They say good things come to those who wait, and that's certainly true today as we just launched the universal version of the TouchArcade App [Free]. It should be live everywhere now, so if you've already got it installed be sure to check your updates and grab the new version.

I've actually found myself preferring the iPad app more than even just using a standard web browser to read TouchArcade. It just feels right. All the functionality from the iPhone app is in there, tightly wrapped in an iPad-native bundle. We also made some improvements that will benefit the iPhone version as well, such as being able to jump directly to the article comments from the header, and changing the font size in the settings.

Additionally, on both versions you'll be able to select multiple upcoming games from a single post, and we'll have a story up later today where you can see how that all works in action. Last, but certainly not least, we've got a custom push notification sound so you'll know when you're getting a TouchArcade alert versus your standard run of the mill iOS alert.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to fire off an email to And, as always, we've got to give a massive shout out to Flexbits and Bartelme Design for making this whole thing possible.

  • dplynx

    Fantastic work!

    One thing about the app browser is that not seeing a screenshot of the games means that I sometimes pass over a review if I'm busy because it looks like a sort of game I'm not interested in based on the name and icon. But if I see the screenshot, I become immediately intrigued and even buy games. I think in the full review section it would be better if it showed a screenshot next to each review, much like the featured articles do.

    Side note (possible bug): trying to comment from the app is usually an exercise in watching a loading screen forever.

  • Gnome


  • Cleafus

    Great, nice work guys!

  • carlosaguilera

    Muchas felicidades!! Se ve y se siente increíble al navegar entre las secciones! Por supuesto mucho mejor que su actual sitio en la web, muchos deberían de aprender de ustedes 😉

    Saludos desde México!

    • WonderingIf

      Estoy de acuerdo con su comentaria. Ya me gustaba Toucharcade en el web, ¡y es mejor a navigarlo por el app! Tambien, la información es todo el tiempo nuevo "hasta al momento." Me parece que mas gente comprarían estos juegos finos si sabían que existían. Voy a informar a todos mis amigos desde el app

      (Disculpame que mi español es malo. Soy de Los Estados Unidos e ingles es mi idioma primaria. 🙂

      • carlosaguilera

        No te preocupes 😉 entiendo bien el ingles pero me gusta promover la idea de que cada persona hable y escriba en su idioma sin importar el foro que sea; muchos saludos!!!

  • ImJPaul

    Fantastic! I've been using the iPhone app on my iPad when I'm not at work. Actually didn't look that bad. But this is definitely good news. Will download it at soon as I'm off. My most used app will now look better on my iPad.

  • Abdulfattah


  • putermcgee

    very nice. it already feels great!

  • vegardls92

    Finally! Been waiting forever! 😀

  • drloony

    TA should get a 5 star rating for their app. The universal version is really slick, love how the interface uses the iPads interface to its advantage.

  • Anpro

    Love the app, great work guys! When do we get a "TA Plays" video of the updated app?

  • naberhaus

    I had been using iPhone app doubled with Retina help and that was fine, but the new Universal app on the iPad is great and really expands the feature set!!!!! Thanks!

  • Tuff Tiger

    One does not simply not get the new app

  • Deixa

    One thing that still hasn't been fixed is the date on the app. Still showing, 1 January 2001 on the top corner when I click on news and reviews

    • arn

      Fix coming

  • Offdaheezay92

    Love it love love it it's so great that this is now on iPad

  • jamesmcadams82

    Great work! Love your app! Are you gonna be looking into an ad-free in-app purchase? I genuinely appreciate how well ads are dealt with in the app and they're easy enough to ignore, but I'd happily pay a couple of quid to avoid them if possible.

  • werdna92

    AWESOME 🙂 very happy with the app now great work

  • Sojourn

    Been waiting for this since the iPhone app came out (checking daily for the inevitable Featured Article push notification about the update) -- congratulations, and I'm excited it's here!

  • Gabriel.Voyager

    Thank you!
    TA on iPad is wonderful! One of the best news app ever 🙂

  • jar0d

    Yeah!! 😀
    Finally. Was looking forward to this baby for a long time 😉
    Great work!!!

  • sakara214ever

    At last! Some absolutely great news! Cheeeerssss!!!!!

  • Words of Ivory

    Slick. Definitely gets ten thumbs up from me.

  • Jay

    Woo!  I was just playing around with this on the iPad and it'll probably be my second most-visited app outside of Appshopper 🙂

  • GubbyMan

    Wow, I found this app a few hours ago and wanted to download it on my iPad but I noticed that it was an iPhone app so I switched to download it on my iPhone.

    Now 3 hours later I get a notification saying that the app is now universal.

  • Dehmirra


  • Misguided

    This looks great!

    Could you please make it so touching the empty area in the left column closes the top-most window? Getting back to the list of news items etc is a bit cumbersome.

  • volkan

    This is great!! Congratz

  • SuperSquawkSoftware

    Congrats! It looks awesome 🙂

  • nizy

    1 thing that is missing from the app is the ability to see a posts tags. I would love to see a way to add tags and forum threads to the sidebar for easy access, say to TA Plays posts or a particular thread I'm following.

    And a few bugs/issues I've noticed:
    1) When posting a comment and you hit "Cancel", you only have the option to discard the comment. Why can't there be a way to save for later?
    2) That button seems to have a unusually large tap target, at least in landscape orientation. What's odd though is that the button animates being pushed, but doesn't trigger the cancel.
    3) In the watch list section, the balls that light up to indicate a new item are partially cut off by the sidebar.

  • Drew Stogsdill

    App is great and much improved. Only minor suggestion is to add a "Previews" section?

  • toxiccheese


  • mondoz

    How do you make the section you're reading full-screen?
    When reading a story or comments, it only uses half the screen.

    • mondoz

      The more I use the app, the more awkward it feels.
      It seems like I am always trying to stretch out the articles to use more of the screen.
      The bottom left corner of the screen is never used at all... Not the best design.

      • mondoz

        Ugh! Columns everywhere! Squeezing everything into tiny columns wastes so much space!
        So much wasted space everywhere!

  • Game Gent

    Great app. It makes great use of space and makes finding articles and games easier than visiting the site. I love the app watch feature too. One issue though is that the pop ups are confusing. Can you please consider adding a "close" button. Swiping works, but sometimes it takes more than one swipe to get it right. Also the apps main pages (home, news and reviews, etc.) move like you can swipe and close them, but you can't. It would be nice to be able to swipe and move between pages instead bringing back up a popup that was already closed.

    • Misguided

      Aha! You swipe to close windows, thanks!

      • Game Gent

        Haha. No problem! When in doubt, swipe, double tap or press the home button. 😉

  • Toz

    Ooh Nice! I am commenting from the updated app, it looks great on the new iPad. It does feel better than the actual website.

  • GiHubb

    Jolly good app, ol' chaps, top banana!

  • mguniverse

    It's beautiful. :')

  • Goose

    Well done guys, it works beautifully.

  • Mildrop

    App works really well, UI is great and very simple to use on the iPad

    Good job

  • adin

    I love it! Great use of sliding panes!

  • davidmdowning42

    Please add landscape view to iPhone version. Not the extra iPad functionality that comes with flipping. I just want to be able to read articles in landscape.

  • Misguided

    Another suggestion. The forum portion of the app works splendidly (I didn't even realize the app included the forums until now). I would really appreciate being able to jump directly to the end of a thread on the thread listing rather than having to enter the thread first. A small thing, but would be a nice QoL improvement at some point.


    • arn

      If you click on the thread post count, it will jump you to the new posts

      • tops2

        The price drop section of the app can show the stuff from the "app info" tag, but won't have the actual download link. To follow the link, I'd have to use mobile safari... This is the same behavior since the original iPhone ver of the app.

  • jeffyg3

    It's good. Though the only problem is that when someone puts up a link to a game on the AppStore like reckless racing 2 going free on the price-drops forum, all the link info shows is the pics and app info, why in the world did they make it so it doesn't provide the link to go to the AppStore, seems kinda idiotic to me, unless I'm missing something.

    Other that problem, works great on the iPad.

  • JGSaxon

    Nice work guys

  • menom

    Great start. Will be using a lot more on iPad than iPhone.

    I like the sliding tabs - clever interface design that means you never feel too far away from where you started out - maybe nice in future update to view stuff in full screen.

    Text size option is nice idea but even large text seems quite small.

    Minor quibbles aside this is a great iPad app - congrats to all involved!

  • DecafTable

    I also would like an option to buy an ad-free version. Not only do I prefer this, but it would be a great way to support all the effort and dedication you all provide to your fans!

  • Kannon778

    Sorry guys the app just don't work for me. Viewing TA's homepage via the browser just feels so much better for me; I just scroll, anywhere on the screen, preferably with my fingers resting either on the far left or far right (that is how we hold the device right?

    That and the terrible font used in the forums. I don't see the app offering better UX that it should. The app shopper esque feature can't be the only thing the app has to offer.

  • fastbridge

    Thank god. I wanted this to go universal since day one

  • Bytebrain

    I cannot believe how fast the app loads articles compared to the regular website on the iPad!

    I was worried after seeing screenshots, that text would be hard to read since articles doesn't use the whole screen, but, on the new iPad at least, the font and font size is very easy to read.

    Everything looks sleek, and it's one of the best apps of its kind IMO.

    Posting this via the app, to check out the forum feature.
    Works great.

    Good work!

  • terriblyrogue

    I love this.

  • vouhake

    I'v waited weeks for this update and it is great! But i can't search the forums, is it just my device or..?

  • cryochild

    Awesome stuff!

  • JJE

    I've been eagerly awaiting an iPad version and this doesn't disappoint.

  • appaddict

    How much did Touch Arcade pay you guys to give Touch Arcades App a front page review?!?

  • sh13ld

    Just updated and WOW! Looks amazing on the New iPad. This will most likely be my pri

    • sh13ld

      ...mary way of browsing Toucharcade. No need to have a bookmark in Safari anymore. Good job!

  • louisa

    Fantastic! What a terrific, clean look with a design that is so easy on the eyes. Everything sits beautifully out there on my iPad 3 and home page set-up is perfect...well organized and simple to access whatever you are looking for. Thanks guys. Wish more home screens looked this good and worked this well.

  • psk

    Well done it looks great:)

  • karma32

    Why when viewing horizontally on a page is there so much empty space on the right hand side? Why? Why? Why? Wut a waste

  • dreadnok

    Now we're talking I no longer need to use the bookmark of the site, this app it fantastic