New ‘Fieldrunners 2’ Update Balances Difficulty, Adds New Map and Ability to Earn Free Coins

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Back in July, Subatomic Studios released Fieldrunners 2 ($2.99), the highly anticipated sequel to the first real breakout success tower defense game on the App Store. It was nearly four years in the making, but worth the wait, as Fieldrunners 2 delivered everything we’d hoped it would and then some in our review.

However, there were a couple of kinks in the initial release that could have used some massaging. Most notably it was the unbalanced difficulty of certain levels that were nigh impossible to complete with 3-stars and how some levels took far too long to complete for a mobile-centric game.

Yesterday, Fieldrunners 2 received its first update that looks to address these larger issues as well as some other more minor things. Some of the more difficult levels have been toned down and some of the longer ones have been trimmed in an attempt to make things more even across the board. There’s also a new time trial map called Flash Fire to check out.

One interesting thing about Fieldrunners 2 was that it was designed with a currency system that would typically be a perfect fit for a freemium title, yet it had no in-app purchases. Instead you had to grind for coins if you needed them, the old-fashioned way. With this update Subatomic as added the ability to earn coins through posting scores to Twitter or Facebook.

I thought that was a neat idea that lets people earn a little extra scratch by bragging about their exploits, and at the same time it spread the good word of Fieldrunners 2 across social media. All without having to add in-app purchase coin bundles. Pretty cool.

Along with the re-balancing and new level, there’s a bunch of other bug fixes and tweaks in this latest update. Fieldrunners 2 was pretty solid to begin with, but it’s always nice to tighten things up when possible. I look forward to having even more new maps and other content down the road, and hopefully an iPad version in the near future.

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