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Check Out Some of the Cards from ‘Metal Gear Solid Social Ops’

Last month Konami announced a new mobile title set in the Metal Gear universe called Metal Gear Solid Social Ops. It’s a pretty nice looking 3D game built in Unity that looks similar to other games in the series, but here the gameplay will be based around card-battling rather than the traditional sneaking around, stealth espionage stuff. Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima recently tweeted the first look at what some of those cards will look like in Social Ops.

To be honest I think Metal Gear Solid Social Ops could go either way. The word “social” has taken on a negative connotation amongst most traditional gamers the past few years, but it could just really point to the act of playing with other people rather than in-game currencies and Facebook spamming.

Plus, throwing a different kind of core gameplay into Metal Gear has worked before with the Metal Gear Acid games, so I’m hoping for something similar from Social Ops. We should be getting more details on Metal Gear Solid Social Ops when the Tokyo Game Show kicks off later this week.