Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee unveiled a new iOS project this weekend at Comikaze, a Los Angeles-based comic convention of which Lee is part owner. The game is called Verticus and is being developed by Moonshark, with Stan Lee himself providing his voice and likeness as the mission commander in the game.

Lee also created the main character, named Verticus, who unsurprisingly has some very superhero-like qualities and is the last hope for saving the planet from certain doom. It’s a story we’ve all heard before, and Stan Lee is one of the best at telling it.

Verticus’s power lies in his special heat-resistant suit that allows him to fall through the atmosphere. He’ll plummet through the air, past buildings and into the ground, all the way to the Earth’s core and back out the other side of the planet where the gravity catches him and sets him up for another slingshot back through. You can see a bit of this in the first trailer for Verticus.

It’s this back-and-forth trip through the Earth that sets the game up as “an infinite faller” as Moonshark’s Matt Kozlov describes it. He also likens the gameplay to Temple Run, which at this point, after basically becoming its own genre after seeing so many derivatives released, is really unsurprising.

As we’ve seen, though, some of these Temple Run-like games have offered their own spin on the formula, and carved out their own niche of fans. With Stan Lee having such a heavy hand in the creation of Verticus (Kozlov says Lee’s “DNA is really infused in the game”) I have high hopes. We’ll see when Verticus launches sometime in October.

[LA Times via Polygon]

  • captainugboots

    Nice work Stan, you've caught my attention.

    Looks good.

  • ImJPaul

    Looks cool. Great mass effect like music. Stan lee is a GREAT story teller. Not so sure he's much of a voice actor though. Haha. Still excited for this game and I will definitely buy.

    • subshell001

      I wouldn't call the music great. Mass Effect has great music - this is simply ripping it off. And before you get defensive, that is how these things work. Some music director or producer of a project gives another piece of music to their composer and says "make something that sounds like this" and it's pretty obvious what happened here. Ideally, a composer takes the reference piece (as its called) and makes something new with the same "vibe" if you will, something that evokes the same feeling but without sounding almost exactly the same.

  • DecafTable

    The falling gameplay will definitely get my heart rate up!

  • LousyHero

    Looks good. Kinda reminds me of the Dead Space character though.

  • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

    Oh great, an iOS version of good ol' Stan's straight to video features/shows... This thing looks like it was developed three years ago.

  • http://twitter.com/iqSoup iqSoup

    Looks interesting!  My only problem with endless runner games is they are usually truly endless.  It would be nice to know that there is SOME way to eventually beat the game--to get to some sort of ending at some point.  I dunno, knowing its an endless kind of is a bummer--like the only way the game can possible end is by you dying.  "Winning" ends up being taking a little bit longer to fail.

    • ducksFANjason

      I agree completely!! Especially for a game like this -- if I'm to step into a hero's shoes I'd like to know that I can eventually power myself up enough to "finish" and see an ending of some sort... I dunno, maybe this isn't truly endless. Maye it's just repetitive a la Infinity Blade and once you've powered up enough you can win?

  • JollyPostman

    Looks terribly boring like all the other games you get on ios and play for 15 mins and never look at again. Come on Stan, you're better than this. My money's on some non creative type slapping Stan's name on this for big bucks to sell more!

  • NPeart

    I couldn't possibly play another endless runner, even if it was made by Stan Lee.

    • InfectiousRed

      Agreed. Endless runners/climbers/fallers are like the MMORPGs of iOS. They're the time sink plagues with no real reward. Sadly, they're creation appears to be... endless.

    • JCat_NY

      Yeah, I've had my fill of endless runners.... AND cutesy physics puzzlers. Innovation is overdue....

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Hopper/1238691947 Paul Hopper

    Now I feel like watching Tron 2.

  • Lomyr

    Since the Gameplay is straight out of a certain iOS title released this spring, and the character design is straight out of a certain survival horror console title (even down to the little inbuilt hologram), I move that this game be renamed Stan Lee's Dead SpAaAaAAce.

    • Kallaide

      Exactly what I thought right away. It looks as though Stan Lee was added as an after thought

  • grits

    Maybe it's my old age but I really can't handle this type of frenetic 3-D gameplay.

  • wristtattoo

    Basically the AAaaaaAAaaaa (etc) App Store game with Stan Lee's name on it then?

  • Antimatter

    I like Stan Lee a lot but this "superhero" is looking flat and uninspired. Also The gameplay.