The Men Who Wear Many Hats has given Organ Trail: Director's Cut [$2.99] some much-needed update love. Version 1.0.1 of the Oregon Trail satire sees tweaks to a couple of core mechanics and features, most notably in the selling of goods. Also, this version packs in a lot of bug fixes, making Organ Trail a smoother experience.

Specifically on the tweak-side, all good values have been raised -- with the exception of scrap, which has been decreased because it's now easier to find it in the scavenging mini-game. Ammunition is also now cheaper, and it's apparently easier to find when you need it the most, which is cool because, boy, do we go through a lot of ammo.

Fixes include performance and save bugs, as well as heads-up display issues. You can see the full list at this link, if you're interested.

In case you missed it: Organ Trail is a great game. We played a ton of it for TA Plays, and we've also got this glowing review. It's a punishing, sure, but it's a blast.

  • sakara214ever

    Aw here we go again.Come on!!! You are kidding me right? 2,39€ for this sh..t??? All these devs seem like they are bored and nowadays Appstore is full of retro games and i can only guess that this happens cause the graphics are much easier. All i hear and see is retro retro retro retro retro. Well i am a retro lover but this goes too much. Just make a game of your own and stop making a sh..tty game with green or blue dots naming it retro and searching for idiots who would pay 2,39€ to buy it. I would not buy it even if it was the only game ever made.

    • paulf58

      The artstyle is intentional, it's trying to be an Oregon trail look alike.

      It's also well worth it. At least they give you the cost upfront rather than load it with IAP.

      • sakara214ever

        Agree with you with iap games. Jesus Christ there games out there with 99,99$ iaps. Naming the iap " Chest full of Gold" or "Barel full of bullsh...t". Well they are not going to get a penny from me. Sorry for changing subject. But it is really hard nowdays to find a decent game for ios or a dev not whinning " we are a small group of devs making a game for 6 months so we put iap worth 99,99$ ". Appstore starts to lose much of it's "shine" nowadays.

      • paulf58

        The dev for this game responds every time I tweet them. So I'm more than happy to support an active awesome group.

    • Spamstic

      You're acting like 2.39€ is a lot of money, it's a pittance, throw away money.

      Plus the game is brilliant. It's punishing and brutal.

      • Brandon Blokzijl

        Try saying that if you have a ios game collection of about 100 + games. Just throw away money! The little ones do count.

    • subshell001

      there's actually a lot of effort put into this app, possibly not seen in screenshots. for example when a screen is loaded, it's loaded in chunks, simulating the slow screen buffer found on an old pc. this game is filled with little details like that which make you feel like you are playing a game off of a 5.25" floppy. i'm going to go ahead and guess that: a) you don't even know what a 5.25" floppy disk looks like, and b) you never played the original oregon trail on an Apple II computer in grade school