Beat Sneak Bandit creator Simogo just removed the wraps off of Year Walk, the studio's next game. Due to hit later this winter, it's billed as a "2D adventure about folklore, strange creatures, and maybe a little bit of the occult." If we're reading between the lines of the game's first teaser trailer correctly, we're guessing it's something of a horror game -- a direction we certainly didn't expect from Simogo.

It's a welcome one, though. Year Walk takes place in 19th century Sweden and tasks you with a vision quest that'll see you opening rifts and bending dimensions as you try to "fully understand the events that took place on that cold New Year's Eve." Simogo says you'll be able to fully interact with all the world's creatures and objects, via a first-person perspective.

Year Walk was teased for a while with cryptic messages and photos. Fans on our boards are currently trying to crack anything that they see from the studio. Follow along if you'd like.

We'll continue following Year Walk, too, so stay tuned.

  • gian888

    Can't wait it looks cool 🙂

  • macsmister

    Looks spooky. I like the atmosphere!

  • NeonVoidJP

    Looks very different from anything I've seen on iOS before which is good 🙂 the trailer is a little spooky. I like it 🙂

  • ImJPaul

    Looks awesome. Really excited.

  • ducksFANjason

    Very excited for this, Beat Sneak Bandit was outstanding! Probably in my top 5 on iOS. Hopefully this is good too!

  • Pete Morris

    I'm super excited about anything that calls itself a 2D Adventure, but this looks gorgeous! Can't wait

  • trelloskilos

    Beat Sneak Bandit was incredibly good! I really have high hopes for this one too. Looks awesome.
    And all people seem to want to talk about is the next angry birds spin-off when good indie studios like Simogo are making original, innovative and fun games, that don't get noticed by the general iOS games playing public. Shame!

  • Frungi

    I just watched the trailer.
    My brain... I... what...

  • Muhammad Hanafi Abd Latif

    I always adore Simogo's art style but their games always seem shallow for me. Hope this one deliver.

  • Honki

    Beat Sneak Bandit is one of only very few iOS games that I finished at 100%. Most polished game I know, highly original and just brilliant overall.