It's hard to paint a good word picture for Super Hexagon [$2.99], so Jared and I decided to do a little video of it in action earlier this afternoon. Calling it a reflex game seems fair but it's also an experiential game where production and mechanic bleed into and feed off each other. You can kinda get lost in the lights, sounds, and movement -- if you can get into the game's zone.

This is the latest release from Terry Cavanagh, by the way. He's the creator of VVVVVV and a couple of other indie darlings.

Jared is really starting to get Super Hexagon, and so are a decent chunk of the people in the game's dedicated TA message board thread, so maybe check it out if you like what you see below:

  • Schpank


    • Colin Walsh


      • Tuff Tiger




      • BIG.E.

        Definitely no

      • Georg Kevin

        No indeed.

  • JJE

    When I play games like this I always end curled up in a corner sucking my thumb. Doesn't mean I don't like what I see though.

  • Tatiana

    15:05 seconds!! OOoooooohhh yeahh!!

  • TheFrost

    This is as simple and addicting as games can be

    • obamakilledusa

      do you really think you would play this more than once?

      • ducksFANjason

        Yes I already have. It's very addictive and An awesome way to kill 30 seconds to a minute. Wish they'd bring VVVVV to the iphone though

      • Tranceaholic

        I agree Terry should bring VVVVVV to iOS. Even though that game requires very precise controls, it would work well since only three buttons are required. Maybe a similar setup to Astronot (which has big buttons below a smaller play area) so your thumbs don't get in the way, especially on iPhone.

      • TheFrost

        Yes, a lot more... and I want to unlock at least a hyper mode

      • rodgerodger

        Games only last seconds so why wouldn't you play it again?

        Though after my 50th death (which equates to about 3 minutes of playing), I think I'm done with this game. Neat idea, but somehow still manages to be both too simple and too hard.

  • drloony

    Way to sell me on this game, so glad I got it though, what a rush!


    Since you guys didn't talk about how the game is controlled, can you give me some kind of impression in the comments here? Controls in a game like this can really be a hit or miss for me.


      Thanks @Naxum

      Bought it, LOVE IT. Immediately felt hooked after my first run. Got 33 seconds on HARD by my 4'th run. I probably played for over 30 mins on my first session, and by the time I stopped and tried walking, my living room was spinning! I felt SOO dizzy!

      I highly recommend this game to everyone who LOVES twitch-based, challenging games. ONLY buy if you love doing something OVER & OVER until you perfect it! Everyone else, stay away! This game will anger you!

  • Naxum

    Tap left side of screen to turn counter clockwise, tap right to turn clockwise. I love this game.

  • Gnome

    A masterpiece. Also nightmares.

  • Ruud Kool

    Really, difficult as it is - it's not *that* hard! I'm having an amazing time, and after about 30 minutes of practice I finished the first level (by surviving 60 seconds). It's doable! 

  • Joon Hwang

    Yeah, after a while your brain adjust to the madness.  68 Seconds!


    I find the best way to do really good on HARD is to play HARDEST over and over and over again, until your brain feels like mush. Then go back to HARD and the Hexagon will appear to be moving in slow motion. Then presto! You'll hit 60 seconds in no time!

  • readysetretro

    I sucked and now I suck a little less. Well worth the dollar