed this yet since it's such a new game, but given the outlets that have reviewed this game so far it'd have a metascore of 92.

      • exosyn

        Hahahaah you try so hard and completely missed the point. Cheers

      • Himmat Singh

        I find it hard to stomach the fact that iOS review sites give out 5/5 ratings as often as it rains in a tropical country (which is like...fairly often!). I honestly think that no game should ever get 5/5...unless it is epic in EVERY way possible. iOS gaming sites give out 4/5 or higher like 80% of the time. Which means getting 4/5 now is looked at as 'normal'. To me, 2.5 being an average game, 3 above average, 3.5 good, 4 is very good, 4.5 is great and 5 is magnificeintly brillent. 

      • Nicholas Chan


    • Jared Nelson

      There is a difference between having your own opinion that differs from the review, and flat out saying someone's review is "wrong"

      You are doing the latter.

      • exosyn

        Far from it. I stated my opinion above as did others only to be told that were idiots cause we have different views, and that reviews are subjctive a fact taht is well known. The point is is that you reviewers cant take critisism on your opinion then feel the need to bash ours. Its a doubble edged sword. Not to mention i thought this would be an open forum for fans of games to discuss there views without being bashed or told that there opinion is crap by reviewers. Get over yourselves, seriously.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Can you quote specifically where you were called an idiot or were bashed?

      • Jared Nelson

        Luckily I didn't have to go very far to quote you.

        "...were you guys paid off by the developerer or have all the gameplaying and reviews got to you? This is by no means a 5 star game sand it shows by all of the touch arcade fans rating it Lower, when one of of a dozen think its bad its not the 11 that are wrong its the 1. You guys are usually spot on but defending a game that is obviously not 5 stars is putting a very sour taste in my ability to take your reviews seriously."So, beyond the fact that you accuse us of being paid off by a 3-person indie developer that can probably just barely afford their weekly allotment of ramen noodles, you also tell us that our opinion that this is a 5 star game is wrong, TWICE in the same paragraph.To recap the lesson for you, stating an opinion like "I don't believe this game is 5 stars" is pretty different than stating an absolute like "this game is not 5 stars"So no, it's not "far from it" and it's pretty unreasonable for you to think that you're allowed to attack us and lob false accusations and expect us to just sit there and take it. Would you?

      • exosyn

        You still dont get it.
        1. You must have bad comprehesion skills the first two lines of what you quoted have ? which means they were questions not accusations.
        2. Exactly as you stated your reviews are opinion based, so why am i not allowed to have my opinion?
        3. The only people in this thread who think ( there opinion) the game is 5 stars are TA staff and one other individual, and thats fine, but after every non 5 star review by a reader you and your team feel the need to tell us again why its is 5 stars and arbitrarily tell us that our opinion means nothing.
        4. You also fail to quote the fact that i say i usually agree with your reviews and that i think you do a great job, i just have a different view(opinion) on this game as do others and have to hear how ( my opinion) is inaccurate everytime a post is made.
        So in closong teacher all i have learned today is that if any of your readers disagree with your (opinion) then we are wrong and cant express our views on your site with out you showing back up and trying to force feed us with what you have allready stated.

      • Jared Nelson

        Oh please, it's not that hard to figure out. If you're a jerk to people that work their ass off to run a free website for you to read, they take offense to it.

        Don't play coy about your accusations. You know exactly what you were implying whether you phrased it as a question or not.

        Again, if you have a different opinion, that's fine. So does everybody. It's all about how you present it though, and you my friend come off as a jerk. Plain and simple.

      • exosyn

        Haha you must be a man child, you now resort to name calling, great way to prove your invalid point. I must have really pushed your button hard, get back to me when you clean the sand out of your vagina.

      • mikeg1234

        I think it would be you that needs to do a fair amount of cleaning... Seriously.

      • Jared Nelson

        Haha, funny as you sit there and call me an assortment of names. You're just proving my point for me.

        Anyway, it's cool, you just can't deal with the fact that you conveyed your own opinion in a rude way and got called out for it.

      • exosyn

        I could eat a can of alpabet soup, and sit a better argument than that.

      • Jared Nelson

        Well, that's not actually a coherent sentence, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say. But anyway, be my guest! Please explain why it's ok to be rude and dismissive in a comment thread.

      • exosyn

        That was my question to you from the very start? If you follow the time line of this cooment thread you will see that. My original intrnt is to find out why you think itsbokay to dismis fan input that isnt agrreable to your views. I was not rude to anyone untill i was attacked by the review team for my opinion. And on a side note if you guys fixed the reply area on mobile i could actually see and correct what im typing.

      • Jared Nelson

        Exactly, read the timeline. None of us replied to your original comment. YOU replied to one of Eli's comments first. You know, that comment where you implied this was a paid review and stated you can't take our reviews seriously?

        Remember that comment?

        So yeah, I'm sure you can see why somebody might react negatively to that.

        Nobody from TA even responded to you until you replied to one of us in a condescending way first. Let alone called you an idiot or tried to argue with your opinion of this game. It's all right here man, check your facts next time.

        If you had just left your first comment this whole argument wouldn't have happened. But NOOOOOO you had to jump on Eli's case first, in a conversation you weren't even a part of.

        Do you finally see what I'm saying or are you going to try and back pedal some more?

      • GSJ1977

        Surprised to see you falling for this, Jared.

  • Greg Bereiter

    Man this is not a site that takes criticism well. Apparently a review that mentions broken controls in every other paragraph that ends with a perfect score makes sense to two people and the rest of the world is just idiots. I would have thought that maybe emphasizing the positive aspects of the game a little more would be more appropriate for a five-star review but I guess me and the rest of the internet is wrong.

    • Eli Hodapp

      You'll notice that the only people who are claiming that opinions are or even can be "wrong" are "the rest of the internet" which apparently only includes people in this comment thread that dislike God of Blades. 😉

      • exosyn

        Your not clever, who ever told you that you were lied.

    • Jared Nelson

      It's not about not taking criticism, it's about the way people phrase their criticism. As in, "this game is NOT 5 stars you are wrong."

      People say all the time how they just want honest reviews, but when a reviewer's honest opinion doesn't jive with their own they throw a fit. By your comment you would rather have a review based on a crowd-sourced opinion rather than what the reviewer themselves actually think. That's called Metacritic and we don't do that here.  

      By the way, this game has received nearly flawless scores from all the major outlets, so I'm not sure where you're getting this "rest of the world" from.

      • Klasus

        You have the right to state your opinion but you can't expect people to respect it.

      • Nestor Fenoy

        Actually, you have the right to state your opinion and you SHOULD expect others to respect it... Just like you should be mature enough to respect everybody else's. About the only thing you can't do is expect everyone else to agree with you, but some people here don't seem to understand that.

  • GiHubb

    A game that has so many flaws, is repetitive and gets dull very fast, in no way can it deserve a perfect score. I've always felt that although I enjoy TA a lot, it and other mobile review sites are way too easy with their scores. I always felt the PC/console review sites (gamespot, giantbomb, IGN, GT, etc) are not so generous with their ratings. As a result I trust their reviews more. I guess most you mobile reviewers are easily pleased. But c'mon, seriously? A perfect score for this?? I'd expect a game to be close to perfect to get a perfect score, not just have good art and music. Playing a game for 20 minutes and then being done with it forever (as I see it), is not something which is even close to a perfect score. And I think it is quite clear someone can be wrong in giving a perfect score to a game which he clearly says is not perfect. This is not a matter of opinion. A perfect score should be reserved to flawless victories, to games which are close to perfection, otherwise your star ratings are just meaningless.

  • Patrick Neef

    People should learn to read and be tolerant of other people's opinion. "Flaws" don't mean that the game has broken controls, and the reviewer clearly stated why he thinks that other aspects of the game (graphics, atmosphere) make up for some shortcomings. If people think different, you know what? That's fine. I could name a dozen games that are 5/5 to me and in the same breath list all of their flaws. If I think about it, I can't remember a single absolute perfect game, but I remember a lot of excellent ones that struck a chord with me, although some gaming elements were far from perfect. To name a few: Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 1, Kingdom Rush, Tiny Wings, Wind-up Knight...I could go on forever.

  • Plang Fu

    I think part of the problem here is that star ratings have to be taken in the context of a recommendation not a report card. That already (rightly) dispels the notion of "perfection", which is subjective and not something you should ever expect to be anecdotally "correct" anyway.

    So, despite criticisms, the game is HIGHLY recommended, is I guess what's happening here.

    That said, I too would love to see how certain breakdowns could make it easier to find stuff on TA. Say I could search by top gameplay, or top graphics, or top sound. And more detailed gameplay-genre tags would be cool too.

  • John Newton

    I think it looks great. Not sure why theres so many people upset over the 5 star rating. If it was a hundered dollar game with a 5 star rating Id be expecting perfection, but serioulsy cmon.  A 3 buck game with beautiful stylings like this needs the 5 star to be elevated over the "noise" in the app store.  I think its important to send a clear signal to devs that their is indeed a demand for creativity such as this game has.
    Maybe Im alone on this but Ive never expected a 5 star game in the ios store at the current pricing strategy to be flawlewss, just highly worth considering.

    • Jared Nelson

      Thank you for "getting" it 🙂

  • lr1919

    I hate it when people review reviews. Just read the review and move on.

  • Lazy_Ekans

    From just watching the gameplay It didn't click for me, I think I need a demo to decide, because I love games like Zeno Clash for their worlds and I want to love this game.

    • Lazy_Ekans

      So I downloaded the game and am in love with it. Probably one of my favorite games this year and I can barely put into words why I enjoy it so much. I wouldn't recommend it to those that buy only the 'best' iOS games, but it is one of my favorites.

  • TooMassive

    The problem is the review text does not match the 5 stars. I was expecting a 3 or 4 star after reading the text and the numerous control issues. Basically, the reviewer didn't convince the readers why a game with those problems merit 5 stars. So don't blame the readers, blame yourselves for a very confusing review. And try not to be so thin-skinned and defensive. Perhaps the criticisms have some merit.

    • jcifrit

      ^ this
      After reading the first paragraph (and a few throughout) I had to wonder if the star rating was a mistake

  • RedHoplite

    I got this game cause it reminds me a lot of shadow of the beast...and it's true that graphically it's very similar and also the atmosphere and music remind s one of that game too...
    As for the controls I find them great? The game is nice to play and it very strongly emphasis is on rhythm rather than hacking madly and I like that.
    For me guys it definitely deserves an excellent and hope developers make more games like this...and it definitely deserves my....1.90 !!, honestly guys is this even money were talking about to moan about a game so badly?

  • RedHoplite

    Sorry 1.99

  • HandsomeDan

    I thought Brad was very clear in his review that the aesthetic of the game made up for any control issues. In his mind that made the game a 5/5. I'd tend to agree. This is easily a 5/5, just wanted to throw my hat in support of the original review.

  • FookedonHonix

    Even bad media is good media. This controversy will surely elevate sales. People
    will want to know what all the fuss is about. I haven’t gotten the game yet, but sounds like it is original and unique artistically. Will wait for it to go on sale. I just got the latest Batman for 99cents.

  • dekrock69

    Top game if it didn't keep crashing .Get it patched.

  • Roland1580

    thanks for the great game, guys
    visual style + sound design + atmosphere = great

  • banjankri

    Ratings are subjective to the point of uselessness -

    That said, I like the way that IGN offers ratings on elements. A game like this might be a 5/5 on visual style and or audio, but it sure looks 2/5 on gameplay and the review suggests 3/5 on control.

  • iqSoup

    WOW!!!  Some people are taking video game reviews a little to seriously...  The point of a review is to help you know if you should buy it or not.  Part of what goes into that might be what rating the AUTHOR gives it, but you should also consider the style of the game, its good elements, its flaws etc.  I think Brad's review does a great job addressing all of these important areas.  Obviously this game isn't for everone--no game is--but this review should do a good job letting you know if this game might be something you'll like.  That is the point of a review--not to scientifically determine a magic number that will tell everyone exactly everything they need to know about the game.

  • mcamp

    Five stars?! Seriously? Maybe if the guy were pink, but he's not; he's blue. If dude were pink, I could see giving this five stars. But blue, this is a 4, maybe 4.5 at best if I've had two good poops that day and am in a good mood.

  • Eli Hodapp
  • andreassweden

    I just finished this now. Downloaded yesterday. A couple hours campaign? Realy?

  • Nicholas Chan

    I seriously thing toucharcade was paid by the developers to write a good review. This is the worst purchase I've ever did. I'll never trust a toucharcade review ever again.

  • nonstickron

    I suck so bad at this.

  • nintendude794

    Music's annoying and simple. Control and mechanics awful. I typically don't care about story, especially within mobile games. What does this game actually have going for it? When's the last time you played it, Eli?

    • Eli Hodapp

      Brad Nicholson wrote this review over two years ago.

      • nintendude794

        Aye, iNoticed!

  • nintendude794

    Whether you consider criticism capable of literature or simply an opportunity for consumer protection and advocacy, hiding a three or four star review under a five star recommendation is a disservice to those of us who rely on your numeric summations to compare and consider future purchases. The contradiction causes unnecessary confusion and disappointment.

  • nintendude794

    And "you can afford an iPhone, you can afford to waste a few more bucks" is a fallacy.

God of Blades Reviewed by Brad Nicholson on . Rating: 5