Back in July, Subatomic Studios released Fieldrunners 2 [$2.99], the highly anticipated sequel to the first real breakout success tower defense game on the App Store. It was nearly four years in the making, but worth the wait, as Fieldrunners 2 delivered everything we’d hoped it would and then some in our review.

However, there were a couple of kinks in the initial release that could have used some massaging. Most notably it was the unbalanced difficulty of certain levels that were nigh impossible to complete with 3-stars and how some levels took far too long to complete for a mobile-centric game.

Yesterday, Fieldrunners 2 received its first update that looks to address these larger issues as well as some other more minor things. Some of the more difficult levels have been toned down and some of the longer ones have been trimmed in an attempt to make things more even across the board. There’s also a new time trial map called Flash Fire to check out.

One interesting thing about Fieldrunners 2 was that it was designed with a currency system that would typically be a perfect fit for a freemium title, yet it had no in-app purchases. Instead you had to grind for coins if you needed them, the old-fashioned way. With this update Subatomic as added the ability to earn coins through posting scores to Twitter or Facebook.

I thought that was a neat idea that lets people earn a little extra scratch by bragging about their exploits, and at the same time it spread the good word of Fieldrunners 2 across social media. All without having to add in-app purchase coin bundles. Pretty cool.

Along with the re-balancing and new level, there’s a bunch of other bug fixes and tweaks in this latest update. Fieldrunners 2 was pretty solid to begin with, but it’s always nice to tighten things up when possible. I look forward to having even more new maps and other content down the road, and hopefully an iPad version in the near future.

  • araczynski

    forgot this game came out already, remind me again when the ipad version comes out.

    • sakara214ever

      Exactly what i wanted to write!!! Bro you are in my mind!

      • AlecShobin

        Haha, I'm glad we're all on the same page here 🙂

    • Aaron Marroquin

       Same thing I was gonna ask!

  • Chris Hawkins

    I instantly bought this before I looked for the little "+" symbol. Totally bummed that it's not universal, and no iPad version.

    • AlecShobin

      Yeah, it can be kind of tough to distinguish Universal from non-Universal apps in the App Store. Sorry for the inconvenience. On the bright side, we'll have cross platform game save transfers using iCloud, so not all is lost.

      • Streetsy _

        Love the game. But I too bought it for my ipad without looking for the universal plus. Doh!

  • subshell001

    iPad iPad, iPad. iPad iPad iPad iPad, iPad! iPad iPad?

    • AlecShobin

      This is pretty much the only thing running through our minds right now, hahaha. It'll be soon. MARK MY WORDS 🙂

  • zebramatt

    Has anyone asked when an iPad version might be available - because I don't know about the rest of you but I really want to know!

    • sakara214ever

      Don't know but i remember a guy in here when the fieldrunners 2 was released asked the dev in this forum and he said that it has to be specially redesigned for the ipad for the best experience blah blah blah. When the guy asked if that meant 2 or 3 months the dev said something like " we do not know yet we can not predict blah blah". So i think it's anyone's guess for now 🙁 .

      • AlecShobin

        I was that dev!  Huzzah!  While we couldn't really predict it's launch date before (and we still don't have a solid ETA now), allow me to suggest that it will be out sooner than 2-3 months after the iPhone launch 🙂  Keep this on the down-low though, as it's still a secret...

    • araczynski

      as soon as the iphone sales dry up, they start releasing little dlc map packs, then when those start drying up they'll release the ipad version.

      • AlecShobin

        That would probably be a good idea... hahaha. 

        However...We're entirely focused on the iPad version now, so there won't be any content updates in the iPhone version until after the iPad version comes out (we'll push out an iPhone update along with the iPad launch, though, to add iCloud cross platform game save support to both versions, but no new content). When you're a small team working on a high profile game like this, getting the game out always takes priority over diabolical business schemes. Maybe one day we'll come up with a plan to take over the world through little dlc map packs, but until then, we're pushing hard to get the iPad version out so we can finally take a nap... and then get back to work! 🙂

      • araczynski

        Brain would be disappointed in your lack of will for world domination.

      • AlecShobin

        Hahaha, that's exactly what I was thinking.  One day the world will be ours! But first, we gotta finish the iPad version and take a nice long nap 🙂

      • araczynski

        I wish you luck, in the finishing of the ipad version.  conquering the world can wait.

      • AlecShobin

        Indeed it can! Thanks for throwing some extra luck our way 🙂

  • Paul Hopper

    Achievments are working, woot!

    • AlecShobin

      Ha, glad to hear it 🙂 All Game Center features should be working now.  If your achievements and scores don't get posted immediately, play through a map and that should trigger the data transfer.  Email if you run into any problems.

      Have fun!

  • JPhilipp

    I don't like freemium titles where the game doesn't work well without paying, but in this case I would have preferred -- and happily paid for -- some "cash for stars". I've finished the game already but really want to try and replay older levels with new, currently-locked towers.

    By the way, how *do* I post my old scores to Facebook now, to earn stars?

    • AlecShobin

      Interesting. We've had a lot of requests from people who want to pay money for stars, but we feel like that would cheapen the game.  We're working on more things that you can buy with coins (ie new towers) so people can get awesome towers via coins from Facebook, Tweeting, and of course, getting a coins the old fashioned way (by getting high scores).  This way, you can get new towers from coins without detracting from the towers you can only get by earning them through achieving challenging stars. 

      You get coins by "Liking" us on Facebook by clicking the Like Us button that appears on the tally screen after you beat a map.  There's also a Twitter button there that lets you tweet your score to earn coins.  There currently isn't a way to let you share your score on Facebook, but maybe we should add that?

      • JPhilipp

        Thanks for getting involved. Just to give you a player perspective: I finished the game already, and right now am too far away from new towers to continue playing, because it feels "out of reach", even though I'd love to have the ability to place new towers on old maps. I have 28/ 75 stars. (Note I never finished a puzzle map, as I don't find them interesting... too "meta" for me.) I appreciate the creator's intent to not create a cheapened game, current gameplay really oozes honesty! Facebook and Twitter feel like they should be optional, though, like any "external" dimension... games should be round experiences even if you just use internal features, I wish. Thanks!

  • dudeman8622


  • Sebastián Salazar

    I already finished the iPad version, 75/75 stars, will there be new maps any time soon?