How long does it take to blow through $10 in The Simpsons: Tapped Out [Free]? Well, the answer is in the video Eli and I put together. Earlier this afternoon, we spent some time with Tapped Out to see what all the hubbub is about, as the game re-rockets up the charts. This is actually the second time the game has been available on the App Store. It was pulled earlier this year, if you remember, supposedly because of network issues.

Not surprisingly, Tapped Out is just another free-to-play game, full of timers and set-and-forget mechanics. The overarching goal of the experience is to re-build Springfield in your own vision after Homer blows it up. In order to accomplish this, you'll need to spend lots of the game's currencies and get pretty comfortable with its UI, which gives you the power to build a lot of famous Simpsons structures.

Wait times are a big deal in Tapped Out. Any chore you undertake and anything you choose to build has a timer attached to it. We spent $10 before we started shooting this video with the hope that we'd be able to show a lot of the game off. It's kinda wild how fast we managed to burn through it, as you'll see:


    I've been playing the game for

  • scdude

    They still need to update the story line

    • ven_ven1234

      Yes I think like that..;)

  • kewlfocus

    I've been playing this game since the launch, and then the relaunch. I enjoy it as a simple thing to pickup and play, as I'm a really big Simpsons fan, more so the earlier seasons than the current one. The art is really well done, and so is the original voice work. I can't see myself spending money on donuts, but, I'm not interested in hurrying things up at all. Couple things I will note from the review, Brad mentions that sending Homer to clean up Springfield is pointless. This is actually a key part of clearing land so you can place buildings / roads on that section. Also, with the premium items, you get boosts to the amount of cash and XP you receive from quests. I got 50 free donuts for having an account from the launch, so, I guess that's cool. I am disappointed that it is actually one of the more expensive freemium titles I've seen in terms of buying the donuts, which is another reason I don't see myself buying those. In the end, Simpsons fans will probably enjoy this more than someone who is actually looking for a game to keep them busy for an extended amount of time. 

  • islesfan

    The humor is great, but the gameplay gets dull very quickly. I've already deleted it (again).

    • ven_ven1234

      Yeah, ur true

  • ven_ven1234

    I don' t like cafe, pet shop and city games but this game is really enjoyable and funny!!! I recommend it to my friends. They liked this game too!!! I can find games in TouchArcade. Thanks for enjoyable gamessss!!! :)))))

  • Keith Lutener

    Well I've been playing it for a couple of days and find it highly addictive.  Its fun to see what each town member does as you advance and I haven't spent a dime on donuts so far.  There is also opportunity to get free ones when you complete objectives, few and far between but enough to keep me interested.

  • michael Papaiacovou

    I'm not convinced. Sorry.

    Yes, it has wonderful graphics, and the
    voice acting from the original characters is top-notch, but underneath
    all the Simpsonesque polish is still just a turd.
    Based on the
    knowing wink in the opening sequence, with Homer playing another
    freemium title, it is a self aware turd, but there is very little to do.

    The Springfield building mechanic is a little limited, but
    that's not the fault of the game itself. It's just the way all of these
    freemium Smurf/Farm/City-ville games all seem to follow the same
    blueprint. There is nothing original. - It is really something for
    completists to torture themselves over, and even if the game is
    well-played, and the player is lucky, the rate that donuts are trickled
    out, and the huge price for premium content is just too unbalanced. -
    Case in point: Add up the total amount of donuts required to unlock the
    premium stuff (Frink's lab, Burning Tyre yard, Supervillan's Hideout
    etc.), and calculate the amount of donuts you actually aquire every week
    you play the game. Divide the two and that will show you how many weeks
    (roughly) you will need to complete the game without buying donuts. - I
    guarantee, you will be looking at years, and by that time, there will
    be other distractions & games that you will feel are better

    So it is fair to say the game is aimed at two types
    of player. Either those who just want a quick free building game, and do
    not really want to complete it, or have any interest in collecting the
    set, or hard-core completists, who will be buying IAPs because they have
    little choice. - Anyone in between will feel uncatered for, and will
    get bored with a game that doesn't really offer any reward for playing
    it, other than a few sporadic soundbites, and a few 5 second cartoon

    The game's not fun. It is potentially addictive, as it
    promises so much, and chucks donuts at you at the beginning, but by the
    time you reach a certain level, and donuts are non-existent, and you
    need to wait so long for things to happen, it may be too late to
    cold-turkey and just delete the game. 


      Just received 12 donuts for turning on the game today.  Which was not part of the "daily" bonus.  IMO, the more you play the more free donuts they hand out...

  • DaBrain

    Well the game is not bad when ya can connect to the server! Been trying since yesterday & still can not connect! About ready to delete it and move on to something that works!

  • Kmacsmom16

    Add KMacsmomJ

  • Kmacsmom16

    Add KMacsmom

  • nevena_mackica

    can i play that game online? i have account, but my phone is broken:S

  • Holly von Hessler

    this game is awesome all u have to do is get springfield back and collect money from restaurants and houses and buy more

  • Holly von Hessler

    this game is awesome and its easy the best tapped out game i ever seen as i loooove the simpsons

  • Itzel Vianey Valenzuela

    Well you were spending donuts on objectives that only took 2 minutes to complete. But either way I like this game, I actually got on it as I was watching you, Lol. I haven't spend no money and I have like 12 donuts just for leveling up and completing certain task.I like this game as a quick pick up and leave game. Because seriously who has time to sit down and play a game straight thru now a days. Its also a great game to let little kids play without ruining anything lol. I love it!!!!

  • Fxcabr

    Add me Italian021 I accept all no matter what level you are

  • Crother

    I'm super into the Simpsons tapped out at the moment (hence finding and watching this video). It's definitely a guilty pleasure though. These types of time sink games are the lowest form of gaming, require no skill and are primarily designed to make you want to spend money on them, that said this is the 3rd game of this genre I've played! The thing that appeals to me about this game and games like it is the design element. I've spent a lot of time rearranging my town to make it look pleasing to me! Like trashy magazines, pop music and relatity tv- I know it's rubbish but I can't help myself sometimes.

  • macey dawes

    the gamei excellent i have got all the people and snakes this is my fav game in the hole wide world.i can not take my eyes of it