Yesterday, developer SoMoGa released Lunar Silver Star Story Touch [$6.99], a touch-centric iOS version of a classic RPG that originally graced the Sega CD and later made its way to the Sega Saturn and PlayStation systems. Impressions in our forums seem positive so far for this new release, especially if you have a nostalgic bone for the original versions in any way.

However, this isn’t SoMoGa’s first iOS release. Way, WAY back in July of 2008, they launched another port of a Sega CD RPG called Vay [$0.99], and for a limited time it’s now available for free to celebrate the release of Lunar.

Now, Vay was an old RPG to begin with, but SoMoGa did a great job at taking the original Saturn assets and wrapping them up in all the nice UI functionality that the iPhone offered. That said, it’s an old-school experience through and through, so probably will only appeal to a certain set of gamers. Also, it hasn’t been updated in quite some time so it’s missing some of the bells and whistles that you might expect from newer releases. Here's an original hands-on video we took of Vay when it first launched.

Still, despite its quirks, Vay is an awesome game if you like classic RPGs, and it’s a great game to have in your pocket. It’s always been $4.99 and this marks the first time ever it’s been on sale, so whether or not you will like it can easily be discovered risk-free by downloading it and trying it out for yourself. SoMoGa also hints that some update love might be in the works for Vay, so chances are it will be brought more up to date sometime down the line.

At any rate, it's a great freebie that you should jump on while you have the chance, and check out our original review for even more information on what Vay is all about.

  • Gamer_Kev

    Grabbed it this morning when I noticed it on Appshopper. Fun game and even though it's not native, it looks fine on the iPad. One thing I wish that you could just hold to move like most RPGs that use touch screen controls. Other than that though, it's a pretty decent game.

  • mikesiny89

    Not too fond of it. Didn't even make it out of the castle. Deleted.

  • DCver3

    This is crap if you've ever actually played and loved the original.

  • Kirsten McEvoy

    Not free in the UK 🙁

  • witedahlia

    I got it this morning and I'm actually really enjoying it. It's old school but the tap to walk thing really works on iOS. I just grabbed it because it was free and ended up playing it for a couple hours before I even noticed the time slipping by.

  • knowsnothing

    One dollar (¥6) in china app store 🙁

  • EricPlunk

    Looks like its a penny shy of a dollar here in the good ole' US of A.

  • saladfork

    Vay is garbage. It was garbage years ago when it was about the only RPG on iPhone. Avoid.

  • furushotakeru

    It was only free for a day, now it's $.99, still better than $4.99!

  • Gizmoe

    Not free in usa

    • jeffyg3

      It was free in the USA. U just missed the day it went free 🙁

      • Benjamin Palmer

        That was quick! I didn't buy yesterday figuring I'd get it tomorrow when the new phone arrived... oops. 

      • Bryan Jue

        Good lesson learned re: the app store. If its free, and you think it might be for a limited time (or even if you don't), get it immediately, since you can always redownload any apps you've purchased on any device you own.

  • Trevor & Marina Hayes

    Been emulating the original Vay for sega cd on my android phone for.months 🙂

    • Greyskull

      That's nice. But this is Touch Arcade.

    • derpderpderpderpderp

      Too bad you can't emulate iOS on your phone, and make it suck less.

      • RushNY

        How does android suck?  I've owned both iPhones and high end Android Phones and they're both excellent.  Tell me, how exactly does android suck when it can do basically everything iOS can? You're the type of person that gives apple fans a bad name.

      • derpderpderpderpderp

        I owned an Android phone, and when I was not having to load up special app managers to free up memory (CONSTANTLY) I was having to completely remove the battery to restart my stupid ass phone.  That is why it sucks, because it just does.  Completely unreliable, phone app would CRASH during calls.  Piece of crap.

      • RushNY

        Spend as much as you have on an iphone for a quality android phone and you wouldn't have issues unless you're technologically challenged.  Let me go buy a first gen iphone and compare it to a Galaxy S3, that's fair right?  Done with you, I guarantee you'll reply back saying you did own a high end phone.  In that case, you're just a simpleton and a troll.  You can replicate the same crashing problems on iOS if you're irresponsible and install a crap ton of apps that require a place in memory for notifications and whatnot.

      • derpderpderpderpderp

        Hah, you go into a post about an iOS game praising how great Android is, and I am the troll?  Haha.. that's rich... 

      • Telltales

        I switched to the Galaxy Note when it came out and let's just be honest about the Android system. It's a bit buggier than iOS and a couple of hours before typing this it locked up on the unlock screen which seems more frequently for some reason, the Android OS itself is much more of a resource hog, and it technically does not handle memory as well as the iOS. I like some of the extra quirks about android, but its overall not as smooth or intuitive as iOS 6. Plus the apps are easily a lot better on iOS no contest at all. Needless to say I can't wait to switch back to iPhone.

      • RushNY

        I completely agree, but by no means does android deserve the bashing it gets from apple elitists. I myself currently own an iPhone and love it but that doesn't mean I don't give credit where credit is due.

      • jeffyg3

        Yeah so true. U can install as many apps as you want, run as many apps as u want, multitask as many apps as u want, and put as many apps as u want to notify u and u still won't take up much memory. The way Apple has made the system to use memory is an exceptional design for mobile use, on Android these things can be pain on memory, programs running in the background and notifications and whatnot taking up memory, which is why Android phones should have twice the memory as an iOS device. The Android OS is utter crap in the memory management game, and that's why I always see my sister still reset her Galaxy III phone, while I can go months before resetting my iPhone or iPad.

    • Chad Brown

      hey Trevor, I've noticed your comment about playing Vay on an emulator for sega cd. I've been trying to do the same, but I have run into nothing but a brick wall. Vay crashes, no matter what android sega cd emulator I use. What were you using and on which version of android?

  • alyfantis

    I tried to download it at work this morning but it was too big for 3GS. I get home, and now... $4.99 again. 🙁

    That was quick.

  • vic_viper_001

    Heh heh heh! I was able to get it for free! I'm liking it so far, It'll definitely pale in comparison to games like Chaos Rings and such, but it's still pretty fun. 

  • witedahlia

    Hey and they just updated the controls, too. Got it yesterday for free, and I'm glad I did.

  • Kajillion123

    Does this game actually work on iPhone? I have an iPad2 and at least 75% of the time when I tap the screen he doesn't move. Also, the menus using the iPad's native menu display is cheap as hell looking.