Supergiant Games' Bastion [$4.99] is truly a game whose reputation precedes it. When the indie game released in July of last year, it quickly became a hit with its fascinating story, catchy music and well-done action RPG gameplay. Fast-forward a year later and iOS gamers are finally able to check out the land of Caelondia. Suffice to say, Bastion makes a near-perfect transition to iOS and should be experienced by just about everyone.

Bastion follows the narrated story of the Kid, one of a few survivors of The Calamity, a world-altering event that destroys the land and has turned once docile enemies against everyone. After the Kid reaches the Bastion, the area of the world designated as the survival zone (should anything go wrong), he embarks on a journey to find survivors, recharge the Bastion, and hopefully bring clarity back to a shattered world.

For gamers entering the world of Bastion for the first time, you're in for a treat. Supergiant Games has created a masterpiece of gaming narrative that extends to the game's visuals, story, narration, music, and gameplay. The Kid's tale, narrated by a strange voice from the moment the game starts, adds so much personality and context to every action. The experience lends itself well to the story, which starts off with you in the middle of a disaster and charges you with a path towards resolution while simultaneously feeding you snippets of backstory. Without spoiling much, be advised the game is full of twists and turns and the narrative hints dropped while you're on missions as to what'll happen next is superb.

Bastion's soundtrack, meanwhile, consistently steals the show with an eclectic mix of soft reflective tunes and fast-paced melodies that constantly set the mood. The visuals serve as the last piece of the puzzle, offering a beautiful glimpse into the world of Bastion with soft colors mixed with palette shifts whenever the game's tenor changes. Finally, everything is wrapped in an action-RPG shell featuring tons of weapons, upgrades, and choices offering a good deal of customization as far as how you want to use the Kid in battle. In sum, Bastion simply nails every facet of the game, with little to complain about and everything to praise.

If you're a veteran of Bastion and are curious of the differences between the console and iOS versions, I'll refer you to the awesome FAQ put up by Supergiant Games that describes all the differences. For those looking for a quick summation, Bastion for iOS incorporates the Stranger's Dream DLC package, has a new aspect ratio (4:3 vice 16:9) and features visuals for the retina-enabled iPad. While these are all nice additions to the title, the real change lies with its completely redone controls that focus on a more touch-centric experience.

Unlike other versions, Bastion defaults to a tap-to-move control scheme somewhat similar to Orc: Vengeance. Unlike Orc, however, Bastion's controls are far smoother and much more responsive when it comes to moving the Kid. The controls also condense most of the virtual buttons down to two: a combination block/manual shot button and a secret move button. Normal attacks are automatically initiated (and targeted) and dodging is as simple as double-tapping in the direction you want to move.

I'm a huge fan of this modified control scheme. It does a great job utilizing the iPad's screen space while keeping most of it clear of buttons to let you experience the action more organically. I also think removing the virtual control pad and condensing the buttons allows you to concentrate more on aiming and moving in the middle of the action. Admittedly, there is a certain amount of precision lost in regards to moving and aiming when allowing the game to make some of the decisions for you. However, if you're coming into Bastion for the first time on iOS, I doubt you'll have much of an issue with the controls. For returning console veterans, however, a 'Classic' control scheme is available that incorporates a virtual pad as well as more traditional buttons.

The classic control scheme works as well as virtual buttons typically work on iOS games, which is to say that it is adequate, but not necessarily preferred. This is why I give Supergiant Games a lot of credit in creating and fine-tuning an iOS specific scheme that I feel does the game a lot more credit on this platform. However, I recognize that not everyone will be as pleased with the controls as I am, and it's simply an issue that players need to be aware of.

Minor control issues notwithstanding, Bastion for iPad is just as good, if not better than its console brethren. Every element that made the game so amazing and fascinating returns and the subtle refinements to various features in making the jump to iOS simply add to the experience. In the console realm, Bastion has been nearly universally regaled and recommended and there is no reason not to do the same on iOS.

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  • Jonas Lum

    Every time I see a post about this game I cry. They need to port it to iPhone 4S ;(

    • miumius

      IT'S ON THE IPHONE NOW!!!! 🙂

  • TheFrost

    Now make it Universal

  • TitanAE

    Iphone4s 🙁


    Now we need Torchlight

    • ducksFANjason

      Did someone say Torchlight?!? Shut up and take my money!!

      • JBRUU

        Don't quote me but I think I might've read somewhere that Torchlight is/was being ported to iOS. Don't know if it's been cancelled, but there's always hope. I'm hoping that with this port and Rockstar's will come a slew of more classics and current console games being ported to the platform.

      • ducksFANjason

        God I hope that's true!

  • TGMzero

    I realize many are really wanting this on the iPhone and iPod, but honestly....

    This game is restricted on the small screen of those devices. You can't experience it as you should on them. Your fingers would be obscuring your view most of the time and that would reduce the joy of playability.

    This is the very reason I never bothered with an iPod at all. That 3.5 inch screen is horrible for playing games of this caliber when touching is the main way of interacting with the device.

    The reason the DS can succeed is because it has two screens and physical buttons that aren't in your way.

    I hope Supergiant don't try to wedge this game onto those devices. It would be horrible and no doubt lead to unnecessary complaints.

    • The#1

      Oh come on. Just because you cant play a game like this on a phone doesn't mean nobody else can. I have played other games like this on iphone and had no problem. In fact it looks like it has virtual buttons on the side of the screen. It would work fine on a phone.

      • TGMzero

        It's not just me.

        This game was never developed with mobile devices in mind. This game is a huge, mostly open world that requires you to explore.

        Games like Infinity Blade are fine for iPods and iPhones. Your basically swiping the whole time. But even that game is better on the iPad.

        Something like this is only truly experienced when you can actually see everything without having to squint or hold you device five inches from your face.

        The devs at SuperGiant no doubt tried to scale this game to fit on other devices, but it probably and most likely weren't up to their standards when it came to playing it.

        Face it....

        This might work on a phone....if they were all the size of the Galaxy Note.

  • coolpepper43

    Thanks for wasting my time and getting my hopes up touch arcade. Next time stop using the term "for ios" and start using the term "for the ipad". Of course, I have ios on my iphone and I cannot play this game.

    • ducksFANjason

      iPad is an iOS device too. I understand you're disappointed that you can't play the game but don't be silly. Saying for iOS is perfectly accurate.

      • coolpepper43

        I know what you are saying but they originally had the entire article and title say ios unit near til the very end where they mentioned ipad. looks like they listened to me because now the title mentions ipad.

      • ducksFANjason

        Well now I'm just disappointed in you TA. I've always enjoyed your no-nonsense, don't cater to whiners attitude. What happened?? 😛

      • coolpepper43

        I know but it makes more sense this way.

      • coolpepper43

        I know but it makes more sense this way.

      • DecafTable

        Dude, seriously? To complain because you think you wasted 5 minutes reading this great article because you are trying to knit pick the author to death is absurd.

      • coolpepper43

        I'm knit picking this do death? Oh my freaking god, letting the reader know what device the game runs on is pure blasphemy. For shame for informing readers on important information. FOR SHAME!!!

  • Jeremy Fuller

    This is literally the best game I've ever played on iOS, and by far the best port I've ever seen. The attention to detail, even down to the retina assets, is phenomenal. I think the game is possibly better on iPad than console, and should be played with the new control scheme. Very well done.

    I also concur that the is no way in hell the game would work on an iPhone.

  • dplynx

    You had me until "touch-to-move".

    • JBRUU

      You can change it to a virtual d-pad, which works far better IMO.

      • dplynx

        Great! Thanks! I missed that part of the review.

        Is it a fixed, you can't move it style d-pad with fixed size too? Because those are also pretty awful. Do they at least let you move the dpad on the iPad? Or better is it a touch anywhere and drag sort of thing like Pocket RPG or even better, pro swipe from Mage Gauntlet?

      • Pray For Death

        The d-pad appears wherever you touch the screen

    • ducksFANjason

      Then use the virtual controls and continue enjoying a wonderful game.

  • Hehateme78

    Very eloquent review! This game is impeccable, I am stunned how fluid the gameplay is. You honestly can't buy a better game for $5 anywhere. The perfect rpg with a suprisingly added narration aspect to it that makes you wonder why developers never tried before. The best part is that you can play 5 minutes here and there and not have to spend too much time trying to get to a save portion! As a parent and worker, that makes a monumental difference!

  • sakara214ever

    Lucky i have an iPad!!!

  • Juan paulo Amistad

    "Bastion makes a near-perfect transition to iOS and should be experienced by just about everyone"...I really love this sentence at then end of the first paragraph...Even Though I'm an owner of the new iPad for some awful reason I can't play this game yet( because of that disgusting restricted distribution policy by the publisher)...Speaking for people like me who anxiously hopes for a release in their unsupported AppStore,I truly wish the developers can do something about it despite Warner brother's attitude...Finally to WB,our money is as good as any body else's so there is no reason why you shouldn't sell it to our stores(shame on you)...

    • DecafTable

      Dude, chill and get a life. If you are that upset maybe you need to move to the states then...all that pent up anger over a game, gimme a break.

      • Juan paulo Amistad

        Hhhmm chill???Did i say any profanity or violent words or threaten a life??I have read a lot of more violent posts,reactions on the net about games for quite sometime now..More dramatic,out of proportion and very disturbing compared to what I wrote...Yet citing my opinion warranted your ignorant and condescending pre-sumptions...Oh btw,why don't you do the same thing to the people at the forums...(There's a stench of a flamer on you,I really could smell it and possibly a troll)...

      • Doc Robby

        You seem to try to come across as a no nonsense tough guy, but have really exposed yourself as being really young or immature or perhaps both, and also insecure with your own issues of confusing a legitimate complaint/concern with whining. Try to get over your bad self as you make yourself appear as a silly flamer with such replies. I really do mean you well with this post although it may appear harsh, but I figured someone needed to tell you. Good luck!

  • jamarohn

    I love the tap-to-move controls. It makes the game feel more casual which is appropriate for the device, and probably to a larger audience. The gameplay becomes more "timing" focus. In fact, the gameplay mechanics feel so different, that it almost feels like you get two totally different games for the price of one.

    • dplynx

      How does the game solve the problem of the hand covering most of the screen if you move, say, to the upper left (for right-handers)?

      • ducksFANjason

        You just activate the invisibility cloak feature and you're good to go.

      • jamarohn

        When I play, I don't touch the screen with my hand. I use my finger. And my finger doesn't cover that much of the screen. As I trace around, I have no problem watching the action, drawing around the enemies, double tapping to dodge. While I admit that at first, it took some time to get used to. But after giving it a fair chance (and I mean really give it some time to get used to), I find that that "hand covering the gameplay" concern is a bit over blown. I think the folks that dismiss it either have't played it and just imagining the difficulty, or tried it for a few minutes or so and simply gave up. Or they just don't like it. 🙂

        I just happen to agree with the review. I actually like it.

      • dplynx

        Not long ago I was playing another tap-to-move game and I realized I was unnaturally stiffening my pointer finger and pulling all other fingers (but my pointer) back into my palm in order to maximize visibility. The result was awful hand cramps. Even then I still had to move my head around to see under my palm , and I was always more likely to die moving to the upper left than the lower right. I did all this unconsciously, and you might be doing it too so be careful.

        But the game does have a Pocket RPG-style center-on-touch astick that I can see in the gameplay video now... Not as good as dragging the astick by the circumference, but good enough, anyway... I'm sold!

      • Pray For Death

        Play with both hands

  • MidianGTX

    I too can understand people wanting to play it on iPhone, but the sole reason is undoubtedly because they can't play it currently. If they all had access to iPads, no one would honestly want this ported, because it'd suffer horribly on a small screen. Sometimes it's better to take a loss rather than put yourself through that chaos just to play a game that happens to be great on -other- platforms. I can't play Guild Wars 2 right now, but that doesn't necessarily mean it should be squashed onto iPhone just to give me the option.

    • The#1

      Yeah. But what is the reason for people that own on ipad not wanting it to be ported to iphone? If you already have it. Don't buy it on iphone if it gets ported. Quite simple actually.

      • ducksFANjason

        I have an ipad and it wouldn't bother me greatly if it was ported to iphone. My only concern with that (and I think most others who have voiced their opinions against it) is that the cramped version on an iphone would likely ruin the gameplay, and then you'd have a whole slew of people complaining and leaving bad reviews for a fantastic game. It'd be a shame if that tarnished Bastion's good name.

        Also, I take exception to all the folks on here who are demanding the devs port it to iphone and are getting MAD about them not making it universal. The devs don't OWE any of us anything.

      • The#1

        Yeah. Well it doesn't bother me really. I guess you do have a good point on the reviews too. Maybe they shouldn't port it. But they would make a lot of money if they did.

      • MidianGTX

        There's no real reason iPad owners should care too much, I just think it's a little sad to see that people are actually willing to see a port that fails to meet the high standards of quality the game is known for, just so they can say they've played it.

  • shidokan57

    Smashed on small screen and whatever small problems iphone would bring i dont care. Ill buy it it looks awesome

  • Dave Metzener

    Sadly, one problem that no one has mentioned yet is that Bastion is only available for the "iPad 2" or "The New iPad", not for the first iPad to be released. I happen to be one of those sad folks who have a first gen iPad and can't play the game.

    I'm pretty annoyed with Apple for letting me purchase the app even though it's not supported. When I found out that Bastion was being released last Thursday, I pounced on the app the second it appeared in the App Store. I only later read the description that said it only supports the iPad 2 and The New iPad.

    I understand that it's a complex game with lots of resources that an original iPad probably can't handle. I just don't understand why Apple doesn't have a system setup in the App Store that allows developers to set flags for what devices the software runs on. There are 3 iPads, 5 iPhones and 4 iPod touches that iOS software can run on. That number is rumored to grow by 2 in the not to distant future to a total of 14 devices!

    To be fair, not all iOS devices can run a recent enough version of iOS to be able to run software being sold in the App Store, but there are millions of people out there that may not read the description or even know what generation of iDevice they own. Not having a system in the App Store that will know what software can be run on the owners device is a bad thing and will give a very negative experience to users that may be new to iOS by either inheriting the iDevice or purchasing a used iDevice.

    As reviewers, I feel you guys should have said something about this limitation to Bastion. I purchased the app directly after watching the video in this review.

    • TGMzero

      This is Apples biggest problem.

      They skimp on higher end components without realizing the consequences down the line.

      256mb of RAM in a tablet is pitiful. Even when it was relesed it wasn't enough. At that same point in time there were Android phones being sold with a bit over 700mb.

      Even now, my iPad 2 is slowing down simply because its RAM is so low. It's not all about the CPU and GPU. RAM is critical in these devices.

      • Dave Metzener

        I felt the same way when the iPad came out. The iPhone had 512mb's of RAM at that time and I really thought Apple was going to give the iPad the same amount. I was really disappointed when it was released with only 256mb's.

        I've learned that the Springboard app eats up a ton of RAM if you have a fair number of apps installed. I have over 250 right now and it's still taking up more RAM than I would like. I'm planning on removing over 150 or so apps soon to see if that releases enough RAM that some of my apps that die somewhat often are more stable.

        I wish I could upgrade as often as the developers do, but I'm sadly not brining in much money these days and can't afford to keep upgrading my iDevices as frequently as Apple releases them. 🙁

      • DecafTable

        While I do agree with you, upgrading is much easier by selling your old device on eBay to help subsidize the cost of new unit. Apple has great resale values on their products. If youmdon't wait that long you can pull some good prices 🙂

      • Dave Metzener

        I agree with you there. I have a nephew that always has the latest and rarely spends a ton. He gets the new thing, then sells the old thing. I just can't afford to get the new thing, even though there is a potential to get most of the money back.

        I will be getting a new iPad at some point. I just don't know when.

    • ducksFANjason

      I agree that it shouldn't be difficult to implement a "flag" system that developers can utilize to prevent this exact issue. I'm not sure why Apple doesn't do that. My best guess is that they expect consumers to keep up with the latest iOS devices...

      One way you cab (possibly) prevent this in the future is to browse the app store directly from your ipad. I believe it should only show apps that are compatible with your device.

      • Dave Metzener

        Funny you should say that. I DID buy Bastion on my iPad. 🙂  Since the App Store app doesn't have any way of blocking my purchase, I was able to make the purchase even though I really can't run it.

        Other apps like iPhoto won't let me buy them because Apple forces the camera to work no matter what. Since the first gen doesn't have a camera, I can't purchase it. 

      • ducksFANjason

        Wow, that's really lame! I figured it would at least be blocked THAT way... Well, in order to waste that $5, the next reasonable course of action is to buy an ipad 3. It's like the expression says, "in for 5, in for 500"

    • Pray For Death

      Worry sorry to hear that. You should definitely ask Apple for a refund.

      • Dave Metzener

        Eh, I just rack it up to experience. Plus, I do hope to get a new iPad at some point, so I'll have it when I get it.

        To be fair, if it were $10 or more, I would definitely be looking to get a refund. $5 is stupid cheep for Bastion. It's a great game and is $15 on Windows or Mac on Steam!

  • WarMachine

    Wow 5 bucks for this?! Those other mobile only devs need to start charging waaaay less for iPad games

    • Baracus

      Less? That's really going to help raise the quality bar.

      As fantastic as Bastion is, they already had 99% of the art, audio, coding and story done - and have made a return on investment already from the other platforms so porting would not have taken all that long in comparison with starting from a blank sheet. If it was "mobile only" I'm sure it would not have been able to be sold for as cheap as $5 and with current distorted pricing we would never have even seen it. I reckon this should be the starting price for semi-in-depth "mobile only" games really!

    • Dave Metzener

      @toucharcade-0599212ac5b4670c30619bac376c189c:disqus - This attitude of "cheap" mobile/tablet games is what is driving the "Freemium" movement. So instead of great games like Bastion or Fez, we see games like Farmville and other "farming" type games that ask for IAP's to make money or ads.

      I look at games like Rolando and Rolando 2 which were apps that asked $9.99 when they were first released back in December of 2008. They were well worth that money, but apparently didn't sell very well. I purchased a copy at that price. It only took a month for the price to go down by half.

      ngmoco cancelled Rolando 3 and moved to the ever growing popularity of Freemium apps and created We Rule.

      It's interesting to see Square-Enix selling their RPG apps for well over $15 each. I get the impression that they are selling well since they rarely go on sale and when they do, the sale price isn't that much less than the normal price.

      • Vince

         I am resigned to the fact that the games I like and play on my ipad2 are/will always be ports of PC/console/handheld games (Ghost Trick, Aquaria, Avadon, Avernum, World of Goo, Machinarium, Monkey Island, FFT and more recently Bastion etc) such I don't have a problem with shelling out cash for them..or even paying a premium price for the touch controls(FFT and other Square Enix ports).

        However the same cannot be said for original ios games. I just feel reluctant to part with my cash to obtain casual/shallow/wanna-be-'console-quality' mobile games.
        There are top quality or really innovative games that feel extremely native to the ios platform ..but these games are few and far between.

        Oh.. I can understand how bite sized ios games(including Aralon here! Damn that souless,lore-less,plotless thing) can be really fun and addictive..but their general lack of content results in a clear dichotomy between mobile games and pc/console games and this is probably reflected in the mindset of people and shows in their(my) reluctance to pay 'premium prices' for 'mobile games'.

        I agree with you that this (myopic?) attitude is resulting in the popularity of the   'Freemium' business model which makes things seem rather bleak for developers looking to produce original ios games. To be honest..I am rather unsympathetic to their plight. I think the ios platform is slowly becoming a haven for ports of gems from other platforms..and I welcome it.


      • Dave Metzener

        There are actually some great original to iOS apps out there. Not very many compared to the total number of apps for iOS, but some great jems. Edge by Mobigame, Sway by Illusion Labs for a couple of examples. There are probably a couple of "play lists" out there for the best of the best. Sadly, that list will probably only have about 20 apps out of the nearly 700,000 available apps.

        I think developers are a little gun shy when it comes to developing original iOS content. Apple has made it quite clear that they have the final say when it comes to being approved to sell in the iOS App Store. A developer could spend nearly 2 years to make a great original to iOS game, only to have Apple reject the app. There is no way for a developer to find out if an app will be rejected without actually developing the app and finding out.

        There are also some great "not quite" original to iOS games, Anodia by Clueless Little Muffin, Pinball HD by OOO Gameprom and Skee-ball HD by Freeverse (RIP Freeverse).

        Just find a couple of developers that create some great original content and see what else they come up with. Illusion Labs just came out with a really great physics puzzler called Blast-A-Way (review here on TA).

        I really closely follow TouchArcade and watch a lot of their TA Plays videos to make sure I will like a game before spending my precious greenbacks on them.

        P.S. I read most of the Amber series a long time ago in dead tree format. I loved the way Zelazny introduced the main character to his readers in the first chapter of the first book and was hooked. Can't wait to start "reading" the series again in Audible format. 🙂

  • James D. Dunn

    Having never played the game on pc or browser, I have to say I REALLY enjoy this!
    If you are on the fence because it's not 99cents, go for it. It's certainly worth the asking price!

  • Firetruck94

    Just go play it on a pc...

    • Vince

       Review summary:More or less the same game with (slightly?)streamlined combat and controls.

      Me:  *nods in agreement*...A pretty decent review but it fails to mention the slightly blurry graphics though.

      Review conclusion: Minor control issues notwithstanding, Bastion for iPad is just as good, if not better than its console brethren

      Me: WHAT?! How did you make that leap?

  • nineteen85

    "Does the game include in-app purchases or microtransactions?
    No. Bastion was always intended to be a complete and immersive experience, so these type of things are not appropriate for our game."

    - taken from their FAQ

    Now this right here demands respect, and just because of this I will buy their game regardless of the fact that I didn't think much of it previously and never intended to touch it. People need to stop making games with in-app purchasing, it's become a "since it's there, why not use it for lazy people to get somewhere fast and for you to continue making money?" sort-of-a-deal instead of actually being useful. It's just obtrusive to the entire game experience.

    • Rubicon Development

      No, people need to get a grip about iOS game pricing and stop whining. There are very few products available on Earth that can be called a rip off if costing more than 99c. A stick of gum maybe, just the one stick, but certainly no piece of software ever written.

      IAP's are a way to get people who attach value to software to pay up, whilst simultaneously allowing the base price to become insultingly low for people like yourself to consider.

      The depressinly large crowd of people who won't consider buying anything for more than 99c have clearly never made anything themselves and tried to sell it. My advice to you is to stay that way, just remember to never ask your boss for a payrise as you'd be ripping him off. In fact, by what right do you expect to get any wages in the first place?!

      • Himmat Singh

         Nice choice words Rubicon. You sure are gonna lose some fans with arrogant language like that.

      • Rubicon Development

        Oh, I get "whiny developer" everytime I say something, but that doesn't mean my words don't hit home. Most of my few fans hopefully respect me for the games I make, not because I beg them for money, so I hope I'm still good.

        On the other hand, us whiny developers are supposed to put up with insults about pricing and ripping people off and just take it on the chin all the time. Well sometimes that just gets a bit old, ya know.

        The same people whining about some game coming out for the disgusting price of $2.99 or more are also usually the ones moaning that developers are moving to freemium. It makes me smile.

        And just to keep your trolling straight, I was responding to the post about iap, not this game's pricing. And FTR, practically everyone asks for games to be 99c, do you not come here much?  🙂

      • nineteen85

        Are you a developer with games that have in-app purchasing? Did I mention anywhere in the post that I was unhappy with high prices? Does it even matter if I am? I don't know what you're like in person, and you don't know what I'm like so where's your reference point for bringing that up? I'm a photographer, freelance, I shoot with a Leica M9. It's not the company's camera, people pay me for my services. I am my own boss. Is that relevant, I don't think so. So where is your relevance?

        Attaching value to software, now that's just bullshit and you know it. Good software, think Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop or even games like Assassin's Creed can call whatever price they want and people will accept it because it's good, there is precedence and there is quality. If a really good game without precedence but with overwhelmingly favourable reviews gets released, I'd buy it regardless of the price point. Tacking on IAP is almost a lack of confidence on the developer's part with regards to the success of their game. If you had a good product, you'd price it accordingly and it would sell accordingly. If you didn't have a good product, you'd tack on some easy route for people and sell that because it at least wins you the argument concerning "there is IAP but you don't have to spend a cent on it and still complete the game". There are always exceptions though. Gasketball is a fine example, of poor IAP application(though a different example somewhat). And just so we're clear, DLC is not the same as IAP.

        Finally, since you gave me advice, I will give you some as well. All in the spirit of equality yes?

        If you don't understand the point of a statement. It would be wise not to comment and take such an arrogant tone at the same time. Even trying to educate 'me' and believing that I am so-and-so. What right does anyone have to expect wages? Every right since they are producing something. Producing something, setting a poor price point for a defective product and then attempting to charge someone more after the fact is not only ridiculous, it is immensely insulting. 

        I think you're the troll here, and I admit to falling in your troll trap. But this has to be addressed. I think you should stick to making mediocre products that only your family believes are good(see what I just did? I made an assumption based on nothing just like you, fair's fair) and attempting to take the high road with consumers. It's not only an exceptional direction in life, but you can also claim the 'misunderstood-artist' persona at the same time to get the ladies. Real people with real contributions don't need such bullshit.

      • Vince

        A little harsh ..but damn that(Rubicon's) condescending attitude.

      • Rubicon Development

        Wow, you clearly have an opinion on everything. But can you point to something you've actually done to base it all on?

      • louisa

        Could not agree more. There is no such thing as free. You get what you paid for. Wish people would stop whining about bring ripped off. If you don't like IAP games or so called "freemium" games, don't buy them. What do you expect for a buck? Try out something on xbox and see how an 800 point game like Bastion compares to the iPad version at $4.99. 800 points, in case you are unfamiliar with Microsoft's payment system, equals about ten bucks. And I personally love the version developed for the iPad more than the xbox version.So thank you for this fantastic game which is one of the best games I have ever played. Keep giving us customers that kind of quality and forget the people who have way too much time on their hands....these kinds of people will always find SOMETHiING to complain about, be it a video game or the price of tea in China. They will never be satisfied, period.
        Sorry for my rant but I am tired of people always finding something they need to moan over. It must make their day, I guess. Except they
        probably need to "get a life " as my teenage son would say.

      • nineteen85

        I honestly don't understand where all this harping on IAP and games that are priced at 99c is coming from. Granted, I did mention my loathing for IAP, but in no way, shape or form did I say anything about game pricing. You people that constantly act like you're a lot older need reading glasses. Your astigmatism is making you see words I never typed.

        And I have only complained ONCE about IAP, Puzzlecraft took the brunt of that. I couldn't stand it because when you first load the game up and get to playing it. You can't really progress much without either waiting for gold to come in or purchasing said gold. Yes, once you get higher in levels, you never can really run out of things to do. But at the start-up, not being able to dictate when I wanted to play the game with how I wanted to play felt severely insulting considering I had paid for the product.

        As for you louisa, ranting and then telling people to get a life is not only hypocritical, but it severely diminishes whatever belief I had that you actually fathered a child.

      • louisa

        Could not agree more. There is no such thing as free. You get what you paid for. Wish people would stop whining about bring ripped off. If you don't like IAP games or so called "freemium" games, don't buy them. What do you expect for a buck? Try out something on xbox and see how an 800 point game like Bastion compares to the iPad version at $4.99. 800 points, in case you are unfamiliar with Microsoft's payment system, equals about ten bucks. And I personally love the version developed for the iPad more than the xbox version.So thank you for this fantastic game which is one of the best games I have ever played. Keep giving us customers that kind of quality and forget the people who have way too much time on their hands....these kinds of people will always find SOMETHiING to complain about, be it a video game or the price of tea in China. They will never be satisfied, period.
        Sorry for my rant but I am tired of people always finding something they need to moan over. It must make their day, I guess. Except they
        probably need to "get a life " as my teenage son would say.

      • Spamstic

        That last paragraph is weak and presumptuous. Why do you think you're an authority anyone would take note off, because you remade Advance-wars with bigheads.

      • Rubicon Development

        And you've made?

  • Quickmix

    I played not much, but what I see is great!

  • louisa

    My post was in response to Bastion's developer. My agreement and comments were in response to his comment. The photographer's comment is directly below mine and want to make clear who and what I was commenting on.

  • wravey

    If it is anywhere as good as it is on the PC, I can't wait to try it on my iPad.

  • exosyn

    Amazing, absolutely amazing port! One of the best games this year. If you haven't played do yourself the favor, and get it ASAP.

  • hummer88

    I got the new ipad just to play this game!!! But sadly it doesnt appear in my malaysia app store...whyyyyy....??!!

  • FlavorDave

    This is the perfect game. Nothing else can be said.

Bastion Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 5