Earlier this morning, Eli and I sat down with Eufloria HD [$4.99 / $2.99]. It's a laid back, minimalist RTS that tasks you with building trees on asteroids by swarming them with little winged creatures called seedlings. As you progress, you'll discover aggressive alien breeds of seedlings that you'll have to conquer in order to call an asteroid your own.

Eufloria has been around on iPad for a while, but we thought it'd be rad to show off the game with video and for its new audience: iPhone users. Eufloria, as we talked about the other day, is finally a Universal app, which makes it playable on iPhone for the first time.

We're still in love with the look, style, and intimacy of Eufloria HD. Maybe it'll wrap you around its finger, too. Check it out:

  • http://twitter.com/Alex_Amsel Alex Amsel

    Note from Team Eufloria: Thanks for the video and the lesson on weights 🙂

    It's possible to play Eufloria very fast but you need different tactics, not the easier but slower mass army building method. I replay the game a lot trying to complete levels quickly but it's definitely harder. I can complete almost all the levels in 5 - 10 minutes real time (the time it quotes in the game is game time, not real time, so is affected by the speed control).

    The iPhone version was waiting on a few things. The main problem with the iPad was an in level save game was missing (this is now done automatically; there is no user option). On the iPhone this would be a more important issue to resolve even than on iPad. Adding that feature alone meant a substantial reworking of the code. We also made many other smaller changes, added Retina support for iPad 3, and so on.

    We chose to make the iPad version Universal to reward our early fans but the iPhone only version is the same game with less music, and it's cheaper!

    Tips - spoiler alert!

    L6 tip - Take the first asteroid below you, which grows fast seedlings, then fill it with trees. Possibly take the empty asteroid on the right too. Ignore the defence tree filled asteroids. After that, just get 20-30 new fast seedlings to the next free asteroid below and go from there. You can get to the left side very quickly indeed, plant trees on the stronger asteroid (where you find more seedlings), and keep sending your fast seedlings over there via beacon trees. That allows you to amass a new, stronger army ready to take on the final large asteroid. Fast seedlings can fight too 🙂

    Tip for those stuck on L18 - it's a tactical level and is very easy if you watch what's going on in the first couple of minutes. Don't take on the stronger armies at first. Read the hint - we are rather more direct about it there.

    • ImJPaul

      I just wrote my "9th Symphony" of TouchArcade comments applauding your game for its creativity and ambience but the TouchArcade app closed on me and deleted the whole thing. So instead I'll just say "Bravo". Thanks for making such a great game. I only wish I discovered it sooner.

  • DecafTable

    I was more entertained by your side stories then I was the game. Drinking my gallon jug of water lol think I'll pass on this one :/