If you're looking to grab a solid simulation game on the cheap, you might want to think about springing on Pocket League Story [$4.99] or Dungeon Village [$4.99]. Both games are excellent and are now 50 percent cheaper for a limited time. Neat!

In Pocket League, you play as the coach and general manager of a soccer squad looking to become one of the greatest ever to grace the field. You'll train and acquire players and coaches, while building an assortment of facilities that benefit your team. Surprisingly, no soccer knowledge is required.

In Dungeon Village, you play as a governor of sorts for a fantasy RPG village. You'll be tasked with making sure your place is a heroes' one-stop shop, and you'll also be tasked with outfitting, training, and directing a squad of soon-to-be icons.

No word on when this sale will end, but we're guessing that the price of both will shoot back up after the weekend. Grab 'em fast. You won't be disappointed.

  • ducksFANjason

    Both are fantastic!! Great deal, I'd buy them if I didn't already own them!

  • Gamer_Kev

    Nice, two for the price of one. I've been meaning to try Kairosoft's stuff, but hadn't got around to it yet, so I grabbed both if 'em. Wish, they were both universal. I'm looking forward to having some management fun without all that freemium crap.

    • http://pinoyteens.net/ Georg Kevin

      Let us know how you liked them! Kairosoft games are top class!

      • Gamer_Kev

        I'm really enjoying them. I'll definitely be getting more of their games.

  • tsarep

    If I were to only buy one which would you guys recommend?

  • witedahlia

    Personally I would recommend Dungeon Village. I haven't played the other one, though. But Dungeon Village is good.

    • MartianLM

      I actually preferred Pocket League as the end game in Dungeon Village is a long slow boring grind. PL is a much more natural progression, though it's a shorter game for it. PL also requires less micro management. Maxing out shops in DV is a pain in the posterior.