You know what? I like this whole ‘DotEmu porting old SNK NeoGeo titles to iOS’ thing that’s been happening recently. First we get Metal Slug 3 [$2.99], a fan favorite in the series and a game we truly enjoyed in our review, though we did wish for an auto-fire option and a way to not cover up the action with our thumbs while we played. Then, about a month later, DotEmu releases an update addressing both of those exact things. Thanks for listening, DotEmu.

Now today an update has hit for another NeoGeo port called Blazing Star [$0.99], a side-scrolling shooter that we also really liked but felt it had a couple of minor issues. Namely, lack of auto-fire and a sluggish feel to your ship’s movement. Lo and behold DotEmu is here again with an update addressing those very issues.

The new options are available right there on the mode selection screen so you can toggle them easily. With auto-fire on your ship just constantly fires, and you can hold down the button to charge your attack like before. The new control option is called Fast Touch, and makes your ship move at just about a 1:1 ratio with your thumb movement. I can’t even tell you how much of an improvement this is, I finally can enjoy the game without worrying about cheap deaths due to my ship reacting so slowly.

Listen up, DotEmu and SNK. Keep this up. It’s clear that you have the technical prowess to bring these ports to iOS with flawless performance, and your willingness to listen and act on player feedback is totally appreciated. And there’s a huge backlog of great NeoGeo titles, so get to work (please). And while I’m at it, this really gets me even more excited for the Raiden Legacy collection that's coming to iOS soon, also handled by DotEmu.

  • Liam Ward

    I'd love to see garou: mark of the wolves and last blade 2 come out, with icade support.. maybe even neo turf masters. It's actually too bad that they couldn't do something similar to the turbografx emulator and just give us a neo geo front end since all the games used the same base hardware 🙂

  • Liam Ward

    also, forgot to say, great work DotEmu, you guys are doing a great job on these emulations 🙂

  • drloony

    Yup, was underwhelmed the original releases, but with extra support DotEmu has put into updating their games and responding to fan feedback, they've become superb ports. A+ work, really great stuff

  • JohnPeat

    Completely unimpressed with the control changes - I'm not interested in playing 'cheat mode', the speed of your ship is part of the design of the game and changing that is idiotic.

    What they've not bothered fixing is the pad controls which, on an iPad at least, have a deadzone the size of a small county and are utterly unsuited to playing the game.

    I'd intended to ask for a refund on the basis of the shit controls but I'd hoped, from what they said, that they'd fix them.  It appears they decided not to bother - last title I buy from them - simple as.

    • dotemu

      Hi John. We understand your concern but at some point we need to make a choice and 95% of players were asking from "Fast" touch controls (plus this is an option so you can revert to "original" controls). You are the only people asking for a tweak of the D-Pad so far but we take this into account. If you really want to have a perfect user experience of emulated games on iOS there is no other choice than to get your hands on an iCade or similar. 

      If you have some detailed tweaking suggestions we are open to hear from you. You can reach us either on Twitter, Facebook, email etc; 

      • JohnPeat

        The problem is that the pad controls 'as released' are awful on an iPad - awful as in "no-one can possibly have tried playing this on an iPad" awful.  

        The 'deadzone' in the pad is massive, you have to move your finger a LONG way to move your ship.  Ironically, the touch movement is even worse on an iPad as your entire HAND is in the way of the screen.  That also suggests no-one bothered trying the game on that platform.

        Talking about 'priorities' is insulting at this point  - I'm not asking for a new feature (which the 1:1 moving system you've added certainly is) - I'm asking for the game 'as released' be made to work properly on an iPad (e.g. offering a smaller DPAD with tighter controls).

        If actually making your game work as it should is a lower priority than listening to people asking for a fundamental change how the game actually works (removing ship speed limits to allow near-instant touch movement) then I think you have a weird idea of the term 'priorities' - and no grasp at all of the 'Emu' bit of your name either!

      • Joshua Pryor

        DotEmu responding to your question civilly and respectfully and you come off as a petulant child.  Just letting you know in case you are worried about karma or something similar.

      • JohnPeat

        How is my pointing out their hypocritical position making me the petulant child?  Is it just because I'm not part of the "we asked for the game to be made easy and got it - WOOOOO" club??

        I was cheeky enough to ask for the game to be made PLAYABLE - and they ignored that request...So I post to highlight my disappointment - that they chose to listen to a lot of people asking for the game to be fundamentally changed (made easier)  but ignored perfectly reasonable requests for it to be made PLAYABLE (on an iPad at least).I cannot understand how anyone could use 'priorities' to justify a change to game mechanics as being a 'choice' over fixing what amounts to rubbish controls.  If you are going to rely on 'how loud the users shout' to decide on your priorities - as opposed to testing your games properly - well...

      • JohnPeat

        Incidentally - I'm not really interested in buying third-party controls to make a game playable - but I thought the iCade was a portrait device and this is a landscape game?!?! 🙂

      • great_mazinger

        Wow John, you do realize your talking about a lousy $2.99. It's a great game regardless and the price can't be beat. They addressed the masses with the update. Your a small, ungrateful minority which they even addressed you personally. Customer service is almost non existent these days.
        I'm extremely grateful and truly appreciative of what great work these two SNK games show. Please keep them coming. Despite what a few ungrateful gamers say, we the majority are THANKFUl beyond words!

      • jetsnguns

        John, dotemu told you they were ok to hear for your suggestions, and the only thing you do is crying like baby ... I'm also playing this game on iPad and i have no problem. If you want the very original gameplay buy a neogeo with blazing star cartridge, but this cost you more than 2.99 ...

    • Jared Nelson

      Then ask for a refund and be done with it. I'm pretty sure they would rather give up the two bucks they got from your sale to not have to listen to your rude demands.

      The game plays just fine on my iPad, you're the only person I've ever heard complain about it.

  • db2

    'Blazing Star' updated with Pussy Mode

    It doesn't need these concessions, just a way to amplify the player's input. The ship speed is half the strategy, but I'd like for the ship to make its way across the whole screen while only moving my finger about 2/3 of the way across. Add a drag sensitivity setting to adjust that, and it'll be perfect.

  • Tranceaholic

    DotEmu, I've been having a blast playing this game on my iCade, but there is a slight bug: when you start a game, the iCade controls don't work at first; you have to exit the game to the Home Screen and open the game back up, then the iCade works fine. This happens every time a new game is started. Can you please look into this issue? I am playing on the New iPad (3rd Gen).