Neat: now you can do more stuff in The Simpsons: Tapped Out [Free]. Earlier the other afternoon EA rolled out the free-to-play game's first content update. A couple of new quests, some new decorations, a few new buildings, and a couple of new characters are now available to take on, buy, or interact with provided you download the update.

A full listing of the new content is available here. We hope you've got some leftover donuts. Or a lot of time on your hands. Or continued patience for The Simpsons brand of humor.

If you haven't seen Tapped Out, we've got your back. A couple of weeks ago, Eli and I decided to check the title out and see how quickly we could burn through ten bucks worth of donuts, the game's "control" currency. In the process, we learn a lot about the game. Chances are you will, too.

  • John DiBello

    Crashiest. Game. EVER.

  • Montgomery Gabrys

    You can stop shilling for EA now. Thanks.

  • subshell001

    the simpsons movie was absolutely terrible

  • HungarianUrinalCakes

    The Simpsons have been terrible since '99.

  • kart_racer3

    I thought the game was fun at first, until I realized the gameplay formula is: 1- send characters on quests, 2 - wait, 3 - collect reward, 4 - repeat. How is that supposed to be entertaining?

  • DeaconnFrost

    See I was actually pretty into this game for abut at launch. Then, after a few days of working on my town, the game crashed and I lost all of my progress. Wasted my time and money with the IAP's

    • Thomaas

       actually, you just got logged out. all you had to do was sign in. everything is stored with origin

  • tim240

    Download. Play. Delete. (30:00 min.)

  • DaBrain

    The game is not bad for those that like sims. EXCEPT EA servers. Stink. Therefore, i deleated it and do not recommend it. Typical EA style and it's cheaper buying real donuts at Krispy Cream!

  • Matúš Šimkovič

    I hop in once a day and I think its ok. The IAP are way too expensive and you can't get them just through playing. That sucks. 

  • nickmorgs

    Even the game sending itself up as a freemium farming game doesn't help.  I honestly thought they would do something clever and deliver some actual gameplay.

    Sadly, it is nothing but a farmville clone with a Simpsons skin.

  • Poach

    It was alright for a farming game if you are into that but I totally agree the servers sucked.  The game wouldn't connect if you left it running in the background and I recently had my game deleted because of server issues.

  • theundertow

    I actually played the bleep out of the game since "CrashFest" and being pulled from the store.

    If you linked to Origin, your town is still there probably - I couldn't log in 2/3rds of the time but once in a while it would go through.

    New character were sorely needed because it got even less interesting when you level'd and had everyone dressed up with no where to go.

  • Andrew Hamling

    Good video, but if you were really paying attention you would have noticed that out of the 144 donuts you started out with, you spent 82 donuts converting to 10,000 bucks. Then you end the video with 12,000 bucks, I don't think you needed to spend all those donuts on bucks. It feels like you are giving the wrong impression. You were only 200 bucks short on the first house and you bought 5,000 bucks for 41 donuts. Then you did it again later for no apparent reason toward the end of the video....

    Sure the game is repetitive, that's just about every game ever made. But if you enjoy what your doing, repetitiveness isn't a bad thing.

  • Yousif Fadhel

    android version please

  • David Marcus

    I lost everything... reinstalled.... grrr... any way to fix this?

  • Justsomebodyelse

    This is the worst, most uninformed, inane commentary I've ever seen. This is a sim game. Spend some time learning it before you review it. I've been playing for weeks and have a big city now with lots of characters. It's fun IF YOU LIKE SIM GAMES. Don't complain that it's "boring" because it's a sim. The goal is not to "burn through donuts in 10 minutes". It's to build a new Springfield.

    My only complaint about this game is that some things aren't available without buying donuts, because they're SO expensive. That definitely makes it a "freemium". However, if you play for awhile and build a big city,you appreciate the game, it's worth it. And I've played for over a month without spending a cent.

    Why I like this game: it's beautiful, so you can build an attractive city (tip: use water and put roads OVER water), the characters are familiar, the humor is fun, and you can check in every hour or two, tap a bit, and get back with life. It's not a game you sit with for hours on end; it's a game you play in small doses over time.

  • Steve Beaulieu

    You guys are horrible reviewers.  I say that with whatever respect is due, but you obviously aren't simpson's fans, and you aren't SIM-type game fans.  They did a great job.  You both admitted that you haven't watched the Simpsons in years - so why are you reviewing a game designed for simpsons fans?  

    The donuts are to buy premium items, not more green cash and not to speed up timers.

  • TaylorAnn Smith

    Add me! I play alllll day every day!

  • TaylorAnn Smith


  • Fxcabr

    Add me Italian021 I accept all no matter what