Surprise! Supergiant Games has been working on an iPad port of Bastion. It'll launch a little later tonight, as international releases worm their way across the globe. If you have played Bastion before, on either XBLA or in your browser or on PC, you'll feel at home with this version. While it does contain some minor tweaks, it's functionally the same game that you should have, and probably have, checked out before.

For those of you not in the loop, Bastion is an action RPG that tasks you, as The Kid, with restoring a floating island to its former glory. In the process of rebuilding, you learn a thing or two about a beautiful world gone wrong. You'll also kill tons of weird bad guys, like, say, floating blobs and deformed blue things with scythes.

The game's most engaging aspects is its story-telling. Bastion doesn't beat you over the head with cut-scenes or loads of dialogue. Instead, a gravely voiced narrator delicately dispenses context as you explore the game. He's restrained with it, too, leaving some mystery in the air that gently prods you forward.

This narrator, dubbed The Stranger, is also dynamic. As you pick up weapons, rebuild certain parts of the Bastion, and even fall off ledges, he'll comment. It's a neat touch that lets you sorta feel like The Kid instead of just his puppeteer.

Another thing Bastion does right: combat. It's two weapon system is deceptively deep, thanks to the dozens of possible combinations coupled with a customization system that allows you to bump up speed, strength, and ammunition.

Nuts and bolts wise, combat can be boiled down to simple button mashing, but you can exploit deeper systems. If you're carrying the hammer, for example, you can get much more out of it by holding an attack to unleash a more powerful one. You also get the option to straight-up dodge attacks or use a shield to block them.

This iPad version and the other versions of Bastion do differ. For starters, this one packages in the game's DLC. Also, some combat and upgrade mechanics have been tweaked, too, presumably balancing out the limitation of the touch screen. It also seems like health potions drop more regularly, but this could be just us not remembering Bastion as clearly as we should considering how good it is.

If you're wondering, Bastion does have two control methods. One is a point-and-click kinda interface. The other is a traditional virtual button layout.

One thing you're sure to notice as you watch us play is that this game is gorgeous. Like Enslaved, Bastion's post-apocalyptic world is flushed with color. The art has sort of a rustic quality to it, which really bolsters home game's overall vibe and production elements. The soundtrack, by the way, is amazing.

If you haven't played Bastion yet, do it. You need to. It's a great downloadable game -- it's inventive, it's fun, and it manages to do so much within the confines of its relatively compact framework.

We'll keep giving the iPad version a go, and we'll get back to you with a full review in the near future. Stay tuned!

  • drkhrse


    • ILSc0p3z7I

      If they had it for smaller iOS devices

    • ducksFANjason

      Agreed! So excited! Games like this are the reason I broke down and bought an ipad.

  • DE4DLYAssassino

    I wish there was a iPod version :/

    • REkzkaRZ

      I'm actually glad there's no iPhone version!  Looks like a serious snoozer!

  • bramblett05

    I'm pissed that's 2 instabuy games that are iPad only this week and touch users get some poke crap ripoff where's twewy on touch I'm actually depressed I own I touch now

    • bluspacecow

      Yeah smaller memory size sucks. Especially when a game uses too many pages and it crashes with a low memory error. 🙁

      iPod touchs only have 256 MB of memory in total

    • Jason

      The iPad is amazing, you should probably just buy one.

      • Benegesserit

        Steve Jobs can't hear you no matter how much you think he's in heaven.

  • skrillmau5

    These are the times i wish i had an ipad 🙁

    • Noah

      And these are the times I love having an iPad!

  • theundertow

    In for the win!

  • Deamon34

    Sucks no ipad 1 support.

    • REkzkaRZ

      Wow, that was a quick shafting!
      Guess they're following the Apple model -- after a few years, your 'super amazing cool exciting awesome' device is a piece of junk.
      I don't see how that's a sustainable model, but seems to work for Apple -- probably as long as Chinese workers will work for $1/hr (or lower) wages.

      • Clay Heaton

        Not to derail the thread here, but it's either make newer devices that are better or let the market stagnate. It's up to the developer whether they support the older devices. The fact that they didn't is no fault of Apple's. But yeah -- no iPad 1 support is a shame.

      • Benegesserit

        Apple model?! Try the GD technology model! Get with the times.

  • rodgerodger

    So it looks like they took the dual-stick mechanics and made it single stick with a bunch of buttons. Pass. The guy in the video even kept falling off. No wonder they had to add more health potions:)

    Nice to see more games coming to iOS, but this one really doesn't fit the platform as is. Instead everyone should go buy this off Steam because it is a really good game:)

    • benexclaimed

      Exactly. This is easily one of the best games of this console generation, but it's obvious some awkward workarounds had to be out into place to get it on iPad. I'm sure the iPad version is worth five bucks if you don't have the means to play it on XBLA or Steam, but I would definitely encourage people to lean toward one of those other platforms if possible.

    • Game Gent

      Bummer. Some guy in a video sucks at virtual controls. I'll buy this game anyway, but I'll try not to enjoy it, because now I know someone else sucks at it.

  • troyster

    One of my favorite games of the past few years, can't wait for 11pm

  • bluspacecow

    And now I expect much discussion in the TA forums over how $5 is simply way too expensive for a game like this 😛

    I don't expect it to play very well on an iPod/iPhone even if we had an iPod/iPad version due to smaller screen size and less resources.

    So this iPod user is actually glad it's iPad only - wouldn't want to get my hopes up too high

  • picohero

    Just not my week. no TWEWY, and now no bastion. Dang.

    • Benegesserit

      You're going to experience this more and more. You have to keep up with technology to take advantage of software that requires it.

  • Matt Birchler

    I hope it runs on the 1st gen iPad. I'm getting used to being disappointed by these really high quality games being unable to run on my aging iPad.

    • JBRUU

      That's like buying a high end laptop in 2005 and expecting it to run BF3 or Arkham Asylum. I'm afraid the iPad 1 is pretty underpowered for gaming, just as the iPod touch 4.

      • bramblett05

        iPod touch 4 runs infinity blade 2 perfect at least for me and the walking dead minus if to action on screen which happens even on consoles so iPod touch isnt a joke or just a music device I play dead space and also works just as fine. I got mine three months ago so i got introduced to what I missed.

      • JBRUU

        Try playing any of the newer Gameloft games within the past year, Horn, Ravensword 2, or Forgotten Memories and you'll see my point.

  • JJE McManus

    Well there goes me playing anything else on my iPad through the long weekend. Good thing I mowed the lawn today.
    I've never played this so I'm psyched.

  • Gemutlichkeit

    So glad they're bringing it to iOS. I won't be getting it since I have it for the PC (and I don't have an iPad) but I hope more people buy it and support the devs to make more great games like this.

  • Michael Matzat

    So it´s not on the german appstore because it´s only been soled for PC and Mac since forever?! Whats going on WB?! 

  • readysetboom

    Needs to be on iPhone!

  • Nycteris

    I liked it on PC and doubt I could play this on a tiny iPhone- there is a reason it is iPad only.

  • Rusothil

    There is definitely a way to convert this to an iPhone, developers just need to be creative. TWEWY has without a doubt the best controls an iPhone game of its caliber could have and the combat runs flawless. Trust me, if you can use 6 different pins at once using 6 different control schemes, then a virtual joystick, swipe, click, and pinch control scheme would also work with this. Just my opinion.

  • Aaron

    Why no iPhone version?

    • Noah

      Because they only ported it to the iPad 2 and 3. Didn't you read the article?

      • Benegesserit

        Wow. You could't read between a line if it were a mile thick.

  • Zach Math

    Dude, the graphics look blurry. WTF, retina?

  • cinapssam

    First impressions of Bastion..............FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!

    So glad I didn't buy when it was in sale on Steam. The port to iPad works really well and the virtual sticks are great regardless of what people have been saying ( point and run controls are a little dodgy but what the heck).

    Loving it thus far fingers crossed it will carry on delivering.

    • Vince

      You are glad you didn't buy the definitive version of the game ? =p

  • Mihai Leonte

    This game has the best SOUNDTRACK in the history of gaming.
    I'm not even exaggerating. INSTABUY!

  • bobcorrigan

    How does it compare to other games in the genre?  All the video certainly points to a very polished and engaging product.  I'll be sure to hold off on commenting on any reviews until I've played it, as a tip-of-the-hat to previous experiences here 🙂

    • ironmonkey

      Bastion is a great game period regardless of genre. Relative to the genre on ios, it should blow other games out of the water as the game wasn't created to be a grindy, IAP experience like most ios isometric action rpgs are. (The only exception to this I can of off the top of my head is also-port Lara Croft and the Guardians of Light). Hope that helps!

  • oliath

    I was hoping the article would have some more details on the control scheme for this release.
    I have been enjoying it but can't decide which controls to use. The touch ones offer quite a different experience but I'm not sure if the make it too easy.
    Regardless- the game is STUNNING on my retina display and it's a pleasure to have an excuse to experience this wonderful narrative once more.