Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I sat down with Minimon Online [$0.99] because we've been name-dropping it so much over the last few weeks. For those of you in the dark, it's a turn-based RPG that borrows a lot from Pokemon. Its dedication to aping the mechanics, look, and style of its source material is a little disconcerting.

Also, Minimon is kind of broken. Owning it and grabbing each new update is sort of like watching game design in motion. A lot of game-breaking bugs are being addressed as we write this, and presumably more are being discovered.

Anyway, we thought it'd be cool to provide a look at Minimon, since we've been on a roll of late discussing the structure of Nintendo's awesome series and how these new Pokemon style games are attempting to do something similar.

  • tso5818

    This guy deserves a lot of credit. He is just one person making this game and his brother does tests sometimes on the game, but I think he sent it out unfinished so "we the fans" can help develop it with ideas and suggestions.

    It gets better on every update. Just needs to take awhile to get it in tip top shape. That's where "we his fans" come in, to tell him what's wrong and what he needs to add or fix.

    Also, you where offline, that's why you couldn't find online people to battle or see. The signal bars at the top left screen, where it shows red, that's saying your offline. When it's green your online.

  • Rusothil

    Looks better than when I first played it when it was all zoomed in, might reinstall it AFTER the character speeds are fixed. Thanks for the video!

  • newyorktrev

    The combat looks so boring, the perspective is terrible.  Maybe the guy should work a bit more on design before he puts a product out the door.

  • http://profiles.google.com/justin.descotes Justin Des Cotes

    Got it after reading this review.  Played for 5 minutes and aside from the slow movement of the character i have no major complaints... difficults is up there and there are a couple glaring improvements that need to come, but there is certainly lots of potential.

  • DecafTable

    I'm glad the commentary was entertaining because the combat was painful to watch.

  • Bunny Chuu

    I was playing minimon and someone traded me and I didn't accept then it said they took my level 51 absalom. Now I can't play because all my others are less than Lvl 20 I don't know what todo 🙁

  • danlei88

    This game has actually gone through a major overhaul. It's now in 3D and way more popular and seems to have improved a lot over the years 🙂