It's Labor Day weekend here in the US, which means hopefully most of you will have an extra day on Monday to kick back and enjoy some leisure activities. And if you're reading this site, chances are one of those leisure activities is playing awesome iOS games.

A holiday always makes a good excuse for iOS developers to hold a sale… well, actually the sun rising is also a valid and often exploited excuse as well. But holidays are good too. Here's a huge list of the most noteworthy things we could find that are on sale for this weekend, be sure to grab anything that strikes your fancy as the sales can end at pretty much any time.

EA Game Sales:
As with any sales opportunity, EA is in full effect and basically their entire library of games is on sale in one way or another. Here's just a selection of what we think are the best deals.

Not EA Game Sales:

Also worth mentioning is that Big Fish Games has put their entire library on sale at the moment too. Since they have precisely fifty billion games, it's probably best to check out their full selection in iTunes and pick what you like. Big Fish are masters of hidden object and adventure type of games, but my favorite of theirs is definitely Fairway Solitaire, in case you're curious.

To everyone enjoying the holiday this weekend have fun and be safe, and play lots of games. To those who might unfortunately have to work on Labor Day, I'm sorry. I've been there myself and it's no picnic. Kind of defeats the whole idea of Labor Day, right? Anyway just know that you can grab a bunch of awesome games on the cheap too and just play them at work while your bosses aren't looking.

  • Kevin Roberts

    I picked up Mirrior's Edge, Simcity, Monopoly and Life yesterday. They're all pretty good games and it was nice to be able to grab them at this price. I might pick up that Avernum game as I'm a fan of the series on the PC. The Avernum games are well worth checking out for anyone who likes old school western style RPGs.

  • scdude

    Mc3+sale=noobs online YES!

    • chamuscao

      And even more hackers online YES!

      Oh wait...

  • ducksFANjason

    Bigfish games!! Hooray!!!

  • The#1

    Is big fish having a sale on their pc games too?

    • Coldar1

      Yea, been there and first thing is a pop-up announcing Labor Day sales.

  • salmankaml

    What is the need for paying apps when ur phone is jailbroken

    • jayturley

      Perhaps incentivizing developers to continue to develop games which you pirate?

      After all, we are the ones who pay for your lack of morals. I long ago made the decision to pay- back when PCs still had floppy drives. Not because I think dinosaurs like the RIAA or MPAA are right, but because I believe software developers and other artists should be paid.

      So I buy stuff. Preferably from their websites directly so I can continue disintermediating the no-longer-necessary distributors.

      • jayturley

        And to be clear, eventually we will operate in a reputation economy and copyright will no longer hinder growth and development. But that day is not here yet. 🙁

      • Jay

        Pfft, in your dreams.  If you're waiting for a trust-based economy you're going to be waiting for the end of civilization.  Copyright is* a tool for innovation.  It forces people to come up with their own shit instead of stealing from successful people. 

        Without copyright enforcement EVERYONE WILL MAKE THE SAME DAMN THING.  And how is a company suppose to be held together when a lowly employee can develop a product with his more experienced senior employers, then, at the last minute, take the idea and release it as his own? 

        There is a structure to business - everyone plays by the same rules.  Copyright doesn't hinder growth and development, it ensures* it. 

      • Vince

         Don't feed the troll!

    • Brandon Blokzijl

      Shoo, you don't belong here salmankaml.

    • Carl

       What is the need for making apps when some people that jailbreak their iPhone steal them.

  • Deixa

    Not all of those EA games are on sale in UK AppStore

    • Brandon Blokzijl

      Ditto for the NL AppStore. Sigh EA.. sigh.

  • Relytgninroht

    Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is also on sale for $.99

  • iPhone User

    Nice Thanks

  • tpianca

    Discount prices not available in brazilian app store... Too bad EA, I was sure going to grab a bunch of them, now I will just wait for an eventual price drop.